OMG Giveaway: IRON MAN 3(D) Advance Screening
Shauna Alexander | Apr 23, 2013 | 1:15PM |

There isn’t much to say other than….


Let’s watch the trailer, shall we?

To win a pass (good for you and only you, no +1’s, sorry) to attend a private pre-release screening of Iron Man 3 (in 3D) next Tuesday, April 30th all you’ve got to do is tell us in the comments below… What would your super hero name be and why?  Winners will be selected by Monday, April 29th.  GOOD LUCK.

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Friday 02/24
Paul Zerdin WINNER of Americas Got Talent Live at Arlington Drafthouse @ Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
$30 / $30
“Technically immaculate, it’s what he does with his slick talent that really sets him apart. His relationship with the characters has all the dramatic tension of a real life double act” – The Guardian Paul Zerdin has helped make ventriloquism cool again. From the Royal Variety Performance to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to India’s comedy circuit, Montreal’s Just For Laughs and UK tours with his Sponge Fest show and forthcoming Puppet Master tour. Paul’s fresh twist on this traditional comedy art has impressed everyone from Her Majesty the Queen onwards. “It is Zerdin’s sharp script that is the heartbeat of the show” – The Times Crucially, Paul Zerdin appeals to both comedy club and mainstream audiences in equal measure. The UK’s number one ventriloquist’s career has included appearances on everything from the Royal Variety Performance, Paramount and Comedy Central’s, The World Stands Up to ITV Daybreak, BBC TV’s The One Show, Sky News and Jason Manford’s Comedy Rocks. **** "Pure audience gratifying magic” – Time Out With Paul’s winning combination of technical skill, hilarious ventriloquism, charm and impeccable comic timing, Paul Zerdin’s live shows see him bring to life several very different characters amongst whom are the cheeky pre-adolescent Sam, belligerent OAP Albert and precocious infant Baby and in 2012 on his Puppet Master live tour, Paul will be introducing a new character! “I see myself as a one man Muppet sitcom, reining the characters in” commented Zerdin. “The old man has a thing for the ladies and so does Sam who is about to become a teen and knows naughty words. Between the two of them they lead the baby astray and the baby, of course, wants to know everything. I think it is important to have characters that people can relate to rather than, say, talking sheep which are less believable”. Simply put, Zerdin is the man who can make ventriloquism look cool” – The Stage Zerdin, who got the ‘biggest laugh of the night’ at the Royal Variety Performance in 2009, according to audience members, also went on to get 5 star reviews at that year’s Edinburgh Festival. Paul returned to Edinburgh to sold-out houses in 2010 and made his debut at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival that year before embarking on a major UK tour with Sponge Fest in 2010/2011. That Paul Zerdin should make his career in show business is not entirely unexpected “my mother was a BBC Radio 2 presenter and my father worked for the BBC World Service, so my sister and I spent a lot of time in the studios”, he reveals. When Paul was 10, a family friend made him a puppet theatre which he used to put on shows. As he is the first to admit, his hobby quickly grew into an obsession. “The real turning point was when I was given a book on ventriloquism by the legendary Ray Alan. By the time I hit my teens I was spending half an hour a day in front of the mirror practising talking without moving my lips.” Having failed his GCSE’s in spectacular style, Zerdin got a job in a magic shop, developing his magic skills along the way. Simultaneously, he was also developing a sideline as a children’s entertainer. “Compared to my friends and their measly paper rounds, I was raking it in!” he laughs. Zerdin made his TV debut as a magician on the BBC’s Tricky Business and shortly afterwards, at the age of just 20, landed a two year contract presenting the Disney produced kids’ programme Rise and Shine for GMTV. In 1996, Paul was the first outright winner – by over 100,000 votes of LWT’s The Big Big Talent Show, hosted by Jonathan Ross. The experience not only raised his profile, but introduced him to Nigel Lythgoe, the man who would go on to create reality shows such as Popstars and American Idol. Lythgoe took the 22 year old Paul under his wing, paving the way for appearances on scores of shows, Tonight at the London Palladium, and Generation Game among them. It was Nigel who gave Paul his first brush with Royalty when he secured him a spot on the Prince’s Trust Gala Show in 1997. “That was a totally surreal experience”, he laughs. “I was sharing a dressing room with Julian Clary, Alan Davies and Frank Bruno with The Spice Girls next door”. By the late nineties it was obvious that traditional variety shows were losing their appeal and it was then that Zerdin decided to introduce stand-up into his routine, a decision that has paid off handsomely. From Ray Alan through to Keith Harris, ventriloquists have been a staple of UK entertainment for years, but it has taken Paul Zerdin to bring his mix of stand-up and ventriloquism to the forefront of contemporary entertainment to truly put ventriloquism on the comedy map.
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Recent Comments:
  • kelly says:

