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You might have heard that we’re throwing a party. You might have heard we’re throwing a Titanic party. You might have heard we’re throwing an over the top 90s themed Titanic party. And you would be correct. For our last party of the summer, we’re taking over the National Geographic Museum and transforming it into the 90s prom of our dreams. To help you get ready for all of the time traveling madness, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 90s prom looks and scoured the Internet until we could find (relatively) cheap knockoffs.

So get your tickets and start shopping.

But I’m A Cheerleader, 1999

This movie is pure gay gold, though the color palette is pretty distinctly pink ‘n blue. (Y’know. Gender conformity boot camp and all that.) The look we’re goin’ with on this one is most certainly from the iconic poster, in which Natasha Lyonne is sporting a v. hetero pink spaghetti strap dress w/ gloves.

To get the look, we’re gonna snag this $39.99 dress off Amazon, plus throw in this pair of $7.90 gloves for good measure. (Blonde hair and queer identity encouraged, but not required.)

Drive Me Crazy, 1999

The 90s power couple combination of Adrian Grenier and Melissa Joan Hart is almost too much to take. If you’re trying to snag your own possible future step sibling (my god the ending of that movie was wild) go with Nicole’s classic blue dress. Throw your hair up in some aggressive ringlets and add a cute little necklace and you’re good to go. Just cross your fingers and hope your mom doesn’t fall in love with your date’s dad.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, 1997

I graduated high school in 1998 which means I had an actual 90’s prom that I almost didn’t attend because at the time I was interning at a D.C. radio station whose big radio festival was at RFK the morning after my prom. I had to be there at 4 a.m. I made it to the prom and remember very little about it. The festival however… I do remember bringing Save Ferris on stage and trying to flirt with Scott Weiland. I AM THE 90’s. My dress was pretty standard. Long. Black. Like my soul and music preferences. It was nothing like the dresses Romy and Michele made for Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Fun. Pastel. Pleather. Both of these styles were different sides of the same 90’s coin so feel free to indulge in either and if anyone asks what you’ve been up to, you invented Post-Its.

Spice World, 1997

Spice World doesn’t have a prom scene, but every outfit in that movie is better than anything I wore to prom. That’s almost the problem, there are too many great looks. It took me quite a while to nail down the perfect outfit, but you’re really going to be the star of the night if you put on all the silver you own and go as one of the Spice Force Five. Throw on this tiny top, these metallic leggings, some matching heels and you’ll definitely be the best dressed at the party. Want to take it above and beyond? A little Lemonhead definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Never Been Kissed, 1999

Wow, I guess I really only started appreciating 90s movies in 1999, probably because that would have made me 11, and anything before that was uninteresting to me unless it involved, like, video games or folklore or forts. Anyway, please for the love of god will someone come dressed as the DNA strand from NBK?! DO LEELEE SOBIESKI PROUD! All you need to do is buy one of these weird hooded coveralls, a blue belt and some safety goggles, scribble DNA in red on the left side of the chest, draw a helix in red and blue on the back, find a couple of partners in crime to wear duplicate outfits, stay together with some red rope ET VOILA! You are an instant 90s movie icon.

10 Things I Hate About You, 1999

Sure I could talk about Kat’s punk-lite style and her surprisingly elegant prom get up, but we all know that the real winner in this movie is her sister, Bianca. The girl might not get Heath Ledger by the end of the movie, but she does go to prom in a dress that’s way better than her sister’s, so that has to count for something. To achieve the full on color bonanza she has going on we’re going to pair this bright top  and this wild tulle skirt. Throw some butterfly clips in your hair to complete the look and turn up some Letters to Cleo to set the mood.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1992 

This movie is filled to the brim with the 90’s. Kristy Swanson’s geometric pattern booty shorts. Luke Perry. And of course Hilary Swank saying things like “Get out of my facial.” Buffy’s prom dress has been seared into my brain as the perfect outfit. The boots. The bun. The black leather jacket Luke Perry gave her so she could kick the shit out of some vampires. And if you’re not super into looking like you’re going to a rock n’ roll wedding then maybe take a page out of Pee Wee Herman’s outfit who steals the entire movie with his extended cut death scene.

Scream, 1996

You know where we’re going with this.

Saved By The Bell: The Prom (S2E1), 1990

This is my ideal prom look, TBH. I mean, Kelly Kapowski could basically wear a burlap sack and still look mega-hot, but the idea of wearing a sweatshirt to a public event is JUST TOO GOOD. All you’ll need for this look is a Bayside Tigers sweatshirt (roll up the sleeves), plus a good old fashioned (literally old fashioned) pair of mom jeans and a pair of white canvas sneaks! I don’t know where you can source a Zack Morris, but godspeed!

Titanic, 1997

It’s a Titanic party. Throw on some suspenders and a white dress shirt and come as that lovable scamp Jack Dawson. Or don your best cocktail dress, steal the most expensive necklace you can find and be Rose. Either way, you’re gonna look good.