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October is the funniest month of the year. The Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, massive stand up stars in large theaters (Chris Rock, Mike Birbiglia, Margarat Cho, more), celebrity books (Tom Hanks) and our Bentzen Ball fest. 2017 has been the least funny year in a very long time. You need to laugh.

Friday, October 6

Awkward Sex…And The City @ Black Cat

The primary function of sex is not to procreate but rather to humble one’s self at the altar of our bodies. Gird your imperfect loins for an evening of horrific sexcapades! That’s redundant of course. -Jenn Tisdale

Saturday, October 7

Val Kilmer Presents Cinema Twain @ Arlington Drafthouse

Val Kilmer transforms himself into the artist formerly known as Samuel Clemens for his one-man play about Mark Twain. Wow, sounds like Val Kilmer is some kind of…real genius. 😉 – Jenn Tisdale

also October 6

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Sunday, October 8

Roy Wood @ DC Improv

You may know him best from his continued presence on the Daily Show as one of the most consistently funny correspondents, but anyone who caught Roy Wood Jr.’s debut Comedy Central special, Father Figure earlier this year can assure you the dude is an excellent standup comic, as well. -Matt Byrne

also October 7

Tuesday, October 10

Throwing Shade @ Sixth & I

Podcast! TV show!

Wednesday, October 11


The DC Moth Grandslam @ Lincoln Theatre

Story telling! NPR show!

Friday, October 13

Mike Birbiglia @ Warner Theatre

Mike Birbiglia told the only Jay-Z playing Scrabble joke I’m aware of and I think of it often. -Jenn Tisdale

Saturday, October 14

Margaret Cho @ Warner Theatre

Margaret Cho’s Fresh off the Bloat tour showcases Cho at her most introspective, an exploration of depression, addiction, and family trauma. It’s also supposed to be very good and funny! -Matt Byrne

Sunday, October 15

Dave Attell @ DC Improv

Dave Attell is the best kind of joke machine. Have you ever tried to tell someone a stand up comic’s joke at a party? I bet is was met with polite laughter at best. Stand up is about a moment with a specific person in a room and laughing with them. I don’t think anyone captures those kind of laughs better than Dave Attell. He’s the total package of perfectly crafted jokes that actually hit you in the gut, as opposed to those jokes that make you nod a little and say, “I see what you did there.”

Sure, he’s going to roll into town with a bunch of dirty material, probably about being a degenerate drunk. But that’s just the gravy. The meat is how meticulously he crafts his act. It looks effortless when Dave’s in a groove. Definitely go see one of the best working comics we have in these United States of America. You deserve it. -Joe McAdam

also October 13 and 14

Wednesday, October 18

Chris Rock @ MGM National Harbor

Chris Rock’s in the midst of his first nationwide tour in nearly a decade. The Total Blackout tour finds Rock as fresh, cutting, and necessary as ever, packing out theaters all over the country. -Matt Byrne

also October 19, 20, 21

Thursday, October 19

Drunk Education @ Black Cat

Formerly known as Drunk TED Talks, you know what this is. This edition celebrates Infrastructure Week. The producers know their audience. -Brandon Wetherbee


Friday, October 20

Politics & Prose presents Tom Hanks in Conversation with Ann Patchett @ Warner Theatre

Tom Hanks is funny, right? He’s pleasant. He’s a very pleasant man that’ll make you at least smile. He’s a good man. Or at least he seems like a good man. You know what you’re getting with Tom Hanks. Right? I have no idea what this show is going to be like but it’ll feature Tom Hanks. He’s funny. -Brandon Wetherbee

Saturday, October 21

Steve-O @Arlington Drafthouse

I mean you more or less know what you’re getting into when you go catch Steve-O live at a comedy club: wild stories, bizarre/stomach churning stunts, and an unmistakable wild eyed charm from the ex-Jackass. -Matt Byrne

also October 19, 20 and 22

Sunday, October 22

The 20th Annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor: David Letterman @ Kennedy Center

The best talk show host of all time receives praise for his work. This annual event can actually be funny. Last year’s Bill Murray celebration was funny and heart warming. Bill Murray will help honor Letterman this year. Related, go Cubs, go. -Brandon Wetherbee

Wednesday, October 25

The Howling @ Suns Cinema

The first and only Howling movie I’ve ever seen was The Howling III: The Marsupials. My best friend at the time got it for free when she bought a DVD at the local Sam Goodey (RIP). We were just becoming very obsessed with horror movies so we immediately sat down to check it out. The over sexed, super gorey and incredibly cheesy film had us hooked and laughing in seconds. I can’t imagine a better way to pregame the Bentzen Ball (and our How Did This Get Made? show) then by spending a night laughing and drinking at Suns. -Kaylee Dugan

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Thursday, October 26

The Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival Opening Night! The Most Very Specialist Evening with Tig Notaro & Friends @ Lincoln Theatre

Our annual comedy fest kicks off with our annual Tig Notaro show. This will sell out in advance. See Sunday.

Friday, October 27

National Geographic and The Bentzen Ball Present You’re The Expert Live @ National Geographic

Our Lincoln Theatre show, How Did This Get Made?, sold out. Buy tickets earlier.

Saturday, October 28

The Bentzen Ball Presents: Colin Quinn One In Every Crowd @ Lincoln Theatre

Colin Quinn’s conversational style of comedy is thriving in 2017. Part story telling, part political, maybe inappropriate for some crowds, smart without pandering, Quinn is a welcome addition to the BB lineup.

Sunday, October 29

The Bentzen Ball Presents Al Franken: Giant of the Senate & Ira Glass: Giant of the Radio @ Lincoln Theatre

Sold out. Sorry. Buy tickets earlier.