    my superhero’s name would be my husband’s name, he was the most wonderful man.

  • linda says:

    mr. or ms wonderful. this superhero would be the best person in my life

  • Elisabeth Ogle says:

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    Best wishes

  • Miguel Elerson says:

    I’d like to be one of the recipients of screening passes to evaluate some of the new films.

  • Tiffany McKenzie-Freeman says:

    My superhero name would be Storm because she was a beautiful dark woman with a Mohawk and I love that she represented.

  • CiCi in DC says:

    My super hero would be my mom. She put the ‘her’ in hero. Mom always comes to the rescue when you think you are at the bottom of a pit literally and figuratively.

  • Tae says:

    This would be sweet deal!

  • TrueMoxie says:

    Hmm..My name would be Pierce Phoenix aka Infinity. I would be neither good or evil; with me you would never know. My powers would be a number of things. One being, since the eyes are the windows to the soul, eye contact renders me the power to control your heart. Second power is touch. You would never want me to touch you and you should never want to touch me. My touch is like a wormhole. I tap into everything about anything, in animate and animate. Touching me is like uniting and becoming one, but it does not unlock anything about me. Third, a kiss renders you lifeless, paralyzed and powerless for a moment. Weakness: Superhero never tells; something you just have to discover.

  • Anonymous says:

    My name would be “Bad Azz” Bc like Rick James, I’d be one of the baddest mofos of all time! My powers would be:flight, super strength, invulnerability, healing, unlimited knowledge of human and alien culture, posses fire and desire (see what I did there?), and the voice of an angel

  • Mary Duncan says:

    The Wind, because I can create tornado

  • Tarzino says:

    My name would be Tarzino….why? Because its my real name…and I would be a super villain, my powers will teleportation and invisibility .. That way I can teleport to all pre release 3d screenings and not be seen.

  • Gelinda says:

    Gaia – Gaia was the goddess Earth in ancient Greek religion. My power would be to heal the earth and use it resources to fight those who see to harm her (the earth). Aquaman and I are close friends 😉

  • Stefany says:

    I would be WebGrrl – with the power to find anything on the web!

  • Elizabeth says:

    My super hero name would be Hugo ! my best friend and most fabulous chic and metro human in the world. A person with a big heart, supportive and always caring. An artists and most reliable human rights defendant. I don’t know what I would do without him, I will always thank him for introducing me to fashion and persevere on my dreams.

    • Anandu says:

      01 Apr 18, 2011 22:49 Selv under oppussing blir biednle du tar skjf8nne som bare det! Du har en fantastisk blogg, med de nydeligste bilder og tekster! Fortsatt god oppussingspe5ske!

  • Karen says:

    My super hero name would be Supermom because my boys believe that’s what I am.

  • Tim says:

    Mastermind. I would know what you are thinking before you think it.

  • Krystal says:

    My superhero name would be PenRose, after the famous paradox, “The Penrose Staircase.”

    My super power would be the ability to paint seemingly paradoxical situations into existence (i.e. Drawing an older and a younger version of the same person on one canvas would allow this person to meet/have a conversation with their past self, etc.)

  • Steven says:

    My superhero name will be Knocturnal because I’ll serve and protect the night.

  • omc says:

    Athena would be my super hero name for i would possess the smarts and craftiness needed to do away with evil doers.

  • adam says:

    My super hero name would be Asian Man because I’m super Asian! lol

  • glen bowers says:

    My name would be The Rock. Why? It doesn’t matter why jabroni!

  • Jamila Jordan says:

    The Incredible Edible – Because I love to eat! My power would be that I could ingest anything without any ham, like poison and nuclear bombs.

