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So-our National Geographic after hours was already pretty awesome when we announced it (if you don’t have a life crush on CHERYL WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE, you’re dead on the inside) but now it just got a little more special.

Lets take a look at all the magical things that are going to happen on June 22nd (tickets: $20 now, $25 day of, and on sale now). KEEP SCROLLING.

Brightest Young Things and National Geographic invite you to a special after-hours event!

BYT Local Tourist

National Geographic

Part of our ongoing BYT Local Tourist Series!

Exclusive tourist-free access to the entire museum including:
Titanic: 100 Year Obsession
Samurai: The Warrior Transformed
Wicked Weather
Big Cats & More!

Big Cats
totally cute


Martial Arts demonstrations with Glow Sticks!
totally awesome

The DC debut of NYC performance art dance party weirdos Cheryl Will Ruin Your Life
totally just trust us on this one

DJ Jahsonic (Axel F)
DJ Jahsonic
totally feeling it

Sinister Sound Set
totally gonna link to their soundcloud now

Drinks & Photos
Spy Museum
totally remember how much fun we had last time?

not to mention…

Explor-A-Rama Variety Show in National Geographic’s Grosvenor Auditorium!

TED-style talks from:

Trevor Frost – Adventurer and Filmmaker
Trevor Frost
totally has a more interesting life than you

Mike Shepard
Engineer and Tech Genius

Gabby Salazar
Photographer and Conservationist

music performances by:

totally check out this video

totally an artist in residence at strathmore hall

stand-up comedy by:

Jenn Tisdale
Jenn Tisdale
totally cute as a cupcake, but with more swearing

with your host:

Brandon Weatherbee of You, Me, Them, Everybody
Brandon Weatherbee
totally has about the same level of interesting in his life as you, despite this picture

If that wasn’t enough stimulation, we’ll also have Giant Hamster Balls to roll around in!

And a super secret safari scavenger search for sweet Nat Geo swag!

DJ Tariq of TNT!

Rare Nat Geo footage!

Food Trucks!

The Cajunators

Curbside Cupcakes


$20 Advance tickets on sale now!
Day of tickets $25
but we’re most likely gonna sell out

This is a 21+ event


Stay informed:


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BYT Productions