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When LUTHER began hosting and DJing parties little more than a year ago, he was an unknown DJ and party host. Even after six parties across the country and a year of booming success, he still is – and that’s how he intends to keep it. DJing in leather masks and business suits, the collective that is LUTHER is determined to keep its identity a secret.

Taken apart, LUTHER is a DJ collective composed of four highly-successful DJs affiliated with Honey Soundsystem (San Francisco) FAGBASH (Provincetown) The Needle Exchange (DC) and WRECKED (NYC). Each individual member could be considered a mega-brand in their respective city, and could easily fill a party night based on their true names alone. Yet, the hive of DJs prefers to throw their joint parties anonymously in New York, Chicago, DC, and San Francisco under the mysterious, and singular, LUTHER identity.

As the Black Party hits New York this weekend, LUTHER returns this Friday to New York for a party at REBEL NYC, and we try our best to interrogate LUTHER – the anonymous DJ collective that is determined to keep it’s dark identity secret.

(photos courtesy of RWeaverPhoto and Herrara Studios)

BYT: Taken apart, LUTHER is composed of highly respected DJs in their respective cities. You could easily build a massive crowd if you used their individual names. Yet, you insist on remaining anonymous. Why the focus on anonymity?

LUTHER: Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… Ideas are bulletproof.

BYT: But, with anonymity, you don’t get to use your individual brands. Do you worry that some of your fans might be missing out?

LUTHER: LUTHER is a band. We are not creating a new brand, we came together to form an entirely new entity that speaks as one. Our fans know who LUTHER is. They have met him in person or seen him in their own reflection.

BYT: How would you describe the music you play?

LUTHER: LUTHER is a headbanger, LUTHER is 6-hour jam of mental instability. LUTHER breaks on through.

BYT: What are some of your musical influences which you bring to your parties?

LUTHER: Remember Altamont? WE DO.

BYT: Would you say that the music you play is indicative of the leather scene?

LUTHER: The all-American sex appeal has been stripped from the leather dance scene. Nightclubs reeking of poppers and shit are becoming just a memory. We’re harnessing the dormant machismo of gay biker bars and back-alley sex clubs. We’re filling fresh holes with gritty male voices, distorted melodies, and satanic guitars solos.

The leather scene we subscribe to rejects the cult of the individual, we’re just a room full of hungry puppies needing for a teet. LUTHER’s soundtrack fuels the fire of a relentless flame. It asks “Hey daddy, did you bring your Bible? Did you dance in the dirt? Its time for the season to lose that shirt and fuck some strangers.”

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BYT: But, you get a lot of fans at your parties who aren’t necessarily into the leather scene themselves? How does your music and party go beyond the leather scene?

LUTHER: Music’s for grooving man, and music’s not for puttin’ yourself through bad changes, you know? I mean, you don’t have to go take anybody’s shit, man, just do like music, y’know what I mean? You don’t. So… so if you’re getting’ more shit than you deserve, you know what to do about it man. You know, it’s just music. Music’s s’posed to be different than that. We’re supposed to be bigger than that.

BYT: That’s very Big Lebowski. So, who attends a LUTHER party?

LUTHER: Go ask Alice…

BYT: What can a first time patron expect to experience at a LUTHER party?

LUTHER: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Find what you love and let it fuck you.


Friday, March 22, 2013
Rebel NYC / 2nd Floor
$10-$15 Adv Tix
Sponsored by RECON.com
For more info, click here.