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Disclaimer: This is not a style-guide. This is not about fashion. This is not even judgmental. This column is about people on DC’s streets. It’s about people who seem as if they put a thought or two into their outfits before leaving the house. It’s about people whose look is working for them, in their opinion.

Let’s play a game.

I spy…

Jessica: a sleek suit and snazzy godfather hat.

Daniel, Engineer


BYT: Tell us about your style.

Daniel: I dress according to the way I want to dress. I don’t dress to impress the ladies. I dress to impress me. My son is the same way. If he comes out with me, he better  be in a suit.

BYT: You seem like a man who knows what he wants. Where do you usually shop?

Daniel: I shop anywhere. I shop to save money. And yes, I do shop for myself. You see, I’m very self-sufficient. I have been since I was 10. I do everything for myself. I don’t let a woman dress or shop for me.

BYT: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Daniel: Confident, my dear.

BYT: If your house were to burn down and you could only save one thing, what would it be?

Daniel: My music. All my vinyl from junior high school. Music that’s from the 60s, 40s, and 30s. My British Sterling turntables and my speakers. Oh, and my tropical fish.

Friend: Ask him what he teaches!

BYT: Well, Daniel, what do you teach?

Daniel: I teach disco and ballroom dancing. Trust me, I got moves. (Grabs Jessica’s hand, twirls her around, and dips her).


Ring: Blue Onyx, NY Giants


Suit: Made in Cambodia


Daniel: I’ve had this hat for 27 years. This is the same hat that Marlon Brando wore in the Godfather. It actually says “Godfather” on the inside. I make sure I always cover and take care of this hat.

tiesz tiesz tiesz

Shirt: Vitini Shirt