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The new covid-friendly version of a food hall has officially debuted in D.C. Ghostline DC, located in Glover Park (2340 Wisconsin Avenue NW), hosts several different chefs serving food to patrons seated on the spacious patio, six feet apart. There are no lines and limited interaction with staff to allow for a safe dining environment. The multi-page menu includes options from each of the different chefs, who are showcasing cuisines ranging from Indian to Japanese to Detroit style pizza. Don’t know how to choose? We got you.


I have always been a fan of Hiro Mitsui’s ramen served at Union Market, particularly his vegan miso ramen which comes with the creamiest of broths, hunks of chewy stuffed tofu, and oodles of chewy ramen noodles. At Ghostline you can sample even more of Mitsui’s culinary treats. In addition to ramen he is serving up Japanese curry, a creamy, sweet, spicy, curry infused concoction spooned over rice and crowned with Brussel sprouts, eggplant, bell peppers and pickled lotus, as well steamed buns that come stuffed with Japanese curry tarter sauce and fried tofu. These small bites are the perfect union of doughy and crunchy.


He is also offering okonomiyaki, Japanese omelets that come with all the classic toppings like Japanese BBQ sauce, kewpie mayonnaise and nori, and a host of small plates like ponzu pickles, seaweed salad and kimchi. I can’t get enough of Mitsui’s food, and you’ll feel the same.


For another Asian option, order a khichdi from Tokri. These rice and lentil bowls are the ultimate comfort food dish. My mom used to make one for me whenever I was down or under the weather. At Tokri, you can enjoy one with spinach, lentils and spices, another with mung lentils and cauliflower and a third with coconut curry. Chef and owner Priya Ammu also serves a bevy of sides and sauces – all of which I recommend trying. The roasted eggplant is smoky and spicy, the mango achar is a sweet pickled condiment, and the lentil crisps are the perfect Indian potato chip. Insider tip: Order the nimbu pani, a refreshing black pepper syrup infused lemonade that is sold street-side all over India.


At Ghostline, skipping dessert is not an option. Between Ghost Dog Egg Man’s pastries and Red Velvet’s cupcakes you need to not only order dessert, but get a to-go box. The Ghost Dog Egg Man’s pop-tart is filled with a bright berry jam and the banana chocolate espresso is everything it promises to be and more – moist, sweet, and chocolately with a hint of coffee. Red Velvet cupcakes are some of the best in the city; try the black velvet or carrot cake. Or cookies n cream. Or peanut butter cup. Ok, just get a dozen!


Cocktails and coffee are also served at Ghostline. Camping out for a few hours may be the best option so you can sample dishes from each of the different chefs! Heat lamps and umbrellas are available, as needed.