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IS IT HALLOWEEN YET? OK, no, it is decidedly not but it was New York Comic-Con and it was awesome. And while the annual nerdfest geekout extravaganza has little to do with Halloween at all, it’s a great place to pick up some costume ideas for the holiday. And as you know, we’ve got our DC Temple of Doom Party this Friday and our Freakin’ Halloween party in NYC on the 31st. Need some ideas? Look no further.

We wandered the floor and were completely amazed by some of the creativity displayed there; from Mortal Kombat characters duking it out in real life (true story) to furries to superheroes to Power Rangers, it’s hard to not be wowed by all that costume effort.

But there were some that just stumped us. (Are you from The Neverending Story? No? Then what could you possibly be? How can you even walk in that thing? How did you put that on this morning?) We asked some of the largest, most intense costume-wearing NYCCers to let us in on their little secret–what the fuck were they and how did they build it? Spandex, giant puppets, and couches ahoy….

BYT NY Comic-Con Video of the Week Pt. 1: What the Fuck Are You and How Did You Build That? from Stephanie Breijo on Vimeo.