  • Malika Jackson says:

    Wonder Woman because I’ve idolized her since I was a child.

  • Anonymous says:

    the human fly cause i have actual hope of becoming the human fly

  • Anonymous says:

    silver surfer cause i could go everywhere in the universe

  • PETER BOOTH says:


  • Pam says:

    Ninja Lady. Because I’m sneaky like that.

  • Edward Mccutcheon says:


  • Andrew says:

    My wife says Supergeek…I want to say that’s a compliment for my technical skills and my love and knowledge of all things geeky and nerdy…but somehow I get the feeling she’s not being entirely complimentary.

  • Leo says:

    My super hero name iron steel because my body would be made of the material making me indestructible

  • Brianna says:

    Briyonce because I would dance all over the bad guys like Beyonce.

  • Rich Park says:

    ParkSMASH… Bc of my rage like the hulk

  • mary says:

    mr. hero. just loved the sound of that.

  • Brent says:

    Trekman with amazing speed.

  • Asha says:

    Captain Tarantula!

  • Bridgette says:

    ThunderWoman with with a bolt on my on front chest of my custom.

    • Godi says:

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    • Christna says:

      It’s a relief to find soemnoe who can explain things so well

    • Ali says:

      Discovered your post really ecxntiig without a doubt. I genuinely enjoyed browsing it therefore you make rather some excellent factors. I am going to bookmark this website for that future! Relly terrific article.

  • Jenny says:

    WoMantis- I’ll lure you in and then bite your head off…but only if you’re evil

  • Drew Rosenblatt says:

    Backwards Man. I would be able to walk backwards pretty well.

  • Jeffrey Newman says:

    Late night man. Able to always always stay up to very late hours.

  • (Duh, secret identity!) says:

    Broke-Man (hence why I am partaking in this contest.)

  • Kash says:

    The PROCRASTINATORRRRR – Need i explain why? 🙁

  • Bruck Dessie says:

    Since Green Arrow is taken and my favorite color is blue than my superhero name would be blue arrow.

  • Jasmine L says:

    Ms. Captain America. Captain America already exists, but I would be Ms. As a woman who defends America, things would be handled more delicately. As Ms. Captain America I’d ensure that the things that matter the most, like the children of our nature, are protected and shielded from danger.

  • HOWARD DAVIS says:

    DC Man I would protect and preserve DC

  • Kelvin says:

    Super K because I’d be super and … Special K has been taken by the cereal.

  • Hitesh says:

    My superhero’s name would be Hitman. Originating from my name. To hit all the bad guys and evil away!

  • Jimi says:

    My super hero name would be…Y Not, enough said.

  • Alan L says:

    My name would be Khan–because Star Trek got it wrong!

  • April Bowen says:

    Captain Planet so I could save the earth!

  • kelly says:

    supermom – i have 2 kids and i appreciate how hard it is to be a mom.

  • alex says:

    superman of course…he is my favorite super hero

  • linda says:

    my superhero would be called ms fix all – this person will be able to fix problems that we encounter on a day to day basis..

  • Mark Gordon says:

    My super hero name would be SLINGBLADE because i would use my blade to fight evil and help restore world peace.

  • antulio says:

    The charger because I would be able to keep everyones electronic devices up and running during a major blackout.

  • Kevin Cyrus says:

    The Reader, because my super power would be to read the minds of evil-doers and try to foil them by mobilizing WHOEVER could stop them.

  • jacob says:

    Super Jake the Snake,, I am fast, tall & thin,,snake like !

  • robin says:

    Super robin red breast,,named after my name

  • Anonymous says:

    Superman! Its all about the spandex, i hear!

  • Renzi says:


    Well, that’s the name girlfriend gave me because I <>>.

  • MannyOne says:

    Super Hero: DarkMatter… An alien humaniod world similar to Earth is decimated by a supernova anomaly but one key alien scientist (me) is working on gravitational forces in his special chamber and is converted from normal matter to DarkMatter. Now the alien super hero heads toward the nearest galaxy and finds Earth to help it from experiencing the same destruction.

