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Forget about Laurel and Yanny, you guys. IT IS ROYAL WEDDING WEEKEND! The only names I want to hear are Harry and Meghan! (For the time being, though, it’s Kate and William as our GIF theme! I believe in true love and I don’t care who knows it!) I’m gonna tune in Saturday starting at 4am (that’s not even a joke) on BBC America, and that’s basically my entire weekend plan. But if I did happen to feel inclined to leave my couch, then I would definitely hit up any/all of the below INCLUDING but not limited to Tinder Live, Vulture Festival, an Alice Glass gig and more!

Before we start chit-chattin’ about all of that stuff, here’s some v. important #CONTENT you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

  • We had a little chat to Kid Koala about all of the things!
  • It’s the Nic Cage edition of our weekly streaming guide!
  • Here’s what we know (so far) is screening for free outdoors this summer in NYC!
  • Sasha Spielberg made us a playlist of songs that inspired her Buzzy Lee EP! (She loves Enya!)
  • And I had a quickie catch-up w/ Carlotta from Hinds about how the band made a fake IG account to shame Ade about smoking pre-rolled cigarettes!


  • Let’s start things off with what I’M doing tonight, aka heading to Elsewhere for a $12 Frida Sundemo show in Zone One!
  • (You can also catch Pussy Riot there tonight for $30!)
  • The plot continues to thicken over at Music Hall of Williamsburg, where Speedy Ortiz will be playing an $18 show…
  • …plus Alice Glass is at Public Arts for $25! HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE BETWEEN SUCH QUALITY OPTIONS?!

  • If I wasn’t going to said Frida Sundemo gig, and were skipping out on the tunes altogether, I would probably definitely go chill w/ Gaz Oakley at Strand Books while he talks Vegan 100 // I have a mega crush on him and also I want to borrow all of his clothes!
  • More into comedy? Get to UCB East for tonight’s edition of Lasers In The Jungle ft. Kara Klenk, Wanjiko Eke and more! Tickets are just $9.
  • Meanwhile, the Bell House is hosting a new round of A Drinking Game, and this time it’s A League of Their Own themed! Tickets are $15 a pop.


  • First, it’s the latest edition of Tinder Live over at Littlefield! Lane Moore FTW! Tickets are $15 a pop, and are likely to sell out so GRAB ‘EM NOW!
  • Or go eat all of the cheese, beer and wine at the Bell House! Tickets are $40.
  • (And stick around to dance it off for free at a new round of Tainted Love, America’s favorite 80s dance party!)
  • If pie is more your jam, head on over to Videology for a $32 screening of Waitress ft. bonus three mini pies and a slice o’ quiche!
  • And if you have energy after that, stick around for a $12 midnight Shaun of the Dead drinking game!

  • At Syndicated, meanwhile, Wes Anderson madness continues in the form of $4 screenings of Grand Budapest and The Life Aquatic!
  • More into tunes? Hit up Elsewhere for a $25-$30 Kid Koala gig! (Or a $15 Thunderpussy one, you choose!)
  • Plus King Tuff is at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $18…
  • Low Cut Connie will be at Bowery Ballroom for $15-$20…
  • …or if you just wanna d-d-d-d-dance, head to Analog for a $35 Todd Terje DJ set! (Tickets available at the door!)
  • ALTHOUGH, nobody does party vibes better than Andrew WK, who’s at Irving Plaza for $25 tonight!
  • AND French Horn Rebellion & Friends will be at Mercury Lounge for $12-$15! Again, why is this going to be the toughest decision of our lives?!


  • And if you need HELP to wake up wake up wake up, then head to CoffeeCon at Villain BK! Tickets are $25+.
  • After that, head on over to the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair for some good old fashioned crate digging!
  • Vulture Festival also kicks off today, and the lineup features everyone from Wendy Williams to Roxane Gay + Amber Tamblyn! Check out the full Saturday schedule here.

  • But maybe you’re SO TIRED from waking up early to watch the Royal Wedding, in which case kick back at Videology with $25 screenings of There Will Be Blood ft. bonus boozy milkshake!
  • (Plus stick around for a $12 Charlie’s Angels drinking game at midnight!)
  • Too pricey? Hit up Syndicated for $4 screenings of The Royal Tenenbaums!
  • It’s also Picture This at Union Hall ft. all of the comedy and all of the animation! Tickets are just $8-$10.


  • For starters, it’s BrunchCon at Brooklyn Expo Center today! I hate brunch because I think it’s a big scam, but I respect your right to differ in opinion! Tickets are $65+!
  • There’s also another corgi meetup at Tompkins Square Park today, and I will not judge you if you want to go stalk those little loaf puppers!
  • Plus Vulture Festival continues today, and there’s a bonus comedy show at the Bell House ft. Julio Torres, Sasheer Zamata, Ana Fabrega and more! Tickets are $20.
  • I’d also highly recommend grabbing tickets to the David Lynch-curated Festival of Disruption at Brooklyn Steel today ft. Angel Olsen, Au Revoir Simone and more! Tickets are $60+.

  • For movie vibes, you can head to Videology to catch a $20  live-scored screening of March of the Penguins!
  • (Or if that’s not dark enough for you, then get there later for a $20 screening of Stand By Me ft. bonus blueberry pie!)
  • Want a cheaper screening situation? The Life Aquatic is screening for $4 again at Syndicated!
  • Or maybe you just wanna eat veg food all day, in which case hit up the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival at Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th!