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Up for a little road trip out to Baltimore in the name of adventurous ice cream? The Charmery will not disappoint; it’s churning out some downright diabolical flavors from the mind of Owner and Master Creamer (and evil genius) David Alima in honor of Halloween, and you can try ’em all now through Saturday the 31st.

Let’s start first with what I consider to be a CARDINAL SIN, aka their Orange Juice & Toothpaste flavor. (THE HORROR!) They’ve paired 100% pure OJ with a strong punch of peppermint flavor; may god have mercy on your taste buds.

Fans of Hannibal Lecter will appreciate Fava Beans & Chianti (FSTFSTFSTFSTFSTFST), a very daring flavor which features fava beans strained through a super-fine mesh chinois and combined with Chianti wine that they turned into grape jelly (alcohol cooked off). The result is “berry forward with a nutty fava bean finish”.

Moving into slightly less spooky (but still very seasonally madcap) territory, Green Bean Casserole features actual Cream of Mushroom soup with juiced fresh green beans and crispy onions (coated in butter and a dash of sugar before baking).

Or if condiments are more your jam, there’s always Ketchup & Mustard made with fresh local tomatoes, a hit of fresh lemon juice and, of course…Heinz ketchup. (It features a caramelized Grey Poupon mustard swirl, because of course.)

And vegans, don’t fret, you can get in on the bonkers flavor action, too; they’ve prepared Pickled Onion Sorbet with REAL pickled onion juice (via Baltimore’s Clavel) ft. a punch of fresh lime juice.

Wanna try ’em all? The Fear Factory Challenge is $20 and comes with individually packaged scoops for those who dare to taste. They’re available at The Charmery’s three locations in the Baltimore area. (And while there, snag some Old Bay Caramel too.)

Are you brave enough?! Be sure to tag #BYTHINGS if you take a taste drive!