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This FRANKENSTORM is really effing up the universe, and it’s annoying. But you know what? We are NOT going to stop listening to music just because of a little wind and rain. No way. Instead, we are going to go to some shows and HAVE A GOOD TIME.


  • Water
  • Flashlights




  • The storm is probably still going to be effing up the universe today, but there’s this Aimee Mann / Ted Leo show at Music Hall of Williamsburg that you should probably go to. I mean, Aimee Mann DOES have an entire album called I’m with Stupid, so it wouldn’t make much sense to be smart about surviving tonight in the first place, right? See also: THROW CAUTION TO THE GALE FORCE WINDS AND GO!
  • OR, so long as you’re already out, swing by LPR for the Kitsune Club Night, featuring personal favorites including The Twelves, Yuksek and MORE!
  • But forget all that other stuff, because if we’re going to risk death by Frankenstorm, we should probably do it at Santos Party house for Shiny Toy Guns and MNDR, largely because I can’t stop listening to that one song called “Fading Listening,” or whatever.


  • This is the day that WOULD HAVE been Halloween, but instead it is the day that probably became Sandy’s bitch. Just in case I’m wrong about that, though, you should probably come to our Halloween party for performances by Stalley, Rye Rye, Jasmine Solano AND Autorock. (Due to the current conditions in NYC, Freakin’ Halloween has regrettably been canceled. Stay tuned for details on rescheduling and refunds.)
  • After you finish with us, head over to 95 Delancey for some late-night DJ times featuring Alex English and Sean Glass. The event goes until 4am, meaning you should drink a Five Hour Energy but NOT a Monster because you will die.



  • Oh hey, AEROSMITH is playing a FREE show today for GMA, so if you don’t mind waking up super early, this might be right up your alley! (PS, does anyone else find it eerily coincidental that Aerosmith played such a crucial role in the Armageddon soundtrack and that we are currently experiencing the apocalypse?!)
  • If it was too early for you to get up for that, though, and/or if you are in denial about this being the apocalypse, then you’ll be glad to know that you can catch a later gig at Glasslands around 8:30 tonight. This one features Cultfever, Blonds and Kenji Urada all under one roof for just $10.
  • THEN you can stick around until 11:30 for this free show that’s ALSO at Glasslands, which includes a DJ set by Bear In Heaven.
  • Of course, there’s also always this Grouplove / MS MR show at Terminal 5! The only catch is that you’ll have to have about $30 left over from the hurricane bankruptcy times…
  • Hold the phone, though, ’cause we’re going to this thing called Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees. (!!!)
  • OR there’s Liquefied: A #RAVE, a FREE rave themed rave featuring hashtags and the best Twin Peaks resoundtrackers of all time, aka Silent Drape Runners! (See also: PLUR PLUR PLUR.)
  • For even more electronic times, head to Webster Hall for a DJ set by Bloody Beetroots.


Okay, so that’s that! If we get blown away, at least we did it for a worthy cause, aka our love of live music. Did I forget to include something, though? And now you’re insulted that I’ve asked you to risk your life for THESE shows and not the one you love? WELL TELL ME ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS AND/OR ON TWITTER @BYTNYC!