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Goodrich Gevaart, aka Daddy’s Little Party Boi, is our favorite party boy. He’s also an expert on rock and roll. He already informed us about rock dogs, specifically Bradley Nowell’s Lou Dog. He also dove deep into Reddit for an exclusive interview with the Sublime subreddit moderator. Why is this important? It’s 420! 

On this high holiday (get it?! its like Judaism but with bong rips and its on Hitler’s bday[oops]) tying on a green one makes for a perfect time to get to some introspective thinking done. What is life really about? Am I going down the path I should be? What does the band I listen to when I reach for my 3 chamber bong say about me? Daddy’s Little Party Boi can only help with the last one tbh, so let’s delve into them.

Black Sabbath

Sure, maybe you’re a traditionalist, who knows their rock history, but odds are you’re someone’s dad. Hey, good for you pops! You brought another person into this world and still like to get down just like the good old days. Maybe someday your kids will be old enough that you can throw on Master of Reality and tell them that “Sweet Leaf” isn’t about gardening or sweet tea. Odds are they’re going to just be confused by music that doesn’t have bleep-bloops in it (Have you heard these kid’s music these days? Yeesh!) but you’ll still feel cool paying your mortgage with a little bit of a buzz on.

Bob Dylan

You know a lot about stocks and portfolios and venture capital and shit. You don’t agree with the system but its like…somebody’s gotta make money so might as well be you, right maaaaaan? Hey at least its money going into the hands of a righteous dude and not one of those evil guys you work with, but even then, they aren’t that evil once you get to know ’em, right?

The Grateful Dead

You’ve bought grilled cheese in a parking lot and have genuinely meant the phrase “know your dealer” when it comes to that grilled cheese. You like to dance in a twirly arrhythmic fashion and prefer to pair your weed with psychedelics. To you it’s more about the culture around the music than the music…which means you’ve got pretty shitty taste in culture. But you look really good in that drug rug!!

Dream Theater

Look, you know you aren’t “cool” but you and your ponytail DO NOT give a shit what is and is not cool. Getting high lets you really slow down these layered tunes and let you take in the layers of layers of instrumentation. You think this stuff is best listened to wearing sweatpants and I won’t disagree with you.


WOAH. You’re baked and STILL this aggro? Damn. You’re on some next level shit man. Take a literal chill pill. Xanax. For real.

Kottonmouth Kings


Cypress Hill

You fuck with the real deal weed smokers, man. You know a sick boom-bap drum beat is the perfect thing to smoke to and that a flannel shirt always gotta stay buttoned at the top button. You also vibe very heavy with this YouTube comment:



College was FUCKIN KILLER man. You didn’t peak much past it but whenever you hit the bong you get nostalgic for those party times. Brad and Lou Dog (RIP) meant much more than econ 402 for you. Also maybe you should ebay of those pooka shell necklaces you used to dig so much?

Peter Tosh

Hell yeah this is where weed was invented! Jamaica! Right? You would def be down to take a trip to Jamaica one of these days but like, not the resort part, ya know? Like the real deal streets. Peter Tosh, Bob Marley type stuff. Also if they are so high all the time…why they so mad at gay people? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Which sleeveless jean vest should you wear today? The same sweat stained one you always do? Hell yeah. Wear it brother.

If your favorite stoner band is one I missed, tweet @goodrichgevaart and I’ll tell you what it says about you.