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Wowowow you guys, so many developments since last week! For starters, I saw Disobedience (FINALLY!) and HATED IT! (You’re going “NO!!!” But it’s the truth!) In addition to that mega-disappointment, I have also been suffering from seasonal allergies to the eight hundredth degree, AND the universe has decided to have a real fun time meddling in my life! Homegirl needs to take a seat! Whenever the universe meddles in my life I like to irrationally blame Susan Miller of Astrology Zone acclaim. (I know it is not her fault, but lashing out at someone from extremely afar always helps.)

Anyway, I am basically hanging on by a thread with the help of coffee, antihistamines and the shining beacon of light that is the weekend, during which I will sleep for like three hundred years, but also during which YOU can do so much fun stuff! (Like call your mom, ’cause Sunday is Mother’s Day! Plus you can contact the dead at a spirit seance, do deep house yoga, eat tacos, play Golden Girls trivia, which has inspired our GIF theme if you couldn’t tell, and more!)

Before we start chit-chattin’ about all of your potential plans the next few days, here’s some super great hypoallergenic stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week:


  • Plus Sloan will be at Bowery Ballroom for $25!
  • If drag is your jam, go celebrate the legacy of Flawless Sabrina at Town Hall tonight! Tickets to A Flawless Night will set you back $50 each.
  • Or if you’re hungry and broke, Mission Chinese is allegedly having a record release party ft. food and drinks? And it is listed as free? So that could def-o be worth scoping out, slash dear god I love salt cod fried rice and kung pao pastrami SO MUCH, you guys. So much.
  • Just wanna watch a movie? Nitehawk is doing a special screening of The Unseen tonight! (I can’t go with you because a dark movie theater would be the death of me in the midst of this v. intense fatigue!)


  • Tunes-wise, hit up Elsewhere for a $15 show from Braids!
  • Or if you’ve got $86+ and love you some Kygo, grab tickets and head on over to Barclays Center!
  • Plus Marian Hill will be at Brooklyn Steel for $35…
  • …and/or if you really wanna cut a rug, catch a $20 live set from Moon Boots at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight!
  • Or maybe you just wanna eat some goddamn grits at all hours of the night, in which case get to Videology while watching a $16 screening of My Cousin Vinny!

  • Speaking of movies, Wes Anderson mania kicks off at Syndicated this weekend starting TONIGHT w/ a $4 screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel!
  • AND Alec Baldwin will moderate a Q+A about Filmworker at Metrograph tonight during the 7pm screening, which you can catch for $15!
  • If burlesque is more your jam, then get to Littlefield for Wasabassco’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz! Tickets are $15-$30 each.
  • Or maybe you just wanna talk to dead people for a change, in which case get to Catland for a $15 spirit seance! (Tell my childhood dogs Bailey and Freckles hi for me!)


  • First, you can shake off that hangover with some good old fashioned deep house yoga at House of Yes! Tickets are $20.
  • Or if you’d rather eat ‘n drink the pain away, it’s the Taco Takeover at Brooklyn Expo Center today! So many taco! So much alcohol! Tickets are $59+.
  • In the market for witching herbs? Catland is hosting a plant market today! Entry is F-R-E-E!
  • Just wanna hit up ye olde cinema? My vote is for an 11:15am brunch screening of Mommie Dearest at Nitehawk to get you in the mood to give your mom a shout tomorrow!

  • You can also head back on over to Syndicated for more Wes Anderson vibes! Catch $4 screenings of The Royal Tenenbaums, DUH!
  • Meanwhile, America’s favorite queer dance party is back at it at Littlefield tonight! Grab tickets to Be Cute for just $5-$10!
  • AND you can keep up the dance vibes at Elsewhere, where it’s Mami Juice 4 ft. UNiiQU3, Nino Brown and more! Tickets will run you $10-$20 a pop.
  • If it’s straight up live tunes you’re after, Sum 41 will play a $32 show at Terminal 5…
  • …but like…I mean…probably go to Bushwick Public House for a show from Hard Pass, Early Riser, Giant Peach and Freezing Cold instead!


  • For starters, the one and only Alice Glass and Zola Jesus will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight and HOW WOULD YOU EVER NOT GO?! Tickets are $20 each.
  • But also, spend your afternoon at the Bell House, where a new round of Spoons, Toons & Booze is happening! Cartoons, cereal and alcohol sound p. ideal to me, and tickets are $15 each.
  • AND if you can hang out (or want to return) for an 8pm round of Sasheer Zamata Party Time, you TOTALLY should do that, slash grab yourself a $10 ticket here!
  • At Littlefield, meanwhile, you can head to a new session of Kondabolu Brothers Podcast Recording for $10-$15!

  • You might also consider swinging by Central Park for Japan Day 2018!
  • More into movies? Hit up Syndicated for $4 screenings of The Darjeeling Limited!
  • You can also head on over to Videology for a $24 screening of The Devil Wears Prada ft. bonus Cerulean Blue cocktail…
  • …but the MAIN reason I want you to go to Videology is for a free round of Golden Girls trivia!
  • Couldn’t get enough queer d-d-d-d-dancin’ at Littlefield last night? Head to House of Yes for even more tonight in the form of Bad Behavior, and this time it’s free!