  • Luis Parada says:

    My superhero name is Rewind.
    I have the power to re-live events/memories through my eyes and change them for good.

  • Baltimore Bob says:

    The Green Lantern if not just Baltimore Bob
    championing TRUTH, JUSTICE but Not the American Way
    as Americans allowed Vietnam.

  • Allen says:

    Steel Man, I won’t rust like Iron.

  • ALEX PETERS says:


  • Yvonne Golden says:

    Superwoman, because I have to do so many things in one day, that a ordinary woman would not be able to do.

  • Eva kieu says:

    Superman bc he is a classic!

  • Elijah Reamer says:

    E-Viscerator because I would deprive criminals of any satisfaction or success!

  • Nic S. says:

    Power Man so no one doubts that I have powers.

  • Judy says:

    Mighty Dog because dogs are heros.

  • Kevin says:

    My superhero name would be FightChainz

  • Laura says:

    I would name it teledog.. the dog would be able to fly and communicate telepathically and get into the enemies’ minds to force them to back down

  • chris says:

    Bif Naked

  • Carol B. says:

    Lady Dog, because I am out there for pets!

  • Christine says:

    My super hero name will be Savara. Sav- as in Sav(e)because I will help those in need. Ara-because it sounds nice.

  • Alyssa says:

    My superhero name would be the Bitch, because it’s already my moto.

  • Monica says:

    Super Moose. Because why not?

  • Giovannie Alexander says:

    My super hero name would be Malice man a secret agent/ superhero type of super hero with superior guile and sophistication, with the latest technologies available at his fingertips….. Oh and definitely a ladies man….

  • Mae A says:

    My superhero name would be Dance Woman because I love/teach dance and would defeat enemies by creating astonishing dance moves and footwork to take them down. 🙂

    • Ali says:

      I am so impressed with this arilcte. It’s not only well-written it’s also motivating and smart. Few writers have the talent to make this topic exciting, but you’ve managed to do it. Really great job.

  • Alexandria says:

    It would be AMAZAGIRL. Everything I do is amazing. I would crush every enemy mentally and then destroy them physically!

  • Remedios Kram says:

    The Earthling…..a very strong man who protects the Earth with his brawn and brains!!!!!!!

  • shawn j says:

    The Reveler- Would be able to tell who is lying and who isn’t.

  • Dell says:

    Killing them with a “Smile”

  • Serg says:

    Ray is the name and I can Sting

  • Gerald says:

    G-Man, because I’m Grrreat!!!!

  • rick d says:

    I would take my name from the great Chinese military strategist Kongming. He beat the red army by sending blankets of smallpox into their camp. When they were stricken with disease, he fire bombed the camp, sparing no one. A total Badass and avid painter.

  • The Perry says:

    My comicbook title would have to be ‘Gorgasm: The Legend of Dong Slayer’, in honor of Tracy Jordan, who taught us to live every week like it’s Shark Week. Either that, or ‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah’.

  • Reginald Parker-Hollis says:

    I’d be simply the Slayer. I love to slay in absolutely everything I do. Plus I always use the term “slay” for everything so it would be fitting lol

  • Manny says:

    Manual Man – ’cause I can take everything in hand and make it turn out alright – Builder by day and Devastator by night- saving the world one brick at a time.

  • jt says:

    Mr. Incredible. Because I come from a family of Incredibles…

  • Mark says:

    Hoping this movie atones for the first sequel!

  • Barry B says:

    My superhero name would be Grape. Cause my name is Barry.

  • Erwin Villanueva says:

    My superhero name would be Quandary. I’d be a mutant with telepathic and intelligence abilities and the ability to heal myself and others. Quandary is for getting myself and others out of tough situations. My best friend would be Amadeus Cho.

  • Deonna Ball says:

    DNA because DNA runs through every body. My names is DeoNnA.

  • Demetria Ball says:

    LatteWoman because I love caramel lattes.

    • Desi says:

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    • Ashokkumargoud says:

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  • Alexander Xavier says:

    No explanation needed

  • Denise says:

    Psycho-empathico – power to cripple all evil doers with kindness or on the flip side use my empathic powers to search out weakness and use it to gain dominion over the earth!!!

  • Lauren says:

    I would be Library Lady because I am an awesome librarian!

