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Oh wow, more snow! What a blessing! I’m obviously being sarcastic! But on the plus side, it’s pretty much the weekend! There’s a lot happening the next few days that RULES, like a feminist zine festival, multiple instances of Mrs. Doubtfire (GIF theme, DUH!), occult markets, panel discussions about Britney Spears, yoga with cats, puppies in windows and more! Before we jump into all the details, let’s quickly talk about some rad stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week:


  • Kick things off at Park Church Co-op, where Holly Miranda’s got a $15 release gig!
  • You can also head to Bowery Ballroom, where Coast Modern will play an $18 show tonight!
  • Meanwhile, Son Lux will be at Brooklyn Steel for $20…
  • …and Glasser’s at Merkin Concert Hall for $20-$25!

  • More into Lucius? Get to Town Hall for a $39+ show!
  • You can also head down the path of movies, ’cause The 400 Blows is screening at Videology for $12…
  • …or if Truffaut’s too highbrow for ya, just go for Dirty Dancing Entirely From Memory! Tickets are $10.
  • Just wanna do yoga with cats? Hit up Meow Parlour for the $22 night of your dreams!


  • For starters, Saks is putting a fuck ton of cute puppies in their windows today, so if you can stomach a trip to that part of ye olde Manhattan planet, the payoff sounds pretty big!
  • After work hours, head to the Bell House for tonight’s round of A Drinking Game NYC, which is Mrs. Doubtfire-themed! Tickets are $15 each.
  • (You should also stick around for a free 80s dance party after that because DUH!)
  • SPEAKING of dancing, Horse Meat Disco will be at Output for $35-$40!


  • Speaking of tunes, High Waisted, Bodega and Eliot and the Ghost play Baby’s All Right tonight for $10…
  • …and Porches will be at Bowery Ballroom for $20…
  • …AND Elohim will be at Rough Trade for $20, too!
  • More into Turnover? Head to Warsaw for a $22 show ft. support from Summer Salt and pronoun!
  • Plus dance your face off late night w/ Ellen Allien and more for $15-$25 at Elsewhere!
  • You can ALSO scrape together about $8 to head to the latest Feeling Gloomy at Brooklyn Bazaar…
  • …or if you’re poor to dance at any price point, hit up the Knitting Factory before midnight to dance to disco punk of the early 2000s for free!
  • If movies are more your jam, head to Videology for a $25 screening of Zoolander ft. bonus boozy orange mocha frappuccino!
  • (You can also stay for a $15 midnight drinking game screening of Josie and the Pussycats!)


  • First, oh my god, obviously go watch an 11am screening of Mrs. Doubtfire at the Film Forum!
  • You should also definitely make the trek out to Barnard for the NYC Feminist Zinefest that’s happening today fo’ FREE!
  • Just super hungry? There’s a food truck festival happening at Grand Army Plaza from 10am until 5:30pm!
  • Or if you’re super hungry and super THIRSTY, go to Nitehawk to eat brunch while watching Magic Mike!
  • My top comedy pick for tonight goes to Union Hall, where Roast of the Vegetables will feature Mitra Jouhari, Tommy McNamara and more of our favorite funny people! Tickets are $8-$10 a pop.