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Goodrich Gevaart, aka Daddy’s Little Party Boi, is our favorite party boy. He’s also an expert at hardcore and marketing. This week he interviewed fellow hardcore and marketing expert Andrew Michael! Party!

Andrew Michael is a standup comic from Atlanta, Ga. Recently he’s started the most niche tumblr, Hardcorporate, which re-imagines hardcore bands if they used their lyrics to promote real norm-core products like Windex or Doublemint gum. I interviewed him because I am a serious journalist.

What was the first hardcoreporate image you made? What made you think of it?

The first image that I posted was the Minor Threat/Brawny Paper Towels one. The first one I did was the Chain of Strength Double Mint gum image but I thought more people would “like” the photo if it was Minor Threat because I feel like even most non hardcore fans at least have heard of Minor Threat. If you know me on Facebook you know that I photo shop a lot of dumb photos (not well, just quick) and fake logo’s with comedian’s names in them. I really just thought of the Chain of Strength thing because I was listening to it on the way to work and it was a silly pun.


What was the band that got you into hardcore?

I’m not going to claim that I’ve been a “hardcore since birth” type guy, or a guy who only listens to hardcore. I remember being in like 9th grade and being into punk rock, mostly stuff like NOFX, Bad Religion, New Found Glory, pretty much any Vans Warped Tour band at least back then. Then I slowly got into harder bands as I feel like a lot of people do. I met another dude in school and we started skating together and sharing music. He gave me a mix CD with Throwdown and Until the End on it. So the first hardcore I got into was those two bands, real brutal straight edge hardcore. From there I started getting into older and newer bands.


Which band holds up the most as you become an adult?

That’s a really tough question, there are so many bands that I feel like have influenced me in different ways at different points of life. But a band that I consistently go back to and listen to multiple times a week is Ruiner. I know they aren’t like an old school band but they were a band that I got to see and I really relate to the albums. I think that as I get older I look at the songs differently but they grow with me.



If corporations were actively seeking to get bands to be sponsored in 80s hardcore, who do you think would actually have gone for it?

Lets see who’s gonna kick my ass for saying anything here… I started with a lot of the 80’s hardcore bands because I remember movies from when I was young had a lot of product placement in them, at least more so than they do now. I  feel like any youth crew band would have jumped at a sponsorship of any high top sneakers, Reebok, Nike. I bet if Youth of Today would have gotten a sponsorship from “Skip It” people would have been moshing with those around their ankles.



Hardcore is known for having a small economy of people making bootleg shirts of bands and selling them at shows. Have you thought of doing this with any of your hardcoreporate designs?

As a screen printer I could do this very easily. I’m not looking to make any bootleg shirts and sell ’em online. Have I made bootleg shirts for stuff before? Sure. But just for some friends, never to sell online. You never knew who is gonna send you a cease and desist letter.

Screen printing is your day job. If you could screenprint one old school hardcore shirt what would it be? 

As far as old school shirts I think it’d be the classic Minor Threat Image, it’s just a classic image that has become iconic.


If I would print any hardcore band’s shirt though it would be Atlanta’s own Instilled, they are one of my all time favorites and this image is just tight.


Name one show where you felt generally worried for your safety.  

I don’t remember what year it was, maybe 2004-2005 I was seeing Kids Like Us in the suburbs of Atlanta. The space had just been turned from some kind of store so it still had the dropped tile ceiling everywhere except above the stage which had been cleared out. People were hanging on the rafters above the stage and some people thought they could do that with the dropped ceiling and the tile ceiling fell down. The show kept going on and people just started hitting each other with the tiles, there was dust from the broken tiles everywhere and I was just like “Well this is pretty cool.”



Have you ever tried to write a joke about hardcore in your act? Is it impossible to make relatable to a wider audience or is it none of us (old hardcore fans turned standups) are good enough?

I think it can be tough to write a joke specifically about hardcore depending on the audience. I have definitely made some jokes about punk rock or making fun of when I was younger having been to a Sum 41 concert but I feel like generally in a stand up setting people might get lost in a reference they don’t get. I think if you can put things into perspective in a bit then its totally possible but quick references I think will lose audience members. With the Hardcoreporate tumblr people who don’t know the references still laugh because they can understand the irony of a counter cultural movement/music scene being endorsed by a major corporation.


Who is/was the funniest front man in hardcore?

Man, first thing that comes to mind is Scott Vogel of Terror. That dude just has some of the best mosh calls ever.

Where should people email you their ideas for more crossover hardcoreporations?

If you have an idea you can totally email me at [email protected]

I can’t promise you that I’ll make it but if I do I will totally give you a shout out and credit for the idea. One of my good friends and fellow Atlanta comics Greg Behrens gives me ideas all the time. You should definitely check him out by the way, he’s a super funny dude and as hardcore as they come.

Follow Andrew Michael on twitter @andrewjmicahel