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Paul Karasik is a comic book legend in his own right, having illustrated the comic adaptation of Paul Auster’s “City of Glass” but he will be at Politics and Prose today to discuss a misunderstood genius that appealed to the fan boy in him: Fletcher Hanks.

Lauded by many as the “Ed Wood of the Comic Book World”, Fletcher did all of his own scripting, drawing and inking, making him a pioneer of DIY comics (most people worked on a more production line method) who worked from 1939 to 1941 before ending his extremely prolific career somewhat abruptly.Known for very graphic, over the top storylines it was not uncommon for “His heroes might turn that villain into a rat with a human face, or feed him to a golden octopus, or force him to hang suspended in the air forever next to the skeletons of his victims” and worse.

Karasik will be on hand to discuss his new book on Fletcher, aptly named I shall Destroy all civilized planets. If you consider yourself a sequential art fan, you should be there too.

7 pm.
Politics and Prose


(additionally: Post Express ran a great interview with Karasik today. Read it here