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Goodrich Gevaart, aka Daddy’s Little Party Boi, is our favorite party boy. He’s also an expert on bong rips. Since bong rips inside your home will soon be legal in D.C., he decided to weigh in. Party!

D.C.! HELL YEAH! This lil party boi was just made aware you are about to get legal weed this week. I am stoked for you all. The one catch in your collective smoke party is that unlike California or Colorado, you cannot buy the stuff. You can grow it in your own home and smoke it in your own home, but you can’t take bong rips at the Jefferson Memorial.

The only way to make sure you stay out of the clutches of John Q Police Man is by smoking in your dwelling. But what about your party people? Who you gonna’ smoke with if you can’t leave the crib?

DUH. The weed smokers of YouTube!

Pack your pipe and load up these sweet vids and get high enough that you think you are actually passing the peace pipe with these digital weed aficionados.

Just an FYI: the thing about when you’re high is that you ramble a lot and think you are way more interesting than you actually are. As a result the stoners of the Internet make videos that are way longer than they should be. Unless you are high. Then time’s like…a construct maaaaaaaaan.

This video is great because everyone has had the fantasy of getting high in a dorm room with a masked Serbian and a Juggalo. OBVI. Necessity is the mother of invention and these party bois figured out how to hot box their closet without waking up their narc RA’s. Siq work fam! WHOOP WHOOP!


You know that boring-ass water jug at your office job? It’s not just for some kinda stupid building block of life liquid anymore! Turn on this vid to feel like you’re smoking outside with the type of dudes who think those 5 gallon water jugs are better served as an epic gravity bong. I’m sure the conversations around this water cooler mostly consist of “fuck…man…so high right now…”

And hey, if you’re getting high at your place smoking with YouTube friends…why not smoke with some of the biggest weed celebs there are? SNOOP & KATT. Nothing is more relaxing when you’re high than a motivation sermon from the smooth voiced Snoop any damn way.

This is my type of smoking bud! Hitting the mark on the bong sounds in Sublime’s “Smoke Two Joints”. It’s like a lot of people listen to the band…but do they really GET IT? smdh.

These guys. They’re fun. Chilling on a boat, smoking blunts, fishing…and getting this fish high as fuck! Hell yeah.