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The DC Craft Bartender’s Guild designated July as “Rickey Month” in our fair city last year and this time they’ve done it again.  The Rickey is as native to DC as the god-awful humidity, and what better way of beating the heat then cooling off at area watering holes and judging the best one at Bourbon on August 3rd?*

*The only way this could be better is if Bourbon were littered with kiddie pools the night of the event so everyone could cool off in less than six inches of water and a Rickey in their hand. But I digress.

For the entire month of July area bartenders/mixologists have been serving up their interpretation of the Gin and/or Bourbon Rickey. On August 3rd, they will gather at Bourbon with me, you, and everyone we know to vote on the best one. You can do your part by voting for the best to win the “People’s Choice” prize to be awarded to the best bartender (which hopefully carries more weight than the actual People’s Choice Award, which is crap).  Tickets are $10 and includes a Bourbon or Gin Rickey, and there will be drinking stations with cash bars around the place so you can try all of the interpretations, or as many as your liver can handle in an evening.

The fifteen participating mixologists are:

Gina Chersevani of PS7s
Owen Thomson of Bourbon
Chantal Tseng of Tabard Inn
Dan Searing of Room 11/Warehouse Cafe
Tiffany Short of the Gibson
Clinton Terry of PX
Jon Arroyo of Founding Farmers
Sebastian Zutant of Proof
Andrew Shapiro of Inox
Rico Wisner of Poste Brasserie
Jill Zimorski of Café Atlantico and minibar
Diego Zeballos of Jaleo
David Fritzler of Tryst
Rachel Sergi of Zaytinya
Jason Stritch of Rasika