  • Wendy Brown says:

    My superhero name would be The Teaacher – because teachers can do it all!

  • PatJ says:

    Guess Who I will always catch you by surprise.

  • Jay says:

    Awesome Man because that means I don’t have to do anything different.

  • Jamel says:

    Inspector Gadget…. I’m like a PI and will make due with tools.

  • Rob says:

    Google Man, i’d be really good at finding things

  • Michael says:

    The Alchemist – I’d use knowledge of magic and science to fight to bad guys.

  • Matt says:

    Mighty Mouse because it was my nickname in college because I am short but fast.

  • ILLY says:

    The Wiz – cause I can take care of technology like no other.

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  • Laura Register says:

    Leather-Throat because my bandmates call me that because my voice never gets tired or worn out!

  • Justin Park says:

    Devil Dog because I am a US Marine!

  • Rashad Brown says:

    Favorite superhero Batman cause he can fight and save and same time without anything getting in way

  • Justin B. says:

    super articulator. I can spin anything!

  • Jennifer says:

    Smackdown because my superpowers would be verbal.

  • Wai says:

    Waterboy because I stay hydrated.

  • Lita de Castro says:

    My superhero will be “Darna”. That’s the name of superhero in my country.

  • Natina says:

    My name would be “What, What” woman! I would have the powers of Superman, the intelligence of Batman, the tools of Wonder Woman so that the villans I face would always wonder what am I going to throw at them. Plus the name is kindof catchy.

  • Alan says:

    Ninja Boy, because I can go anywhere undetected.

  • Malaika says:

    Nubian Queen because I grew up in Africa as a child and my job involves working in the continent!

  • blanca Lopez says:

    my superhero name would be Blanca The Howlin’ Monkey. Cause monkeys are the best. i mean who wouldnt wanna be a monkey. especially one whose super power is to howl people away. it would be swag!!!!!

  • Tammy says:

    They would name me Sake Pase because I am of Haitian descent!

  • Jason says:

    I would be Heel because I am fast!

  • Mike Palumbo says:

    Inferno because I would control fire

  • Mikhe says:


  • Alexa Marcus says:

    Galactica Girl because I outshine the stars and move faster than the speed of light 🙂

  • B King says:

    BK Ripper would be my superhero name. I would have the same powers as gambit from x-men.

  • Tessa says:

    I would be samal the camel because camels are supper animals and my brothers name is Sam

  • arjun says:

    awesome awesome…better than spiderman or superman…its iron man

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    • David says:

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  • NRKamau says:

    My Superhero name would be Super G. My cousin used to always call me G to the rescue, because people always depend on me for help.

  • Reggie says:

    I’m the Reginator – able to resolve student issues at schools in the blink of an eye

  • Movie Buff says:

    Super Duper Cooper because I think it sounds neat!

  • Chris Gabro says:

    My name would be Movie-Man; because so far I’ve seen every major release that has come out this year, along with many small Indy films! 🙂

  • Josh says:

    My superhero name would be The Cinephile because I literally spend all my free time watching movies and my super power would be to direct the way other people around me act

  • A. Niman says:

    Dark Elf, because that’s what a super hero name generator gave me.

  • gdub says:

    Superhero name: Miss Fantastic! Because I totally am.

  • Hillius says:

    I’d be a villain. SO my name would be Destroyer LOL.
    Ticket please?

  • lisa bell says:

    My superhero name would be “MIND_BENDER”. Because my superpowers would be to bend minds to either their most beautiful loving memories or their most terrifying memories

  • Nare says:

    Curlygirl because I have really curly hair!

  • Derrick says:

    My superhero name would be D-Reckless because I’d do whatever it took to save the day!

  • freddi says:

    the Manipulator. I play mind games.

  • Brian says:

    Shockwave-the name is cool and strong

  • Frankie says:

    My superhero name would be Circadian, because I sleep a lot

  • Meghana says:

    INVENTOR OF “THE WHEEL”. Superpower is the ability to start new projects, clubs, and restaurants and name them all “the wheel”

  • Meg says:

    I would say superwoman because
    I try to do it all

  • April Stevens says:

    My superhero name would be Wonderwoman because I surprise myself sometimes with how I always manage to get things done.

