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By Andy DelGiudice

I was meandering down S St NW a couple weeks ago when I stumbled upon a box of unused Kodak film sitting on the curb. I dove in to see what’s what and found a veritable treasure trove of old gelatin. Someone eventually came outside and deposited more stuff on the curb and explained that the house and most of its contents belonged to George de Vincent, a legendary photographer who had recently passed away.

Muralist Eric. B had been living at the house for a number of years while serving as de Vincent’s apprentice and was helping sift through the collection of pieces, archives, and gifts that a photographer might collect during a 60+ year residency. Eric set up a studio of his own within the house for a few years but is currently preparing to embark on a cross-country journey throughout the US, so it was time to clean up and organize.

Eric’s team at R.Y.Ink staged a party at the house in honor of Eric’s work but also in memory of his mentor, de Vincent. This show is the first in a series under the tittle of Mentormorphisis, will follow Eric’s journey across the country with pop-up shows in select cities. Upon entering the pop-up show staged in de Vincent’s row house this past Saturday night, it became immediately apparent that de Vincent knew how to set up a house. For example, a 30+ foot set piece he once designed for a DC Theater was affixed to the living room wall (no joke) and the master bathroom was an all-encompassing, monolithic ceramic sculpture, complete with a green house and built in spa: a true throne for the gods.
DGDC_EricB 1

Eric invited me to stop by the party and grab a few photos so I packed a couple rolls of the Kodak film I took out of his giveaway bin a couple weeks prior and had at it. A diverse collection of pieces from Eric’s numerous areas of interest were on display and it was clear that Eric can naturally move from medium to medium with near flawless execution. He could even paint on the lithe torsos of attendees!
DGDC_EricB 5

Eric B’s work was accompanied with live vocal performances by Carla Young and Edy Blue, as well as a trunk show furnished by Aisha Keys of Craze Chameleon Studios and a nomiable Rito Loco taco station.

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