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Last week I had a dream that celebrated actor Alan Tudyk was trying to kill me. It was fairly disheartening considering the fact that I’ve been so supportive of his career. Who in the fuck is Alan Tudyk you ask…

He is a goddamn leaf on the wind and is also that guy from that movie/TV show you know. Alan Tudyk is also a ginger, well he’s really more of a strawberry blonde so he’s a ginger light, less calories. I find him oddly appealing, or not so oddly appealing. Back me up on this. Sure, he appears to have Forest Whitaker/Bill Hader eyes but the rest of him is pretty flawless.

I first noticed Tudyk in the Heath Ledger Film A Knight’s Tale (RIP Heath Ledger but for real). He played the sassy, rage-filled (ginger stereotype) squire to Ledger’s “knight,” and was HILARIOUS. You remember A Knight’s Tale. It was that movie set in medieval times but not AT Medieval Times, sadly, and had all that bullshit modern day music. It also featured Shannyn Sossamon who has made a career out of being hipster as fuck. Look at the way she spells her name for Christ’s sake. It’s fine. I always thought of her as a more attractive Angelina Jolie.

If you’re unfamiliar with his film career you might remember him from a little TV show called Firefly and if you refuse to let good things in your life then you don’t even know him from that. Perhaps you’re more familiar with the show’s creator: Joss Whedon or as I like to call him God, Jesus, Yahweh, Buddha, Giver of Life, Father, Mentor, Lover, and Friend (those last 3 are negotiable).

You better be laughing at that clip. Whedon’s humor is undeniable and Tudyk delivers it with nearly impeccable comedic timing. Tudyk’s character was also married to a black woman (gasp!) which further demonstrates Whedon’s forward-thinking sensibilities. Come on…in Buffy he had a human not really boning EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE AWFUL TIME a vampire/dead guy and a witch who would eventually become a lesbian doing it doggy style (I assume) with a werewolf. He’s such a trailblazer that Whedon. Let’s watch a clip from the greatest episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling.

Tudyk always seems to be the outlying comedic relief in any film/show he is in. It’s very frustrating.  He also dies a lot, as noted by this Facebook Group of which I am a member: Please Stop Killing Alan Tudyk. Come on Hollywood, 5,655 of us want you to keep Tudyk alive!

Going through his work on Wikipedia I find myself unable to remember him any of the films/shows he apparently has roles in, or I do remember him but vaguely. He is a shadow, a ghost. Last night I happened to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for the 10 millionth time (I know) and there he was! He was playing Stephen Douglas in an uncredited role. Uncredited! That’s bullshit.


The bulk of his career seems to be firmly nestled in voiceover work such as Astro Boy or Wreck-It Ralph.  I stumbled across a toungue-in-cheek horror film he recently (okay 2010) made called Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. It is as brilliant/funny as that title suggests. This movie is fraught with madcap mixups and slapstick hilarity. Fucking watch it.

Currently Tudyk stars in the ABC sitcom Suburgatory which is funny, enough. I’ve probably watched one episode because of my Tudyk obsession. I’d love to see Tudyk in his own film but when I try to picture him as a leading man I just can’t do it. I’m trying to imagine him in a RomCom and all I can imagine is the Com…THERE IS NO ROM. At least he’s working, and the likelihood of Tudyk being killed off in an ABC family sitcom is very small. Until the world is willing to embrace my sun-kissed haired comedy knight (he was never just a squire) we’ll have to tune into ABC on some night at whatever o’clock. Okay we’ll DVR it.