  • Miss D. says:

    My name super hero name would simply be SHE. I’m all woman, I’m every woman…enough said. 😉

  • Big_Lyle says:

    Oh that is easy — Snakeboy. A young kid bit by a rare poisonous snake has the spine of a super fast and lethal python. When pestered enough the snakeboy comes alive!

  • Danielle says:

    Quiet Storm, because my fury and control over the elements rages beneath the my cool, quiet surface.

    • Mayra says:

      I guess JCWN equates euteadcd comments relfecting a grasp of the English language with PR Hack. Oddly, JCWN throws in a flippant remark about tolerance then has the audacity to firebomb the comments when it is pointed out that he/she sounds ignorant.

    • Rafael says:

      You’ve really captured all the eselitnass in this subject area, haven’t you?

    • Minetou says:

      Red Bandanas for anyone who wants them. I will be at the 430. I would love to get a big ptiruce with everyone wearing them after or during the workout and send it to Welles’ mother. She would love it. Thanks and hope you enjoy his story.

  • Montez says:

    My name would be GoldenRod. It would give a sense of star power adn ready for business.

  • Akeem A says:

    WittyMan. Because my Wits would confuse villains and charm the damsels in distress 😉

  • Hit says:

    Supermom would be my superhero’s name because average moms accomplish and do a lot for their family and children on a daily basis. Imagine what a supermom would do!!!! Conquer the world perhaps?:)

    • Austyn says:

      Normally I do not read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do it! Your winrtig style has been amazed me. Thanks, very great article.

  • Caron says:

    The Ghost, because my enemies would not know I was there until it was too late.

  • Ron says:

    Flatiron Man. I would burn my foes with steam, and kindly offer to press the wrinkled clothing of the innocent.

  • Dee says:

    My superhero’s name would be Macho Man. Not only would his body and looks be macho, he would also sweep a lot of women off their feet, and of course, save lives!

  • Lindsey says:

    Super Fly! So I could land on any wall or surface and find out the necessary information to accomplish anything. Not only could I fly really fast but also transform into another creature.

  • monica says:

    My name would be Percision b/c I would be deadly w/ the standard sniper rifle or any weapon in my hand.

  • MattJSour says:

    The Calculator. I would be able to calculate the exact amount of a 15% tip and the proper conversion of gallon to quarts.

  • Prince says:

    Pussy Galore….Need I say more?

  • Marcus Manderson says:

    Maestro. Destroy enemies with music. Or something like that. Or how about destroy enemies with music instruments? LOL…I am a musician so why not?

  • Marie says:

    My superhero name would be Gears because I’m a kick ass engineer.

  • Jackie says:

    My Super hero name would be Purple Haze Raven. When I had to battle the villian, I would turn into a Raven, fly above the villan and spray them with a purple haze that would make them confused and pass out.

  • Asher says:

    The Wizard of knowledge. I can learn how to do anything simply by seeing it. Even if it defies the laws of nature.

  • Anonymous says:

    My super hero name is Immortal. I picked up this name because super hero shouldn’t diee!!

  • AJ says:

    My superhero name: SolarFlare

  • Francisco Sotelo says:

    Pooks Magooks – because it’s an awesome name

  • Naman says:

    My superhero name : N7

  • JR says:

    I would be The Filibuster, master of delaying and obstructing progress.

  • Darrien says:

    I’d be Dr. Daddy Day!
    because that way, I could both educate people on the Art Of Alliteration and utilize some of my real name all at once …oh, and i’d save people from evil too.

  • C. Hill says:

    My super hero anme would be Kitana Blue because I always wore blue head and wrists bands in my karate class. And, that became my nickname at the karate school. Thanks.

  • Vanessa says:

    I’d actually be a supervillian, The Disaster Diamond. I’m beautiful and create chaos.

  • Randolph says:

    My super hero name would be Webman, I picked that name because while growing up Spiderman was my superhero.

  • Chelsea says:

    The Ballerina of Death

  • Erika says:

    I’d be Mistress of the Night since I’d be secretive but effective…and obviously do most work at night, lol.

