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It’s okay to be a little bit weird in Hollywood. In fact it’s encouraged, expected, required, and adored.  Juliette Lewis’ Twitter bio reads: Believing is seeing. Seeing is believing. Don’t stop…..!!!

Here is what Twitter has taught me about celebrities. Most of the time I like a celebrity based on a character they’ve played. They are usually fuck-awful on Twitter. So logic suggests I should just follow the writer(s) of my favorite films/TV shows. Juliette Lewis is no exception to this rule.  I kind of thought I was getting Juliette Lewis from Strange Days or From Kalifornia. What I actually get is Juliette Lewis from The Other Sister.

Lewis is one of those actors who could get away with playing teenagers for a long time. I keep thinking movies she did later in life must have been filmed earlier. From Dusk Till Dawn is a fine example. The first recognizable film she did was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? She played the lady that Gilbert wanted to eat. See what I did there? An equally as ageless Johnny Depp was in this movie along with a mentally challenged post Growing Pains Leonardo DiCaprio and a very obese woman.

Speaking of childlike, Lewis followed this up with the very creepy 1993 film Kalifornia in which she plays the mostly naive girlfriend of a serial killer played by the once was ageless but was probably beaten down by Angelina Jolie’s high moral standards…Brad Pitt. Every time I watch a film about serial killers that seem to really thrive on killing I wonder if this is the case. I understand that movies are supposed to be over the top but are psychotic people truly this fun and whimsical?

Apparently this led to a bit of typecasting because next up on the docket was Natural Born Killers. Again, look at all the fun we’re having! Nothing brings a couple closer together faster than a murdering spree. Voltaire said that.

Immediately after this the sci-fi Phillip K. Dick-like film Strange Days was released. Juliette Lewis showed off some of that musical talent as the former love interest of Ralph Voldemort Fiennes in a film about people who are addicted to jacking into the memories of other folks. That concept gives me level 10 anxiety.

Finally, in 1996 she did a movie you can really sink your teeth into, or sink some puns into, Quentin Tarantino’s vampire masterpiece From Dusk Till Dawn starring an inexplicably tattoo’d George Clooney, a rapey Tarrantino and Harvey Keitel as a priest.  Lewis and Clooney triumph in the end but he doesn’t end up with the girl because I guess in the world of Tarrantino late 30 something men don’t date 16 year olds. Weird.

By far my favorite film in her collection is The Other Sister because she finally got a chance to play the role of a lifetime, that of a mentally challenged person. I love when actors do this. It’s the best. You just know they think they are really stretching themselves and are eagerly awaiting that Academy Award but it mostly ends in a weird speech impediment.

Oscar Clip! Oscar Clip! Oscar Clip!

Finally in 2003 she snagged a bit role in the Todd Phillips movie Old School. It was by far one of my favorite scenes of the film.  It really sheds some new light on the idea of the gang bang. Blindfolds? Surprises? It’s like a kid’s birthday party.

And then seriously, this is it. It’s weird because Juliette Lewis is everywhere and yet nowhere at all. She is a constant costar.  Nowadays she is mostly known by her music. She performed with Juliette and the Licks and has guest-starred on several other musical projects.  It’s hard to pinpoint what is so endlessly fascinating about Juliette Lewis. If I had to guess it’s the idea that maybe, just maybe…based on her Twitter feed…she actually is a serial killer.