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Last week Aineki invited us to the annual tradition of many Washingtonians and partook in the summer fun Ft.Reno had to offer. While we were there we met some lively characters. Check this girl.

Disclaimer: This is not a style-guide. This is not about fashion. This is not even judgmental. This column is about people on DC’s streets. It’s about people who seem as if they put a thought or two into their outfits before leaving the house. It’s about people whose look is working for them, in their opinion.

All pictures: Jessica Arce

Julia, Teacher

BYT:  What is the best and worst part of your job?

The best part about teaching is getting students interested in history.  The worst part is not having enough time to teach every single detail.

BYT: What are the ingredients for a perfect day in the park?
Low humidity, low humidity, low humidity.  All 3 ingredients are RARE in DC during the summer though.

BYT: Do you come to Ft. Reno often?

I do. I’m here with my friends. They are in a band that is playing today. I’m also in a band.

Dress- Mustard Seed

BYT: What do you guys sound like?

Our music is a mix of indie rock and post punk.

BYT: Tell me a little about your band.

I am in a band called Hiding Places. I play bass and sing back-up.  We are actually going to be playing Fort Reno on July 15th with Give and Ra Ra Rasputin.  We have been together in the DC area through other incarnations for a few years and are very excited to play Fort Reno.

Necklace- Vintage store

BYT: Nice. Will check you guys out. You look great, how long does it usually take to get ready?

Not too long.  Maybe 10 minutes.  I’m pretty lazy.  I have a hair cut that takes less than 5 minutes to blow dry and then the last five minutes are used getting everything else together (make-up, shoes, purse).

BYT: In your opinion, what are the  best places to shop around dc (metro area)?

Mustard Seed in Bethesda
Value Village
Unique Thrift
Craigslist (for instruments and furniture)


BYT: What are your three summer essentials
$1 bright red shades from the thrift store
Oh… and don’t forget water… you gotta stay hydrated…

Very well said my friend. Got to stay hydrated!