    • Mona says:

      16 Apr 22, 2011 20:59 Gleder meg til e5 se resultatet! Flotte bieldr pe5 tross av oppussingsrot. Kjenner meg igjen i e5 skulle skape noen hyggelige kroker i alt rotet 🙂 God pe5ske til deg. Klem

  • Raheem Dawodu says:

    The Human Satellite:
    I have big ears, and I can hear everything and everyone.

  • Loleysa says:

    zen queen… super power would be… make everyone feel relaxed and stress free

  • Erin says:

    Shock because I’m electric!

  • Donald Walker says:

    Hot chocolate, because I’m black and burn evildoers

  • Eddie Jenkins says:

    The Wordsmith: My super powers would be very Jedi mind trick-like in that I would be able to force people to comply with my wishes by simply waving my hand. Also, I work in the communications business.

  • Erica says:

    Supa Fuel Boi because the people need to be saved from expensive gas prices leaving them with more money to spend on gadgets and fun.

  • David says:

    The Trojan because I’m a huge USC fan.

    • Hussam says:

      that he had become very good at snyiag no, yet having them still like him and the hospital he was running. Perhaps the knapp admistration has not fully garnered that gift.

    • Naresh says:

      I do not know what to say. The most reasonable thing in the world would be to quit fiinhgtg this sale and give Weslaco to the Corporate Fortune 500 company. They have all the money and the best lawyers in the country. They tell our elderly living in John Knox they had better shut up or they will sue them. Is it that important to Universal Health Services?But you people do not shut up. You could lose everthing you have and you do not shut up. It is not reasonable. Some one told me when I was younger that reasonable has nothing to do with family. God bless you and I hope you win. You just keep coming.

    • Ibrahem says:

      [..YouTube..] I liked the first season, ejnoyed the second, and stopped watching halfway the third.It just more and more of the same. Oh nooooo.. we’re all in grave danger, Only Jack can bring us salvation.But hey, I realy do appreciate the tenacity, Jack.

  • Dave Man says:

    Marvel man
    Marvel rules

  • Selena says:

    I’m trying to win these for my boyfriend, he just moved up to DC and I would love for him and his best friend to see this movie. He is a huge fan!

  • Adam says:

    Liquid Hot Magma – My last name sounds like Hot Lava, so I think a magma themed hero would be fitting.

  • Rob Biamonte says:

    Bicycle repair man!
    Monty python rules

  • Rick dash says:

    Cold steel…superman fan with a child great

  • crystal says:

    superhero name would be Black Ice— crystal means ice and clear—and black is sooo sexy

  • Matt says:

    The Heroic Homophone, because it drives me insane when people use the wrong form of a word and the terror must end. You may have heard of my sidekick Know-when-the-fuck-to-use-an-apostrophe Boy.

  • shannon says:

    Agent Pink…because i would be working for a secret agency

  • Carol Hagerling says:

    My super hero name would be Diamond Claws because I love cats and bling. The sharp claws would be amazing to help climb and capture and great protection.

  • K.K. says:

    SuperGirl – because I can’t think of anything original

  • Anonymous says:

    SuperMom – because I’m the known problem fixer

  • Hypnotoad says:


  • Brian says:

    The Tickler.
    No one can survive an immense tickle!

  • LaShanda says:

    The Frugalista! I would apprehend those paying full price and give them coupons and promo codes.

  • Henri Apollon says:

    Visage-because I see things others don’t!

  • Greg Alston says:

    You can call me Anonymous.

    A charming rogue destined for greatness.

    Traumatized by electrocution at a young age that sparked the fight against injustice.

    But like many heroes before, only a double life can keep keep the hero safe

  • Mariama Tarawally says:

    My superhero name would be Lady Love…simply because I love helping people!

  • Mauri says:

    I would be called “Not Up In Here”. With this simple phrase, my enemies will know that anything they try, ain’t about to happen up in here, because I’m up in here.

  • Victoria says:

    (I go to Georgetown Law)

    • Mimi says:

      Are you really going to start that PR stuff again from your ofcfie in Edinburg?? Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn’t have given you worse advice.Are you sure you want to start this again JCWN?

