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If you’ve been on the fence about going to any of the great shows this week and next, here’s something to help you make those tough life decisions. These opening acts have caught our eyes ears. We’re coming early, and so should you. This week is all about females tearing it up, and fuzzed out/scuzzed out summer sounds.

Suggestions on who we should include next week? Email [email protected].

Deap Vally are your new favorite band without a bassist. Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards turn out agressive, sensual sounds with just the right amount of scuzz. Avoiding any comparison to other dreamy California girl groups, I’m looking forward to seeing Deap Vally forge their own path in a genre that has become so vague and occasionally exhausted. And with an impressive festival schedule this summer, they have many chances to make a name for themselves.

Most of us have developed a newfound respect for the artists formerly known as Kitty Pryde after she responded to “The Thing” that happened at a Danny Brown show last week. Some of us think she has no place to comment on the subject. But there’s no denying that this tour is another huge stepping stone for this tiny female MC from Florida. Add that to a recent collab with RiFF RaFF, and you’ve got one weird fanbase. If you’re coming early for the Danny Brown meet & greet, take this chance to judge Kitty on her live performance, and not just a blog post.

I originally thought that Blondfire was a strange choice to open for such a lineup, but Erica Driscoll’s saccarine dream pop sounds are delivered with the right kind of energy to kick off a night like this. Maybe your introduction to her was “Where the Kids Are,” and hopefully that’s intrigued you enough to come early for her set. I’m excited to see how these very electronic sounds will translate live.

Not necessarily newcommers, Deep Sea Diver bring incredible dynamic and vocal range, which I can only imagine will sound stunning in a small space such as Backstage. Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen and friends have concocted a perfect formula, combining stunningly delivered pop vocals with a memorable rhythm section.

The Orwells are bringing their no-fuss brand of fuzzed out summer sounds to DC, which is a nice change of pace from every band that comes through with an “indiscernibly too cool for you” attitude. You might think all the la-la-la’s are cheesy, but the youthful recklessness the Orwells project is infectious.

Something about those ruff’n’tumble fuzzed out garage boys makes them impossible to stay away from, no matter how many versions of this sound exist. Layers of synth and warped noise set Young Boys apart from the rest of the pack, and the fact that SUSI (a side project of Jules and Sandra of Dum Dum Girls) should speak very highly of them. We can all agree that the sleazeball leather brand of garage rock has been overdone– but if Young Boys continue to bring their own flavour and interpretation to it, they’ve got our full support.

Mysterious layered music comes from mysterious layered musicians. The California trio are on the rise from recent SXSW success, joining MS MR on this one-off east coast show. Their dark sounds peek through between layers of simple, pretty melodies, making otherwise sad songs danceable.

Who are you coming early for?