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Welcome back to another weekend in beautiful, wallet-friendly NYC! I’m headed to my friend Ilana’s karaoke birthday party on Saturday, which should be interesting since I’m trying to scale back on ye olde alcohol consumption lately! Will my animated rendition of “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles be as heart-stoppingly beautiful as when I’m blitzed dot com? ONLY TIME WILL TELL! “Can I come, too, Megan?” No, sorry! But don’t worry! Just because Ilana invited me and not you to her birthday party, you don’t have to feel like a total loser. There is plenty going on to keep you busy and social! For instance, there’s an egg-themed pop-up, a cat convention, a boozy screening of Thelma and Louise (our GIF theme, obviously) and more! Before we dive (drive?) into the details of all of that, here’s some rad stuff you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

  • If you’re staying in this weekend, here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) watch.
  • We interviewed Simon Birch, creator of the Barmecide Feast!
  • Rekindle your love of kites with our photos from DC’s Cherry Blosson Festival.
  • And rekindle your love of cosplay with our photos from DC’s Awesome Con!
  • Plus here’s why April is going to be dope dot com! (Ignore the impending allergens!)


  • And EDEN and Verite will be at Irving Plaza for $55+!
  • Or if The Black Angels are more your jam. swing by Brooklyn Steel for a $30 show!
  • Meanwhile, Dr. Octagon will be at Brooklyn Bowl for $30…
  • …and Brandi Carlile will be at Beacon Theatre for $42+!
  • Too poor? Bring it back down with a $15 show from The Weather Station at Mercury Lounge!
  • Or if you’re just trying to watch some burlesque performances tonight, get to the Bell House for Wasabassco’s $15-$30 presentation of WASAPALOOZA.


  • First, head to Videology for $24 screenings of Thelma and Louise ft. bonus Wild Turkey!
  • (You can also stick around for a $12 midnight singalong screening of Crossroads!)
  • Or if it’s comedy you’re into, start things off at The Footlight tonight! It’s a new round of Not For Everyone ft. Aparna Nancherla, Catherine Cohen and more, and tickets are a suggested donation of $5 at the door.
  • Plus Union Hall is hosting a new Yardsale Comedy Night ft. Mitra Jouhari, Joe Pera and more! Tickets are just $6-$8 each.
  • If it’s ye olde music you’re after, kick things off at Mercury Lounge for a $15 Negative Gemini show!

  • You can also head to a $12-$15 Mo Lowda & The Humble album release show at Rough Trade…
  • …and Ought will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg for $16-$18!
  • Miss Brandi Carlile at Beacon Theatre last night? Catch round two tonight for $42+!
  • Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance? Head to Elsewhere for Discwoman Night! Tickets are $15-$25 a pop.
  • Broke AF? Just head to Alphaville for an $8-$10 Bodega gig!
  • Or maybe you’re just more into the idea of spending your Friday night at a spirit seance, in which case get to Catland for exactly that! Tickets are $15. (Don’t forget to turn off your cell phones during, so as not to insult the ghosts, who probably died pre-technology!)


  • Get your ass out of bed and over to the Bell House by 1pm for their iteration of Spoons, Toons ‘n Booze, which is something that usually sells out at Nitehawk, but which you can experience (as of this writing) for $15 if you hurry and snap up a ticket.
  • There is also an egg-themed pop-up space happening on the LES this weekend, which sounds p. tight, and tickets are $12-$18 each. (If you want to get the full scoop on how it is before you roll through, we’ll have a recap up tomorrow!)
  • Tunes-wise, you can catch Run River North at Baby’s All Right for $14-$16…
  • …or swing by Music Hall of Williamsburg for a $15 Public Access T.V. gig!

  • Plus it’s your last chance to see Brandi Carlile for $42 at Beacon Theatre tonight!
  • Or if it’s comedy you’re after, and you don’t mind a trip out to New Jersey, head to WFMU Monty Hall for a $10 Jo Firestone set!
  • For film vibes, head to Videology for a $50 Wolf of Wall Street drink-along ft. ALL of the booze!
  • And if that doesn’t get you sloshed enough, stick around for a $12 Happy Gilmore drinking game at midnight!


  • Start your day at Nitehawk, where There’s Something About Mary will screen bright ‘n early for brunch!
  • Unless you’re just out to get hella drunk off tomato juice, in which case head to to The Bloody Mary Festival at Grand Prospect Hall! Tickets are $50.
  • Don’t mind a trip out to NJ? Catsbury Park Cat Convention is happening in (you guessed it) Asbury Park! Tickets are $12-$35 each.
  • (You can additionally do yoga with cats for $20.)

  • Want to stay closer to home? Urban Outfitters is hosting a meetup today in Brooklyn!
  • Videology, meanwhile, will host free Twin Peaks trivia in honor of the show’s April 8th, 1990 premiere!
  • For music, your MO should be to get to the Bell House for Experiments in Opera Family Reunion Benefit ft. Glasser and more! Tickets are $25.
  • More into Final Fantasy cosplay? Head to a meetup in Central Park!