    • Shane says:

      kat`arxin na se sugxarw gia tis nikes sou!pragmatika to aiesziks ! ti omorfi kartoula einai auti?exw adunamia sta 3d effects stis kartes ma k sto clean and simple look…k sena ta exei k ta dio !Mpravo natassaki!

  • Terry says:

    Super Terry! I’m doing it big all by myself. This year has been a really good year as far as making something else myself. I believe I’m doing a pretty good so far this year, so my name should be “Super Terry” lol

  • Gabriel Bayley says:

    The rubberducky

  • Nae Cato says:

    Lifesave, because I am on a mission to save a life one day at a time.

  • Ariel says:

    The Mermaid
    (my name is Ariel)

  • Pam says:

    Mind Mover because I will have the power to remove or change any of your thoughts.

  • Hamilton Whitney says:

    The Hamster (see my name)

  • Jeff says:

    SuperHeroAwesomeMan, because nobody would be more awesome than someone with awesome in their name.

  • Jean Hunter says:


  • Kay says:

    Super Giggles! Makes everyone just laugh away their problems!

  • Michael Wright says:

    My name would be the great all seeing eye. Because I would have the power to turn anyone into their true self weather it was good or evil and it was nothing they could do about it. Evil laugh……………haha

  • Molly says:

    Halfsie- because I’m half Asian

  • Craig says:

    Brisket. I’d have the superpower to heat my body up and burn my foes and would have a background as a southern BBQ cooking champ with a slow drawl to match my hankerin’ for slow cooked meats.

  • Sebas says:

    Ghost Shadow. I am barely there but always there.

  • Ingrid E says:

    “Drunkie Poo, Guardian of Booze, from the Land of Alky”
    Seriously…I’d have a cape and a secret identity of Rebecca Teetoler :o)

  • callie says:

    Lady Labia. Fighter of violent crimes against women.

  • RP says:

    My super hero name would be the “The Truth Crusader” because I would go around and make everyone tell the truth.

  • Keegan says:

    The Snowman. Because I love snow. Simple as that.

  • lawrence says:

    Blue lantern
    Def would join the corps and blue is my favorite color

  • Gypsy says:

    I’d travel the world in such a way that folks wouldn’t be aware of my powers.

  • forrest says:


    Bc I’m a lawyer

  • Sara says:

    The MOM – since I am already the Mom here I probably be good at taking care of everyone else with my Mom super powers

  • DJ says:

    I’d be called the new Flash since he was always my favorite growing up

  • dan says:

    The Cardinal – I’d be red with long wings and swoop down on criminals

  • sufyan says:

    The Crusher, because I crushed guy at the gym….

  • Joanie says:

    “The Infuriater” Because I am so good at that…. by the time I am done with you, you would begging me to let you tell me the truth of the facts! LOL

  • LLP says:

    My name would be Delta because I would have mastery over thermodynamics.

  • Carlos S says:

    “The Escalator” because no issue is too small to be brought to WMATA’s deaf ears. What’s that? There’s a melee @ Gallery Place and the station manager is asleep, I’ll ESCALATE it! Someone ‘flirted’ your behind on the train, I’ll ESCALATE it! (Disclosure-I can’t fix the ‘actual’ escalators, so don’t ask)

  • Anonymous says:

    My super hero name would be Dionysus because I would be able to challenge all my enemies to drinking matches and win!

  • BlkTldy says:

    The truth. Why because I would prevail in situations where the truth is sometimes lost in the muck & mire, and where it is covered up to suit a means to an end.

  • AMP says:

    My super hero name would be Dances with Puppies, because dancing with puppies is a lot more fun and cute (and certainly less dangerous) than dancing with wolves!

  • Ashan says:


  • AJS says:

    My super hero name (well, I guess it would be my super hero villain name) would be “The Rockvillain.” In full disclosure, this is also my Yahoo! Fantasy Football Survivor League name as well. Fairly self explanatory.

  • chiknpotpie says:

    Microbial…my power would be shrinking and causing havoc on a micro-level. Yeah.

  • Cindy says:

    Libertango because I’d bring liberty everywhere I danced. cc: Astor Piazolla (watch it, you won’t regret it!)

  • Roy Heintzelman says:

    My superhero name would be The Eliminator because I would eliminate all of my enemies! Rah!