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As you’ve been made well aware (if not by our Parks & Rec takeover on BYT today, then by the rest of the universe) tonight will mark the very last episode of one of the most joyous television programs of our time: PARKS & REC. To say “THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!” we’ve decided to give a farewell tribute to the show via Parks & Rec-themed waffles, which have always been championed by one Leslie Knope.



This is legitimately all of the eggs (a half dozen) and all of the bacon (an entire package) that I had in my fridge. I did it all for you, Ron. I did it all for you.


Seeing as Andy’s favorite food is butter, and how Andy is my favorite character (next to like, April), I have gone ahead and loaded HIS waffle up with a fuck ton of butter. That is two sticks’ worth on top of the waffle, plus a few scoops of whipped butter on top of THAT for good measure.


Everyone knows that Chris is *LITERALLY* a health freak, so this one kept him in mind with a giant mound of organic kale. (YUM!)


There are a lot of ways to potentially TREAT YO’ SELF, but I can’t think of one that is better than a literal interpretation, aka a giant pile of Rice Krispies Treats. (Both soft and fluffy, crunchy and chewy, this is a real textural roller coaster // ENJOY!)


I think Ben would have been more deserving of a make-out session if he’d have gone full waffle on that mac ‘n cheese mash-up. I mean, SURE pizza’s great, but it ain’t waffles, so here I’ve gone the extra mile and made it happen for all of Pawnee.


Last but certainly not least we’ve got the Leslie Knope, which is just a huge mountain of whipped cream on a good old fashioned Belgian waffle. (And it is goddamn delicious, you guys.)

I hope you enjoy the last episode and eat all of the waffles while you do it tonight, and also, if you get teary-eyed, remember: waffles make a great and delicious-smelling substitute for Kleenex.