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Holy bananas, you guys, THE WORLD CUP KICKS OFF TODAY. I am about to lean in hard my most hideous form – aka sports me. So please be aware of that for the next month or so as I scream at the TV and talk about nothing but soccer forever! “But what about all of us who AREN’T into that, Megan?” UGH. Well, I mean, we obviously cannot be friends, but I will do you a solid and talk about other stuff that you can focus on to fill the weekend void instead. For instance, Hayley Kiyoko (aka “Lesbian Jesus”) is in town for shows (slash this entire weekend is v. gay, like it-may-as-well-be-next-weekend-already level Pride vibes) and will be our GIF theme because I am the boss of you. Additionally, Lane Moore’s got a new round of Tinder Live comin’ at you from Gramercy Theatre, the Mermaid Parade is happening and SO MUCH MORE!

Before we start chit-chattin’ about ALL of your options the next few days, here’s some GR8 stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

  • We had a dreamy photo shoot w/ Tamar Adler at Freehand, and I got to ask her anything and everything about food and how she’s livin’ the dream!
  • I had a chat to *repeat repeat about how they own a horse and many striped T-shirts!
  • I also talked to Kat Cunning about queer stuff, and she gave us a dope Pride playlist!
  • Speaking of queer stuff and Pride, if you need inspiration for NYC Pride, here are photos from our DC Pride party last weekend!
  • Hereditary fucked us up real hard!
  • And finally, here’s a chat w/ Belle & Sebastian on lifting from Frank Sinatra!


  • If you wanna dance your face off in an immersive theatrical environment, then obviously get to House of Yes for a Pride edition of Ariana and the Rose’s light + space party! Tickets are $15-$20 a pop.
  • Or if that sounds too active for you, Hall & Oates (and Train) will await you patiently at MSG! Tickets to that are $49+.
  • Just wanna get outdoors for those tunes? Vance Joy will be at Prospect Park for $54.50!
  • OR hit the high seas and take a cruise with METZ for $30+! That’s right, it’s Rocks Off season again!
  • But maybe you get seasick, in which case get back indoors for a $30 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks gig at Music Hall of Williamsburg!


  • On the cheaper end of things, though, C’mon Everybody is hosting a p. rad Diana Ross x Donna Summer dance party for just $5-$8 a ticket!
  • EXCEPT you should obviously skip all of that and just make a beeline for the Whitney’s Pride party, which’ll feature Discwoman, NIC Kay and Ziur! It’s “sold out”, meaning registration is full, but if you get there early enough you may be able to score a standby ticket.
  • More into LOLs? David Cross is doing another round of Shootin’ the Shit (Seein’ What Sticks) at the Knitting Factory tonight for just $12-$15!


  • First, it’s the goddamn Mermaid Parade on Coney Island today! 1pm until 4pm!
  • Personally, I plan to wake up at 9am to watch Argentina kick Iceland’s ass in soccer. (I love you, Iceland, but I have a longer history with Argentina.) If that ain’t your jam, just saunter over to Videology at noon for  Peru v. Denmark, and/or at 3pm for Croatia v. Nigeria. Free screenings there!
  • Meanwhile, you know we love gay stuff over here, so it should come as no surprise that I would also highly recommend Daybreaker // Somewhere Over The Rainbow at House of Yes this morning from 9am to noon! Who doesn’t love big gay morning dance parties?! (“Me, Megan. I don’t. My hangover doesn’t.” Okay FINE, sleep it off and get over there for a $15 Atlantis-themed Pride party at 4pm instead!)
  • Or for a happy medium, just go chill with JD Samson at Elsewhere’s rooftop starting at 2pm! Free w/ RSVP!
  • Later, head to the Bell House for Big Queer Pod Fest! Tickets are $20-$25 a pop.
  • And SPEAKING of gay stuff, Hayley Kiyoko (as I mentioned very blatantly earlier on) will be at Irving Plaza tonight! The show is very much sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dig around ye olde FB/internets to see if anyone is selling tickets.

  • AND one of our favorite queer people of all time, aka Lane Moore, will be heading up Tinder Live at Gramercy Theatre tonight! It is always a great time! Julie Klausner and Alan Aisenberg will be there as an added bonus! Buy tickets for $15+!
  • For movie vibes, head back to Videology for an $18 screening of Wet Hot American Summer ft. bonus s’mores roast!
  • Or if you couldn’t get enough dance vibes earlier, head on over to Music Hall of Williamsburg for a $40 Chromeo gig!
  • Plus The Magnetic Fields will be at Apollo Theater again for $55+…
  • …or if you’re down to trek it out to Jones Beach, everyone from Dua Lipa to Enrique Iglesias will be there for KTUphoria 2018! Tickets are $30+.
  • AND you can always pop by the Knitting Factory for The Black Parade: Emo/Pop-Punk/Alt 2000s Dance Party! Free before midnight!
  • But maybe you hate everything I just suggested, in which case maybe just go to a $15 spirit seance at Catland! Talking to dead people might be right up your alley!


  • First, call your dad or whatever! (My dad is dead and I think you get inter-dimensional roaming charges if you try to call dead people so I probably won’t!)
  • Then, get back to Videology for free screenings of Germany v. Mexico and Brazil v. Switzerland starting at 11am sharp! PLUS stick around for a $12 screening of Bend It Like Beckham afterwards! (AND Rick & Morty trivia is after that for free!)
  • UNLESS you decide to swing by House of Yes’ Brazilmania party ft. a free screening of the Brazil v. Switzerland game and Brazilian food ‘n cocktails!
  • You can also apparently watch World Cup games from 11am until 4pm at Total Football Pop-Up’s closing party, and play foosball with Parquet Courts, and drink free beer from 4pm until 7pm, all for no cover? Which sounds too good and magical to be true, but apparently it is real?