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Listen, I ain’t gonna lie to ya – this country is fucked dot com. (If you don’t know what I mean by that statement in the context of yesterday, chances are you don’t pay close enough attention to the news, and you might be part of the problem.) But here we are at the weekend! Time for parties ‘n good times! So let’s somehow try to calm down for ninety-six hours or so, yeah? Personally, I’ll be watching the World Cup forever – there is a refreshing lack of US representation at a time when I feel specifically like being unpatriotic. But there’s also plenty of great stuff happening the next few days, like a performance by Insane Clown Posse after a screening of a movie about families and juggalos (that’s real, I am not making that up for LOLs), Full Moon Festival, Gilmore Girls trivia (our GIF theme) and MORE!

Before we launch into all of the details, let’s catch you up on some things which have no impact on preserving your now ultra-threatened rights, but which are still fun and good to read on BYT anyway:


  • First, never has there seemed like a more appropriate time to catch Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical at the Bell House, you guys! Everyone from Tim Platt to Marcia Belsky to Tommy McNamara will be there, and tickets are $15.
  • And while we’re on a laugh-to-keep-from-crying trend, head to Bees Knees w/ Ronny Chieng at The Misfit Hive in Queens! Lineup features Lane Moore, Brian Parise and more, and tickets are $10.
  • Also, if you can sneak away from work early, probably definitely get to Elsewhere’s rooftop for a TEEN gig that starts at 5pm! Tickets are $12 a pop.
  • You can also hit up Sunnyvale for Prog n’ Pancakes: Fall Of The Albatross ‘Abscission’ EP Release! Tickets are $12, the price of which includes free pancakes. (Sounds p. ideal to me.)

  • More into documentaries? Swing by Brooklyn Museum for a $10 screening of Ovarian Psycos! The film focuses on the daily lives of Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade, a bicycle crew of women of color in Eastside Los Angeles, which is PRETTY FUCKING RAD.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race fanatic? Catch the Season 10 finale at Syndicated fo’ FREE tonight!
  • Or if you just wanna learn how to incorporate crystals ‘n spells into your sex life, head to Catland for a $20 course called Sex Magic 101!
  • Heckin’ poor? Head to Brooklyn Mirage for a free post-work dance party ft. all of the palm trees and all of the house music vibes.


  • Let’s go with the obvious best choice first – Rooftop Films will present a screening of Family (a comedy about family and juggalos) at The Well ft. Laura Steinel and Taylor Schilling IRL, PLUS A PERFORMANCE FROM INSANE CLOWN POSSE THIS IS REAL THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Tickets are $16.
  • My top pick for tunes tonight is a $12-$14 Mal Blum show over at Baby’s All Right!
  • Meanwhile, Early Riser will be at The Safari Room at El Cortez for $10!
  • It’s also a dope edition of D.A.N.C.E. (America’s favorite blog haus dance night) at the Knitting Factory! Computer Magic is the headlining DJ, and tickets are $10-$15 EACH.
  • Or if you’re broke as hell, just be sure to RSVP to a FREE Sondre Lerche show at Pete’s Candy Store!

  • But getting back to movies, you can watch The Wedding Singer (ft. bonus wedding cake ‘n champagne) at Videology for $28!
  • Plus Syndicated is hosting $4 screenings of The Lobster (a personal favorite), The Fifth Element AND The Holy Mountain tonight.
  • AND the Brooklyn Cat Cafe is hosting a $25 screening of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ft. ALL OF THE CAT FRIENDS!
  • For comedy vibes, get to the Bell House for Las Culturistas Live ft. a MASSIVE lineup (Josh Gondelman, Julio Torres, Jay Malsky, Janelle James, Samantha Ruddy…I’m not even making a dent here) // all of it will run you $20 a ticket!


  • Tunes-wise, head to MoMA PS1 for a new round of Warm Up w/ Cashmere Cat as the headliner! Tickets are $18-$22.
  • Meanwhile, it’s Full Moon Festival at Knockdown Center today! Lineup includes Metronomy, Starchild & The New Romantic and more, and tickets will run you $76+.
  • Plus catch what’s sure to be a RAD show from SSION at Bowery Ballroom! Tickets are $20.
  • You can also hit up the Knitting Factory for a $12-$15 show from Super Doppler, Field Trip and Dr. Danny
  • …or if you have ALL of the money, Sam Smith will be at MSG for $54+!
  • And while it’s sold out, you might try to get in on seeing Slowdive for FREE at House of Vans. Put out those social media feelers to see who might be willing to part w/ a +1.

  • Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance? Nidia and UMFANG will be at Secret Project Robot for $10-$15.
  • If movies are more your jam, head to Videology for a $20 screening of The Bling Ring ft. bonus shot o’ Belvedere vodka! (Plus stick around for a $12 Independence Day screening + drinking game at midnight!)
  • AND Syndicated is screening Kill Bill Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 tonight for just $4 each! YES, SO MUCH YES!
  • Or for comedy, hit up the Bell House for The Feel Good Show ft. Emmy Blotnick, Anna Drezen, Emma Willmann and more! Tickets are $10 each.
  • Just wanna eat a fuck ton o’ cheese? Great, because Brooklyn Expo Center is hosting The Cheesemonger Invitational! Tickets are $80 and feature all you can eat cheese, charcuterie, beer, fondue and more!


  • Speaking of free things, you can go play Gilmore Girls trivia at Videology tonight for all of ZERO DOLLARS!
  • And for definitely NOT free things, I guess I should tell you that Pinknic is happening today at Governors Island? And tickets are $115? This sounds like my ultimate nightmare, but different strokes for different folks.
  • For movies, definitely pop by Angelika Film Center for a screening of Three Identical Strangers ft. bonus Q+A w/ the director and special guests!