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Welcome back to another NYC weekend, you guys! I’m headed #UPSTATE for a friend’s birthday, so I’ll sadly be absent for all/most of the next few days. (I have already envisioned a future in which I contract Lyme disease as the result of participating in a group hike. This is going to be great!) Since you are presumably sticking around, though, I’m obviously gonna tell you all about what’s the Big Apple haps! (INCLUDING GAME OF THRONES PREMIERE VIBES AKA OUR GIF THEME AKA DUH!) But before we get into all of ye olde details, let’s first talk about all the C0NT3NT you might’ve missed on BYT this week if you were too busy thinking about the terrifying reality of black holes (THANKS A LOT, SCIENCE!):


  • For starters, Bill and Hillary are taking over Beacon Theatre for An Evening w/ The Clintons! Tickets are $99+.
  • Let’s follow that up with LOLs! Grab $10 tickets to the early seating of 60-90 Minutes of Comedy w/ Chris Gethard and A Friend at Union Hall!
  • More interested in food? Kwame Onwuachi will present Notes from a Young Black Chef w/ Joshua David Stein over at Books Are Magic! Free and open to the public, put on by Bon Appétit.
  • You can also attend a $50 dinner w/ The Nimble Cook at Archestratus tonight! We’re talking poached garlic, early spring vegetables, whole roasted fish AND ricotta custard w/ honey lemon butter and balsamic figs. YUM DOT COM.

  • Or if cinema is more your jam, head to Nitehawk Prospect Park for a Q+A w/ Alex Ross Perry following a screening of Her Smell!
  • For tunes vibes, head to Elsewhere for a $22 Com Truise show and/or an $18 Savoir Adore album release show!
  • Meanwhile, catch a solo Beverly performance at Secret Project Robot for just $10!
  • But maybe you just wanna d-d-d-d-dance, in which case head to Dirty Thursday at House of Yes! Free as always, and tonight’s jams are all pop gems from the 90s!


  • First, get to The Jewish Museum for the opening of Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything, which opens to the public TODAY! (I went to the exhibit earlier this week and it’s amazing.) Tickets are $18.
  • Later, OBVIOUSLY get to Union Hall for the latest edition of Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore! Tonight’s lineup includes Aparna Nancherla, Sally Kohn and Ariel Dumas, and tickets are $15 each.
  • (And then don’t move a muscle, ’cause there’s a $7 Prince dance party happening afterwards!)
  • For even more LOLs, you’re gonna want to head to Union Hall for a new round of Pop Show w/ Ziwe Fumudoh! Tickets are $8-$10 a pop.

  • (Plus stick around for Taggart and Wittert: Lawyers At Law ft. Sam Taggart and Max Wittert w/ Ana Fabrega, Lorelei Ramirez, Nick Naney and more! Tickets are also $8-$10 each.)
  • More into cake? Go talk about it! Odette Williams will present Simple Cake w/ Joanna Goddard over at Books Are Magic, and the event is 100% free to attend.
  • In terms of tunes, you can catch a $41-$44 FOALS show over at Brooklyn Steel!
  • But the REAL magic is gonna be at Arlene’s Grocery, where Okilly Dokilly (aka the world’s first metal Ned Flanders band) will be performing for $15!
  • Or if you’re in the mood to cut a rug to country pop (Dixie Chicks, Shania, etc.) then get to Yeehaw! at Brooklyn Bowl! Tickets are $10 each.


  • For starters, it’s Record Store Day! Spend it at Rough Trade, where you can catch free performances and DJ sets from Charly Bliss, Sad13, TEEN and more all day long!
  • Not into that? Catch a brunch screening of Fight Club over at Nitehawk Williamsburg!
  • (And later, Alex Ross Perry returns to Nitehawk Prospect Park to talk Her Smell, only this time will be joined by the one and only Elisabeth Moss!)
  • Then be sure to swing by the BK Queer Flea at House of Yes today and/or tomorrow! Free entry!
  • (And speaking of queer vibes, it’s Dyke Night at Friends and Lovers! Tickets are $10, and all proceeds go to TransLifeline.)
  • In the realm of comedy, get to Union Hall for a new round of HER-ICANE: All Women+ Stand Up Comedy for Disaster Relief ft. Jo Firestone, Mary Beth Barone and more! Tickets are $8-$10 each.


  • Get started bright ‘n early at Nitehawk Prospect Park for a 10:30am brunch screening of the OG Bad News Bears!
  • Or if you’re into cats and don’t mind a trek out to Asbury Park, then CLEARLY hit up Lil Bub’s Big Show as part of Catsbury Park Cat Convention! (Fred Armisen’s gonna be there!) Tickets are $27+.
  • Wanna stay local and feel in the mood to LEARN?! Grab tickets to a $15 Tarot 101 class at Catland!
  • We’re all chomping at the bit for Game of Thrones, though, so hit up a watch party at Dekalb Market Hall! Specialty cocktails and food from Fletcher’s BBQ will be available for purchase, but it’s free and open to the public until they hit capacity!
  • Or if you’re totally broke, I’m gonna suggest heading to Syndicated for a screening! Admission is $10, but that automatically gets credited to your food and drink.

  • More into tunes? Catch FOALS ROUND THREE at Brooklyn Steel! Tickets are still $41-$44 each!
  • But also, probably just hit up Joe’s Pub for a show from BETTY, aka the ones who invented the theme song for The L Word! (God I hate that theme song! But still a classic!) Tickets are $25+.
  • If you wanna change up your wardrobe on a budget, head to the Bushwick Clothing Swap over at Moto Spirits Distillery today!
  • But maybe you just wanna spend some quality time with Bob the Drag Queen and Miz Cracker, in which case get to the Bell House for a new round of Sibling Rivalry! Tickets are $30+.