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My favorite Japanese Action Punk band Peelander-Z plays Artisphere this Saturday. You need to go. I feel so strongly about this, that I’ll give you tickets for free.

To win: Tell me your favorite thing about Japanese people and/or Japan. Easy? Easy.

To get you in the mood, here is an interview we did with the band back in the day….


Peelander-Z knows the recipe for living a hap-P-ee life: come together, stop thinking, start feeling and have a fun-ass time. Many of us who engage in compensatory behaviors, i.e. binge drinking to feel and have a fun-as-time, may not appreciate this as particularly insightful, but the insight lies in the Peelanders’ methods, and we appreciate their missionary-like dedication to helping you find hap-P-eeness. How does Peelander-Z bring Washingtonians to transcend anomie, you ask?–with human bowling, Mexican wrestling, nose-picking, primary colors, call and response chants about steak, and most importantly, having the goal that by the end of the night everyone will be part of the band.

When Peelander-Z takes over the Artisphere Saturday night be prepared for an evangelical experience. Bred in Japan, formed in New York City, and claiming the intergalactic provenance of the planet Peelander, the Japanese Action Comic Punk band (how’s that for a genre) will whip you into a state of rapture and liberate you from the false social exchanges of Gmail, Facebook, and YouTube; engaging you instead in an actual physical experience in which you’ll most likely be playing the lead singer’s guitar while he hurls his body at a set of bowling pins between songs titled “Ninja High School” and “Mad Tiger”. That said it’s more like a temporary liberation, because when you get home you are sure to be opening multiple Firefox tabs to send your friends Gchat and Facebook messages about how f-ing awesome the show was. You may even include links to videos of their other f-ing awesome shows.

We were lucky enough to score an interview with lead singer/guitarist Kengo Hioki (P-yellow) who shed some light on the band’s native planet and life philosophy. Read on to learn planet Peelander’s sex icon, what areas (or whose areas) Peelander-Z wants to explore while in DC, and what exactly their secret hidden mission on Earth is…

BYT: Could you introduce the members of Peelander-Z?
Peelander-Yellow (Kengo Hioki) G,VO: King of Crazy MC.
Peelander-Red (Kotaro Tsukada) B,VO: Midnite Love Hunter
Peelander-Blue (Kazuki Yamamoto) Dr: Champion of Champions
Peelander-Green (Akihiko Naruse) Dr,G: Eternal Smile
* He is new member from Kumamoto area of Peelander-planet.

We are Peelander-Z that eat people’s smile in the Earth.
Please don’t say “You guy wear great costumes!!!!”
Say “Beautiful Colorful Skins”

BYT: Where is Peelander-Z from?
We come from Peelander-Planet.
But you can’t see if you are looking for our planet.
Don’t think! Feeeeeeeeel!
If you can feeeeeeeel us, you find it.
It might be in your brain.
BYT: How did the Peelanders meet?
We went to the same high school (Ninja high school) in our planet.
* actual we met in NY. hahaha~~~~~

BYT: When and where did you play your first show?
It was in NYC where is small club.
Long time ago.

BYT: Were you in your bare P-skin or in disguise?
Of course!!! We were not showing P-skin (Costumes).
We wore normal clothes like you.
We didn’t want to scare in the earth-people.

BYT: Was it as high-energy as your current shows?
It was high energy but I didn’t know how to do tuning my guitar.

BYT: Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
All my life.
When I go to dinner, zoo, bathroom, another city, wrestling, party, Sushi bar, Anime festival~~~~~~~
Everything are going to be my songs.

BYT: What is a typical Peelander-Z rehearsal like?
We practice making smile for you.
Then watch wrestling DVD.

BYT: What can we expect from your DVD Peelander Is Fun?
If you have a time to see our show. It’s perfect. But if not you need our DVD in your house to get energy. P-DVD is natural energy. Don’t watch it!! Feeeeeeeeeeeel!!!

BYT: Do you plan on shooting any footage for your next DVD while in town?
It’s great idea.
I want to shot with Panda in Zooooooo!!!!!!
Then climb on dinosaur on NMNH!!!!!

BYT: Does your tour schedule allow you any extra time in DC? If so, where would you like to explore?
Is this ok to explore on some girl’s body?

BYT: What part of Earth most resembles the Planet Peelander?
Kumamoto, Japan.

BYT: What Earth band do you think would have the most success on Planet Peelander?
P-Plant people eat music!!
They love all kind of music that have fun as Peelander-Z.
Genghis Khan (aka Dschinghis Khan) from Germany.

BYT: When you got to Earth, and learned about our musical history, were you reminded of anything from back home?
We didn’t learn music, we learn do performance from wrestling.
P-Planet people love wrestling as Mexican people.

BYT: I’m dying to know who the sex symbols are on planet Peelander.
Yinling Of Joytoy

<==== Click here for more info.

BYT: Is there a Peelander philosophy?
1. If you are musician, learn out of music.
2. Eat Rice!!!
3. Sleep well!!!

BYT: Are you guys on a diplomatic mission from Planet Peelander?
Our planet need new great food (music).
We have to get it and send to there.
That’s why we are go around all of states.

BYT: If you could change one thing about Earth, what would it be?
Watch wrestling!!!!

BYT: Are you trying to recreate a bit of Planet Peelander when you play a show?

We never stop as tuna fish!!!!

BYT: When people go to a Peelander-Z show, they enter into the Peelander-Z world that has its own history and geography and the main goal is to have fun. It seems like you are trying to create an experience for earthlings that is not governed by our conventional rules- where people can pick their noses and play instruments with their favorite band. Do you think there are things on Earth that prevent people from fully expressing themselves? (It reminds me of relational aesthetics in art)
We are not musician, We just help to have fun, like tour guide.
If you want to have fun with us we can bring there.
Then you got happee That means we are super happy.
Then we can perform more happy.
Finally you got super super happeeeeee ending!!!!
That is king of conceptual art.

Anyway, Don’t think too much!!!
Come to see our show
Then Feeeeeeeel!!!!

BYT: What is more important to Peelander-Z: the music or the experience?
Music is tool for experience.
If there is not music you can not get our experience.
Both are one set.

BYT: Can you tell me about the most die-hard Peelander-Z fan you’ve ever met?
We know a lot of super crazy fans.
But most die-hard one is who get peelander -splits.
They are fine if we (go) back to our planet.
They never die!!!!

BYT: Do you guys plan to repopulate the earth with p-babies?
We did already!!!!!!!!
That’s our hidden mission.

BYT: Do you have a rivalry with professional wrestler Nick Mayberry? He issued a very public statement saying that “Peelander-Z having wrestling involved in their act is like David Arquette (who we love) being WCW Champion. These guys degrade, insult and make a mockery of something I consider to be important to me, and while others have said so privately, I’m saying it publicly”
Don’t talk about him.

Read how Peelander-Z stole the HCW Hardcore Championship title belt from Mayberry here.

BYT: Who is the one person in the world that needs most to go to a Peelander-Z show and soak up the happeeee?
We want to show our show to all of prejudiced people.
Open your new door.

BYT: Did you bring any new instruments and toys for the show?
Come to see your eyes.
and join us.

BYT: What should the kids in DC do to prepare for the show?
This is your homework.
learn this dance and songs.
We want to dance with you.