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I bet after last week you guys are like, “Wow, did Megan or did Megan not like Disobedience?!” and I am SO ASHAMED to tell you that I didn’t even go see it yet! That’s now been pushed to THIS weekend, to hopefully cancel out Cinco de Mayo and Derby insanity, because last weekend I was too busy watching my friend’s dog and going to BBQs. By the way, our theme this weekend will NOT be Cinco de Mayo OR Derby, but instead will be Lady Bird, ’cause that’s screening at Videology and is a great fucking movie. (I saw it with my mom on Thanksgiving and my stomach made a weird sound during a quiet part!) Even if you’re a monster who thinks otherwise, though, there are plenty of v. diverse going out options this weekend that we’re about to discuss!

Before we start chit-chattin’ about all of your potential plans the next few days, here’s some rad stuff you might’ve missed on BYT:


  • First, I’ll have you know that there is a fuck ton of art fair stuff happening this weekend! Frieze kicks off today (tickets are $48+, unless you’re 18-25, in which case you can grab ’em for $12), as does Moniker (tickets are about $20), plus Superfine! is in its second day (tickets are $12+), AND The Other Art Fair (tickets are $7+) is happening, too // SO MUCH CHOICE!
  • More into poetry? The Poetry Project is hosting an Allen Ginsberg Symposium this weekend with plenty of free programming (and sliding scale workshops that’ll run you $20-$50), and everything kicks off at 2pm today!
  • But maybe you’d prefer to do yoga with adoptable cats instead, in which case get to Meow Parlour for exactly that! $20-$22 for 45 minutes of yoga and 45 minutes of cat time.

  • Comedy-wise, head to UCB East for WOKE AF ft. Joanna Hausmann, Jen Kwok and more! Tickets are just $7!
  • Tunes-wise, your best value is to RSVP to see Dirty Fences, Sharkmuffin and GYMSHORTS for FREE at Brooklyn Bazaar!
  • If you’re not into that AND you have some bucks to throw around, Shigeto’s at Elsewhere for $17!
  • Meanwhile, Nick Cave will be in conversation at Symphony Space for $99! I am too poor for that, but if you’re affluent, please feel free to enlighten yourself!
  • If cinematic vibes are more your jam, then get to Videology for a $24 screening of A Clockwork Orange ft. bonus Moloko Plus!


  • Start things off by celebrating May the 4th at Syndicated! They’re screening The Last Jedi tonight for just $7, and like, DUH you should go. (I cried during The Last Jedi, but also I can’t really remember any movie that hasn’t made me cry in like my entire adult life.)
  • And while I wouldn’t normally advocate for a silent disco, there is a Star Wars themed one happening at The Well tonight for $18+. So like, worth considering.
  • Or go celebrate the official arrival of warm weather with a Beyonce themed skate night at Prospect Park’s Dreamland Roller Disco! Tickets are $18+ a pop.


  • It’s Cinco de Mayo! Go meditate and eat tacos at Meditation & Tacos! Tickets are $33!
  • It’s also Free Comic Book Day, so be sure to swing by some of our favorite spots (like Desert Island) and nerd out! Full list of official participants can be found here.
  • IF you insist on watching the Kentucky Derby, the Bell House is putting on a big ol’ viewing party for $10-$16!
  • (Plus stick around for the free dance party afterwards // Party Like It’s 1999 is Dave Matthews themed this go-round.)

  • On the tunes front, probably hit up Brooklyn Steel for a $25 Panda Bear + Geologist show!
  • Meanwhile, Brazilian Girls and High Waisted are playing a $20 show at Music Hall of Williamsburg…
  • …and there’s a gosh dangĀ GAY PROM happening at Lot 45! Tickets are $15-$20 each.
  • Of course, you already know that you can swing by Videology for a $12 screening of Lady Bird, which I would highly recommend…
  • …AND you can stick around for a Twilight drinking game at midnight! Tickets are $12.
  • More into the devil’s lettuce? Go find your friends at the NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally!


  • Meanwhile, there is ANOTHER parade happening in Manhattan this weekend, and that is the Parade for Love. If you are in favor of love and parades, this might be for you.
  • More into shopping? City Point BKLYN is hosting a plus size fashion market, which sounds rad as hell!
  • And while I wouldn’t recommend hitting this up if you’re an overly emotional impulse shopper, it’s worth mentioning that Sean Casey Animal Rescue is hosting what sounds like the cutest thing ever – a KITTEN SHOWER!
  • Just wanna kick back with some beers? Threes Brewing is hosting another Can Jam ft. more than 25 breweries and some dope ass cans o’ beer.