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Holy bananas, you guys. IT’S A WRINKLE IN TIME RELEASE WEEKEND! I have middle of the road expectations for this movie so as not to disappoint myself, but I am 100% stoked on Oprah, so she’s going to be our GIF theme this go-round.

Before we jump into the details on all of that, let’s catch you up on some good BYT content from this week:


  • For starters, OBVIOUSLY get to the Bell House for Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical ft. Marcia Belsky, Tim Platt, Tommy McNamara and more! Tickets are $15 a pop.
  • If le cinema is more your vibe, hit up Videology for a $12 screening of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
  • Or if you’re more into ye olde art, then head on over to The Armory Show, which kicks off today and runs through Sunday. Tickets are $47+.
  • Not made of money? VOLTA is also happening now through Sunday, and will run you less at $25+ per ticket.


  • More into d-d-d-d-dancin’? Swing by C’mon Everybody for an Aretha Franklin vs. Chaka Khan party! Tickets are $8.
  • Got a strong stomach? Head to Videology for $24 screenings of Silence of the Lambs ft. bonus “nice chianti”.
  • (You can also stick around for a $12 midnight What We Do In The Shadows drinking game!)
  • Speaking of midnight screenings, Syndicated is showing Mean Girls for just $4!
  • Plus Lady Snowblood is screening at Nitehawk. SO MANY LATE NIGHT CHOICES.
  • Comedy-wise, be sure to get to QED for a new round of Relationshit w/ Lynn Bixenspan + Morgan Pielli! Tickets are $10-$12.
  • Or if you just want to go and hang out w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson, you can totally do that at BAM for StarTalk! Tickets are $35+.


  • First off, if you’re up and at ’em early enough, you can catch an 11:15am brunch screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild at Nitehawk!
  • Later, get to Littlefield for the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY of Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore! Guests tonight include Eliot Glazer, JD Samson and Mychal Denzel Smith, and tickets are $15 each.
  • (You should also stick around for Be Cute Brooklyn, the $5 queer dance party w/ Horrorchata that rules dot com.)
  • More into spirit seances? Hit up Catland for one with Reverend Paul Beaudet! Tickets are $15 each.

  • Back in the realm of LOLs, you should def-o consider heading to Union Hall for Cheap Date Comedy Show ($8-$10) AND Postmen: An Hour of Sketch Comedy ($8-$10).
  • Or if movies are more your speed, then chug a coffee and hit up Videology for a $15 midnight The Fifth Element drinking game!
  • Plus Syndicated is screening Mean Girls at midnight for $4 again, too!
  • Tunes-wise, head to Baby’s All Right for a record release gig from Pill! Tickets are $10-$12.
  • You can also hit up Elsewhere for Argonaut & Wasp! Tickets are $10-$12, too.
  • But maybe you just want to spend an evening with Ira Glass, in which case get to BAM to do just that for $25+.


  • Get your day started on a caffeinated note at the Coffee and Tea Festival at Brooklyn Expo Center! Tickets are $25+.
  • You should also put your name on the Queer Soup Night waitlist at C’mon Everybody, ’cause it’s currently at capacity, it’s that good!
  • In terms of comedy, hit up Union Hall for Thug Passion: Poetic Justice w/ Shalewa Sharpe, Sharron Paul, Paris Sashay and more! Tickets are $8-$10 a pop.
  • It’s also a new round of Sasheer Zamata Party Time at the Bell House! Tickets are just $10 each.

  • PLUS let’s not forget the magic that is Here for Drama at Littlefield! Tonight is Shamrocks and Shockwaves, aka a live reading of the RHOC’s trip to Ireland, and tickets are $15-$18 each.
  • Meanwhile, tonight’s If You Build It at UCB East is SOLID! Myq Kaplan, Corinne Fisher and more are on the bill, and tickets are a mere $9.
  • For movie vibes, get to Videology to catch a $20 screening of Girl, Interrupted ft. bonus hot fudge sundae!
  • Plus Stella Schnabel will introduce a screening of Blue Velvet at Metrograph!