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So New York Comic Con is officially SOLD OUT, which is super sad for you if you didn’t get tickets…to make you feel better, please relive my experience from two years ago in which I attended the whole shebang AND also did Sci-Fi Speed Dating. (Yes, really.) Also, probably go to one of the thousands of events below; one of them is TONIGHT and it offers you a chance to hang out with Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna of Pete and Pete PLUS Polaris (the band from the show’s intro), hence I think you can pretty much guess our BWB theme this week. Before we get into all of that, let’s FIRST take a look at some of the ultra-important material you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, we interviewed Robert Marbury (author of the gorgeous book Taxidermy Art) on everything from mermaids to alien babies. READ IT.
  • We also interviewed a professional piercer about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to body piercings…
  • AND we interviewed Allo Darlin’, who are set to play Glasslands THIS FRIDAY 10/10.
  • But perhaps MOST importantly, we spoke to Julie Budet about Yelle’s brand new record, the upcoming tour AND the afterlife. Catch the show at Irving Plaza tomorrow (10/10).


  • I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we should probably definitely try to get tickets to see Bastille with Grizfolk tonight at Radio City Music Hall, AMIRITE?! So let’s cough up between thirty-five and forty-five bucks, yeah?
  • MEANWHILE over at Terminal 5 we’ve got a show from Allen Stone happening! Bad Rabbits and Romeo will open up the gig, and tickets will run you twenty-five bucks for the doors-at-7-show-at-8 event.
  • Not into that? King Tuff will be taking the stage downtown at Bowery Ballroom with Cassie Ramone, so fork over fifteen bucks in advance and/or seventeen day of show for tickets and get over there by 9pm.
  • AND we’ve got a gig from Foxygen, Juan Waters and The Lemon Twigs at Webster Hall, so if that sounds like an appealing lineup then BE SURE to grab twenty dollar tickets ASAP ’cause the show WILL sell out.
  • Over in BROOKLYN, however, we also have a couple of great shows going on. For starters, Shook Twins will be playing a gig with Frances Cone, Melaena Cadiz and Christopher Paul Stelling for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.

  • My PERSONAL recommendation has to go to Cameo Gallery tonight, though, ’cause we’ve got Black Kids over there with Psychic Twin AND Miami Drive, and all it’s going to cost us is t-t-t-t-twelve bucks a ticket.
  • If you happen to be a big fan of Electric Six, however, then you might want to head on over to the Knitting Factory down the street; they’ll be around for CBGB Festival, and tickets will cost you eighteen bucks for this particular show.
  • Or PERHAPS you’d just like to learn? I’m gonna suggest you hit up Brooklyn Brainery tonight with ten bucks in hand, ’cause they’re hosting a course that covers all things MYSTERIOUS BEASTS just in time for Halloween.
  • Meanwhile, Teri Agins will be in conversation with the inimitable Fern Mallis on her new book Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities Are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers for thirty bucks at 92Y.
  • And BACK to Brooklyn we’ve got two super worthwhile events happening at the Bell House tonight, the first being Mortified’s Salute To Sci-Fi and Fandom that’s happening for fifteen bucks beginning at 7pm.
  • The REAL gem of the evening won’t kick off until 11, however, which is when Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna will host their podcast AND will finish the evening off with a live performance from POLARIS! Tickets are $10.


  • Okay, obviously my main and kind of final vote for the night is going to go to Yelle, who will be playing Irving Plaza this evening for the well-worth-it price of thirty-five bucks a ticket. Like, why would you ever NOT go to this.
  • OR provided you can leave work at a decent hour (it IS Friday, after all), you should probably hit up the early show at Mercury Lounge, which includes Miracles of Modern Science and Alexander Howard for ten bucks in advance / twelve day of show.
  • You can also hit up another Bastille / Grizfolk show at Radio City Music Hall should you feel so inclined! Tickets will YET AGAIN run you from thirty-five to forty-five bucks, so I hope you’re feelin’ REAL FLUSH right now.
  • And if you don’t mind heading over to Terminal 5, then I suppose I should ALSO tell you that Within Temptation and Amaranthe will be playing a show there tonight for forty bucks in advance, forty-five day of show.
  • Too poor? We’ve also got Electric Six playing Webster Hall at 7:30pm for just eighteen bucks with The Soft White Sixties, so if that’s your JAM then grab passes ASAP.

  • But just over the Williamsburg Bridge we’ve got some good stuff going on, too…for instance, Buke and Gase are playing a gig with Battle Trance and Palm, meaning we should all definitely grab twelve dollar advance (fifteen dollar day of show) tickets.
  • We’ve also got Mighty Mouse playing Glasslands tonight just down the road! Paul Raffaele and Speakerbot will be there as well, and tickets will run you twelve bucks a pop. (It’s a late show, with doors at 11:30pm. DRINK COFFEE.)
  • For an even LATER gig just head around the way to Cameo Gallery, where Anthony Collins and Dave Harrington will be playing a show (Evan Michael, too) beginning at 11:59pm for eight bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • MEANWHILE the early slot for Cameron Esposito’s album launch is miraculously not sold out yet at Union Hall, so if you hurry you can snag some well worth it tickets for the very low price of ten bucks a pop. DO IT NOW.
  • Too poor for all of that nonsense? Just get yourself settled at Videology, where they’ll be hosting an ultra-spooky, ultra-free screening of Psycho! Get ready to be afraid of taking a shower for the rest of your life!


