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Moms are different nowadays. Just like Bob Dylan said, “Times, They are not Like They Used to Be (If I Remember Right).” Music for moms used to be The Carpenters or Gladys Knight. Moms these days grew up in a different era, especially the ones who hung around CBGB in the early days of New York City hardcore.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.33.20 AM

Maybe that was your ma, hanging with the crew in NYC. Then she grew up and raised you. Remember the time you’d come home with a bad report card and she’d say “Boy! What’s your malfunction?” Well she got it from John Joseph and the Cro-Mags. This one’ll take her back.

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A lot of moms get sad around 9/11 thinking about the twin towers falling, but your mom gets sad thinking about how 9/11/97 was the day Raybeez from Warzone died. Treat your mom to this classic jam for Mother’s Day.

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Some mom’s find spiritual guidance in church or AA programs, but your mom is always saying things like “stay posi” or “start today”. Show her you listened all those times she believed in you and play her a little Gorilla Biscuits.


Look, it’s been quite a while since your mom has been in the pit. But he and your dad have been bickering a lot and it’d probably be a whole lot better if they released the tension somehow. Crank this tune up for your mom and watch her spin kick your dad in the chest. Happy Mother’s Day!