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Rumor has it those cool cats over at the Sweetgreen offices are dropping the line-up for this year’s Sweetlife Festival this week (!!!). What we do have confirmed for now is the exact date: May 11, 2013!  So the spirit of anxiously awaiting the news, we thought it would be fun to speculate who might end up on the bill.  Without further adieu..



The big kahuna’s. The real reason why you go all the way out to Merriweather.  These heavy hitters are probably what get people most excited and we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to our thoughts on who should be given the coveted title this year. Previous acts included The Strokes, Girl Talk, Avicci, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi.

  • PHOENIX – If there’s any band that embodies the “sweetlife” best, it’s Phoenix.  Hard rockin’ good vibes are always had with these Frenchies and I’d be surprised if there weren’t the #1 contender for this year’s headliner. After all, they have a new album coming out (in April?) and are slated to headline Coachella. Both big signs of things to come.
  • MY BLOODY VALENTINE – My Bloody Valentine fans have been waiting 22 years for a new album. Now it’s here – was it worth the wait? Opinions are mixed, if not undercooked since it’s yet to settle properly in our system, but regardless of how it turns out, it’s time for Kevin Shields and co. to cash in on their enormous legacy. Who’s ready to drone out and stare at their shoes? Every indie kid you know.
  • DESTINY’S CHILD – Is it 2001? Because I’m just waiting for Destiny’s Child to announce the first dates  in years on Total Request Live with Caron Daly. After their fierce Superbowl performance, I think everyone is ready for another explosive dose of pop, nostalgia, and sexed up strong-ass women.
  • DAFT PUNK – We all know Sweetgreen is all about fresh, delicious food and living a healthy lifestyle… so who wouldn’t want to see Daft Punk brand their signature stage set up into food pyramids and give us all a little nutritional lesson while dancing our asses off?
  • YEAH YEAH YEAH’S – With a headlining spot at both Coachella and Governor’s Ball, plus a new record on the way (with questionable album art), we can’t forget these New York rockers.  Could the Sweetgreen gang be going back to the New York early aughts rock&roll vibe? We hope so.



In 2012, Sweetgreen beefed up their festival by adding a second stage featuring indie acts and other upcoming talent.  Twin Shadow, Zola Jesus, RAC… they’re all alumni of the “Treehouse.”  We went through the who’s who of the music world and pulled out the biggest names with the most buzz dollars.

  • GRIMES – Grimes had one hell of a 2012, especially the latter half.  With an incredible, sold out show at UHall, she’d be a logical choice to get weird on the indie stage.
  • FRANK OCEAN – The nice thing about the Sweetlife festival is they always feature really great up & coming hip hop acts and 2012 was Frank Ocean’s year.  Another one I’d be surprised to not see make the lineup (especially with his confirmed appearance on May 4th at the New Orlean’s Jazz & Heritage Festival) right before Sweetlife.
  • BLACK LIPS – Every festival needs some punk and Black Lips would bring just the right amount of mayhem to Sweetlife. Flowerpunk? General green ethos? OK, it’s a stretch, but we’d LOVE to see ’em there. They also just released a handful of tour dates, all along the west coast, up through April; it leaves May and the east coast totally free and leaves us crossing our fingers.
  • GRIZZLY BEAR – Another Coachella confirmation that leads to Sweetlife speculation.  I mean, who doesn’t want to cry over a guacamole greens salad?
  • THE JOY FORMIDABLE –  Sweetlife is loud, fun and fully embraces the rock and roll lifestyle (in a totally healthy and positive way, duh). Enter The Joy Formidable, crafters of ear-bleedingly loud rock that’s still on the path to mainstream popularity, without all the Loud Rockstar Douchebaggery. We’ve seen them play at churches, we’ve seen them play at 9:30 Club; they wow every time and we know they’d be perfect echoing through Merriweather this spring.
  • KENDRICK LAMAR – As of now, Kendrick’s announced tour dates only run through March and, as of now, he’s one of the largest upcoming rap acts around. He dominated nearly every “Best of 2012” list you could lay your eyes on, just played SNL, is no stranger to festival settings and was named “Emcee of the Year” a few months back. He’d bring some serious swooning to Sweetlife (not that it needs any help, but still). Kendrick, come to us.
  • AZELIA BANKS – She’s got a viral hit, high-profile fans like Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld, and the juiciest lips since Angelina Jolie’s. You’re going to want to get to know and rock-out/rap-out Azealia Banks.
  • THE LUMINEERS – HO HEY, we can totally see these guys at the Treehouse this year! They’ve got great vibes, they’ve got singalongs, they’ve got festivals on the mind (they’re already booked to play Governors Ball in New York this June) and they’ve got a COMPLETELY open May tour schedule. Not to mention, The Lumineers sell out everywhere. They’re just about 2013’s most sing-songy unstoppable force thus far so they could lend the perfect charm to the line-up.
  • ICONA POP – I’m pretty sure the collective energy of swedish duo, Icona Pop has been harvested and transfused as one of the main ingredients in the energize sweetpress, so they might as well reward them with a show, knowwhati’msayin‘?



Every year the Sweetlife crew give props to the local music scene by letting a few D.C. bands/acts contribute to the festival.  Back in 2011, our good friends U.S. Royalty and Modern Man kicked things off.  In 2012, Bluebrain DJ’d between sets (and U.S. Royalty also made a second appearance).  Here’s what familiar faces we hope to see on stage:

  • SHARKWEEK – These guys have been everywhere (winning the title of best local band of 2012 by Deli Magazine + being featured on NME) so they are the clear frontrunning and most logical choice to represent D.C.  Plus their surf rock good vibes and the antics of frontman, Ryan Hunter Mitchell, would set the bar high for the day’s performances.
  • U.S. ROYALTY – What ain’t broke shouldn’t be fixed.  Let U.S. Royalty have the title of the ONLY band to be a part of every sweetlife festival ever!
  • DJ CALE’S IPOD – because if it’s good enough for BYT, it’s good enough for everyone.


All photos from the Sweetgreen instagram.  Follow them on Twitter (@SweetLifeFest) and like them on Facebook too!