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HAPPY PRIDE WEEKEND, Y’ALL! I kicked things off in style by getting an exciting bout of food poisoning last night! My stomach is empty but my heart is v. full, and now I’m ready to embark upon a full weekend of les bon temps! I’m about to tell you what you should get up to (even you straights!) over the next few days (including tons of dance parties, an opportunity to get married inside of the Sonos store, a screening of But I’m A Cheerleader and more) BUT FIRST, here’s some GR8 stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week:


  • PLUS there is the glitteriest of glitter parties happening at House of Yes tonight for $0-$15!
  • But will someone for the love of god please take me to see Harry Styles at MSG for $39+?
  • Hungry? Queer? Go eat some BBQ in honor of Pride! Tickets are $80 for Savor Pride at GLWD.
  • Or if you just wanna watch a movie, obviously catch But I’m A Cheerleader at Videology for $12. WHAT A GOOD GAY SCRIPT!
  • For comedy vibes, swing by Industry City for an evening w/ Sasheer Zamata, Anna Drezen and more! Tickets are $15 a pop.
  • AND it’s a new round of Who? Weekly at the Bell House! Tickets to that are ALSO $15.


  • Back to Pride vibes! If cosplay is your scene, get on this $35 cruise!
  • If you want to hang out w/ lots of queer women, meanwhile, you can hit up Hot & Bothered at Cielo! Tickets are $20.
  • Or if you’re just super into leather, head to Fantasy at Slate NY! Tickets are $40.
  • Just wanna LOL instead? Get to Union Hall for Tommy McNamara’s Summer Beach B2sh ft. Emmy Blotnick and more! Tickets are $7-$10. PLUS Shit Arcade is happening after that ft. Jo Firestone, Mike Drucker…the list goes on and on, and tickets are $10.


  • In non-Pride news, Videology is hosting a $25 screening of Back To The Future ft. bonus boozy chocolate milkshake!
  • AND Nitehawk is screening Now & Then at brunch! (Kind of gay when you think about it!)
  • If you wanna learn about DJing and production, hit up the Ghostly Knowledge Share that’s happening at House of Vans! Free w/ RSVP, and featuring workshops and talks by Matthew Dear, Michna, Lauren Flax and more!
  • Plus learn about production in the sampling era with Baths and Autre Ne Veut at Splice! Also free!
  • Or if you just wanna listen to tunes for free, get to Prospect Park for a free show from Fischerspooner, Juliana Huxtable and Xeno & Oaklander!
  • Meanwhile, it’s Punk Island 2018 at Randall’s Island! Also free!


  • Big fan of OK Computer? National Sawdust will host a listening party today for free! Seating is limited, though, so get there early.
  • Speaking of free things, you can allegedly RSVP to catch Florence + The Machine at a secret location tonight! You DO have to have a Spotify Premium account to sign up, but if you’ve got one already it’s worth a shot at getting on the list!
  • Or if you don’t mind a trip out to Montauk, Surf Lodge will host a free set from Bob Moses!
  • Just love Dr. Who and want everyone to know? Head to Videology for a free trivia night!