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Wow, here we are staring down the barrel of GAME OF THRONES FOREVER FINALE WEEKEND! I’m gonna be real honest with you, I kind of ultra-hate this season, and I feel a little mad that I invested like…years of my life giving a fuck about what happens to these characters. Is this how LOST fans felt? (PS, sometimes I watch the final scene from LOST if I feel like I need a good cry! This is funny because I never even watched LOST!) Anyway, this is a long-winded way of telling you that even though I’ll watch the finale, I’m not overly excited for it. What I AM overly excited for is the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST FINAL! That’s on THIS SATURDAY, and I have already alerted my family that I will be watching it on my phone at my niece’s ballet recital.

“I don’t understand a word you just said, Megan!” Cool I guess we’d never work out as a fun weird couple, then! But in all seriousness, there is a ton of good stuff going on this weekend outside of niche television! For instance, there’s a special screening of Grey Gardens (our GIF theme) ft. a Q+A w/ weird Jerry, plus the new Essex Market is opening, Aly & AJ have a show at Irving Plaza and MORE! Before we get into all of ye olde details, let’s first get you caught up on all the stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy celebrating Mr. Ratburn’s gay wedding, aka one of like the only progressive things that has happened in America the past seven days!

May 16

  • I’ll be honest, the only thing that matters today is that you get a $16 ticket to see a special screening of Grey Gardens at IFC Center ft. a bonus Q+A w/ weird Jerry, aka “The Marble Faun”!
  • For comedy vibes, ya gotta get to Union Hall! First up Eudora Peterson’s Freak At The Opera, and after that is a show from Greg Barris, Josh Gondelman, Seaton Smith and more! Both shows will run you $8-$10 each.
  • Plus it’s the second anniversary of Quitters at C’mon Everybody! Tonight’s lineup features Shalewa Sharpe, Rachel Pegram and MORE, and tickets are $8-$10 each. (BONUS: 10% of proceeds will go towards the ACLU!)

  • If you’re more in the mood to cut a flippin’ rug, then head on over to House of Yes for a FREE (w/ RSVP) blacklight dance party!
  • And speaking of free dance parties, it’s a new round of JD Samson’s PAT Party at Union Pool!
  • AND you should CLEARLY RSVP for this free evening w/ Lindstrøm and Juan Maclean!
  • If it’s more traditional tuneage you’re after, then catch a free (w/ record purchase) Charly Bliss performance and signing at Rough Trade!
  • Or if you wanna add artisanal food and immersive projections into the mix, head to The Arc for an evening with Flamingosis, French Horn Rebellion and more! Tickets are $25-$50 each.

May 17

  • My top pick for tonight is the latest edition of Ride or Die: Oregon Trail Live at Caveat! Oregon Trail is the greatest game ever created, so OBVIOUSLY we wanna play it live. Tickets are $20 each.
  • Speaking of LOLs, make sure to grab $25 tickets to see Ron Funches at the Bell House! The first seating sold out, so you’d be wise to snap up spots ASAP.
  • For cinematic vibes, catch the US premiere of Baikonur, Earth, which is a “gently surreal documentary study of the home of the Baikonur Cosmodrome”! There’ll also be a bonus post-screening discussion w/ director Andrea Sorini, and tickets will run you $15.

  • You can also head to Nitehawk Williamsburg for midnight screenings of A Clockwork Orange and John Wick!
  • In terms of tunes, if you’ve got $75+ burning a hole in your pocket you can catch LANY and Fletcher at Hammerstein Ballroom!
  • Since you probably don’t, though, just swing by Music Hall of Williamsburg for an $18 Tacocat show!
  • But if you just wanna d-d-d-d-dance, obviously get to C’mon Everybody for a new round of Everybody, Everybody, aka America’s favorite $5 80s, 90s and 00s dance party!
  • There’s also a Donna Summer dance party happening at Brooklyn Bowl for $10!
  • Meanwhile, we’ve got a Museum of Love DJ set happening at Good Room! Tickets to that will run you $10.

May 18

  • Caveat’s also got a lot of LOL-filled programming happening today! Start off with a new round of Sloshed SATs ($8-$10) in the afternoon ’cause WHO DOESN’T WANNA TAKE TESTS DRUNK, and then stick around for the latest edition of Your Love, Our Musical w/ Rebecca Vigil and Evan Kaufman ($15-$20) after that! (PLUS It’s Christi, Bitch w/ Christi Chiello is happening after that for $10-$12!)Getting back to the movie vibes, The Seventh Seal is screening at Metrograph tonight! Wow, v. intellectual!
  • Or if you’re more in a tunes mood, get to Elsewhere for a rooftop daytime dance party starting at 2pm ft. a Neon Indian DJ set! Tickets are $20.
  • Later, I cannot stress enough how critical it is that you grab $40 tickets to see TOTAL LEGEND Mulatu Astatke at LPR tonight!!! His first show sold out, so I’d recommend grabbing your spot ASAP.
  • You can also catch Tamaryn over at Littlefield for $15-$18…
  • …or hit up Trans-Pecos for a $10 Verdigrls record release show!
  • More into Mr. Twin Sister? Head to Warsaw to catch a $20 gig!
  • We’ve also got a $35+ KT Tunstall + Maddie Ross show at Bowery Ballroom…
  • …plus Mystery Lights play Music Hall of Williamsburg for $15-$18!

May 19

  • For starters, it’s the 2019 AIDS Walk! You can still register to walk for free (there’s no minimum for fundraising, either, but it would be cool to donate what you can!), or if you want to run, it’s $250 to submit a waiver.
  • Plus swing by the Park Slope Street Fair if you’re in the mood to cruise around 5th Ave!
  • You can also head to the Film Forum for a bright ‘n early 11am screening of Edward Scissorhands!
  • (Or if that’s too early for you, just hit up a $7 screening of It Follows at Syndicated tonight!)
  • If it’s comedy you’re after, be sure to hit up Union Hall for the early and/or late seating of this week’s #ADULTING w/ Michelle Buteau and Jordan Carlos!
  • You should also hit up C’mon Everybody for Not Dead Yet w/ hosts Lorelei Ramirez, Ana Fabrega and Amy Zimmer! Tonight’s lineup features Aparna Nancherla and Randall Otis, and tickets are just $7 a pop.

  • If you’re in the mood for a beach day, though, I’ll also highly recommend headin’ out to Asbury Park’s Stone Pony for a Tash Sultana show! Tickets will run you around $50 a pop.
  • Or if you just feel like daytime dancin’ locally, grab a $15 ticket to this afternoon’s Tiki Disco on Elsewhere’s rooftop!
  • But maybe you’re just like, ultra-perplexed by all those astrological references on dating apps, in which case maybe you should brush up on your knowledge (and gain an occult edge) over at Catland! They’re hosting a $10 Astrology for Witches course.