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Goodrich Gevaart, aka Daddy’s Little Party Boi, is our favorite party boy. He’s also an expert on rock and roll. When Jay Z went on a Twitter rant about how Tidal doesn’t suck, we had to have the Party Boi investigate.

Recently Jay Z went on a tweet spree to defend his new streaming music service, Tidal, against the haters. Claiming that “the itunes store wasn’t built in a day,” Jay is confident that his new music app will edge out peers like Google Play and Spotify with time.

Seeing as how I’m the resident music-head (this is what we call each other, I swear) BYT got me a subscription to Tidal to see what I thought. I gotta say…it was not what I expected.

Here, take a listen to a song:


It’s true. Jay Z inserted himself into a Spin Doctors song anytime there were not vocals. I thought maybe this was a fluke, but I was wrong. Here’s another:

WTF JAY?? Show Cliff Burton some respect and keep your verses and ad-libs away from his bass riffs!

I figured maybe it was an algorithmic issue in the app, maybe a 1 when there should be a 0. But I was wrong. I went back to one of the earliest recordings hoping that hadn’t been tarnished too:

I was speechless. Then I had an idea. Jay Z’s music! He couldn’t possibly add himself to a song where he already exists..right? WRONG

Even on his own song he added vocals.


Jay, there is no way you are going to grow your company if this is what you are charging people for. On a scale of 1-5, I give Tidal: SMDH