  • Okay, for STARTERS we have The Lovely Feathers with Heylady playing Mercury Lounge for the late show this evening. Tickets will run you ten bucks in advance and twelve day of show, so obviously get them now or whatever.
  • But we’ve also got Mirah playing Le Poisson Rouge with Death Vessel at 7pm, so probably definitely snag some fifteen dollar tickets before they all sell out, yeah? Because Mirah is kind of a hero.
  • Personally I think we should just hole up at Glasslands all night, though; for the early show we’ve gotTelepathe playing with Lincoln Jesser and Color War for ten bucks a ticket, and there is no way that’s not going to be great.
  • And THEN for the late show we’ve got Groundislava’s ultra-danceable record release party happening, so stick around for that to start w/ 11:30pm doors for another VERY REASONABLE twelve bucks per ticket.

  • We could always just hit up Friends and Lovers for Turnip Kings, Dinowalrus, Chimes, Adios Ghost and MORE for the Good Festival! Tickets are ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show AS IS THE STANDARD, USUALLY.
  • And speaking of festivals, we’ve got Escape Music Festival happening for sixty-five bucks today featuring Girl Talk, Moby, and a whole bunch of other guys, the lineup to which can be found RIGHT HERE!
  • But WHOA WHOA WHOA ’cause we’ve got Fleetwood Mac playing ANOTHER show this week (granted it’s in Newark, New Jersey but WHO CARES), so again, please marry me and buy me tickets etc. etc. etc.
  • Perhaps even more exciting (as if that were even possible) is the goddamned thirtieth anniversary reunion of The Karate Kid that’s happening at 92Y tonight, which will feature a movie screening AND cast discussion for $30 a ticket.
  • Or if you’re just too poor, probably head to Videology for a double feature of Birth of the Living Dead AND Night of the Living Dead for all of zero dollars. PLUS director Rob Kuhns will be in-house, which is pretty much the greatest.


  • TO START, let’s kick off our day with a lesson in how to make the best eggs you ever saw over at Brooklyn Kitchen! The class will cover booze, coffee and breakfast foods, and will set you back $75 a ticket.
  • MUSICALLY we have Iceage playing Bowery Ballroom tonight with Helm, Blues Control and Shells. This is very good news / prepare to fork over fifteen bucks and head on over there by 9pm to catch all the action.
  • AND just around the corner we’ve got Shy Girls playing a show with Tei Shi for twelve bucks in advance / fifteen day of show. (SO MUCH LOWER EAST SIDE ACTION, YOU GUYS!)
  • Of course, if you don’t mind heading to the general area of Terminal 5 (read: ughhhhhhhhh) then you may be interested to know that Porter Robinson will be taking the stage there with Giraffage and Lemaitre for between thirty-five and fifty-five bucks a ticket.
  • More into Brooklyn? Head on over to Music Hall of Williamsburg for a Generationals show with Arum Rae tonight; doors are at 8pm and the gig is at 9, so just be sure to pay fifteen bucks in advance or have seventeen at the ready day of show.
  • MEANWHILE, we’ve got Kamp! playing Glasslands this evening with House of Blondes and Cookies for just ten bucks a pop this evening, so feel free to nurse your hangover and get over there for doors at 8:30pm.
  • Not into that? Catch a gig from WOLVVES over at Cameo Gallery instead! (Tickets will only run you eight bucks, so it would actually be uneconomical NOT to go.)
  • AND just up the street at Rough Trade we’ve got Steve Gunn with August Wells and MORE! Doors are at 8pm, show is at 9pm, and tickets are thirteen bucks in advance / fifteen day of show.
  • Too poor for that? Probably just hit up Rough Trade for the early (and VERY FREE) gig today, featuring Jukebox the Ghost. Doors are at 1:30pm and the show will start promptly at 2, so SET AN ALARM.

  • But maybe you’d like to continue the food knowledge with which we kicked off our day, in which case let’s head to Brooklyn Brainery to learn the ins and outs of making our own sushi for seventy-five bucks a ticket.
  • And speaking of food, 92Y will host Mario Batali and Mark Bittman as they discuss their recently-published books AND will stand by for a little signing during the event. Tickets to attend will set you back forty bucks a pop.
  • 92Y will ALSO be hosting Josh Duhamel and Peter S. Beagle to talk The Last Unicorn on stage and MORE beginning at 9:30pm, so if you can swing the thirty bones it’ll cost you to get in, you should DO IT.
  • Unless you’re just too busy chillin’ with Jareth the Goblin King (the on screen version, of course) at Museum of the Moving Image, where they’ll be showing Labyrinth today AND hosting a Q+A with Brian and Wendy Froud in-person for $20 a ticket.
  • Speaking of Labyrinth, it’s mother fucking BOWIEBALL over at Le Poisson Rouge, where they’ll be paying tribute to Bowie all night long for between twenty bucks (if you wear a costume) and twenty-five (if you don’t).
  • You could also always make your way to the Bell House, where there will be two very weird things combined for one ultra-bizarre event, and those two things are: strip tease and lasagna. TO EACH HIS OWN FOR $20!
  • If neither of those two things is YOUR thing, then probably just hit up Union Hall with seven bucks to catch some very funny stand-up from Aparna Nancherla and Josh Gondelman at about 8pm this evening.