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First and foremost, WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND / YOU DID IT! (Well, almost.) We have just about 3000 things going on the next four days INCLUDING screenings of Pulp Fiction at Sunshine Cinema, so I really, REALLY hope you are prepared to have the best of times. But before we embark on our agenda, here are a few things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • For starters, yesterday was NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY. I’m really sorry if you didn’t take advantage of that, but you can have a belated celebration this weekend with THIS GUIDE to all things hot doggerific.
  • Next, if you missed out on this year’s Pitchfork Festival, DO NOT EVEN WORRY / we have a recap for you RIGHT HERE. (See also: #HANGOVERS, #SAINTVINCENT, #CHEESEFRIES, #ETC.)
  • Ummmmmm also, someone put us in a room with Rachael Ray while she helped give shelter cats makeovers, so THAT was a thing…
  • And it was Robin Williams’ birthday on Monday, meaning you have every excuse to watch (and re-watch) the shit out of Mrs. Doubtfire this weekend.
  • OR just watch all this other stuff, ’cause we’ve got Netflix recommendations for DAYS.



  • I sincerely hope you enjoy music (and the bluegrass variety at that), ’cause Nickel Creek will be playing the Prospect Park Bandshell with Secret Sisters for all of zero dollars beginning at 7:30pm sharp. GET IT, GURL.
  • And while it’s not TECHNICALLY free, we’ve also got a Thao show that’s happening as part of MoMA Nights; in order to attend you’ll have to purchase a regular admission ticket to the museum, but after that the gig is free.
  • If DO happen to have legitimate dollar bills to blow tonight, then I will go ahead and suggest you head on over to Town Hall, where Sun Kil Moon will take the stage for between thirty and forty bones this evening.
  • For about the same price range, Band of Horses will also have a show tonight at the Capitol Theatre; just be sure to scrounge up thirty-five bucks before you go, and be prepared to trek it out to Port Chester for the tunes.

  • My personal vote is going to have to go to Baby’s All Right tonight, though, ’cause Yumi Zouma will be playing a show with Rush Midnight, Celine Dijon and others, all for (are you ready for this?) THE LOW PRICE OF FREE NINETY-NINE. Just be sure to RSVP, yeah?
  • Not into the tunes? WELL, hopefully you’re in the mood to sit back and relax with a movie, then, ’cause Brooklyn Bridge Park will play host to a free screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox this evening, and it will be SO GOOD.
  • Or MAYBE you just have all of the hunger, in which case you should probably head on over to Cafe Ghia for its 2014 Crab Feast ft. Baltimore-style crabs, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, and fresh watermelon, all for $40 per person.
  • And then maybe bike off all that crab-tastic deliciousness on a NIGHT RIDE throughout Brooklyn with KNOG! This is happening thanks to the Levi’s Commuter Workspace, and you can register and/or grab more info HERE.


  • First things first: my PERSONAL recommendation is going to have to go to the South Street Seaport tonight, ’cause they’ll be putting on a free Torres gig, and it sounds like it’s going to be super duper worthwhile.
  • OR if you think you can afford to shell out ten bucks in advance or twelve day of show, then I’m going to suggest you maybe use those funds to snag a ticket to see Mother Feather with Rocket and the Ghost at Mercury Lounge tonight.
  • Not your jam? Go dance it out across the Williamsburg Bridge at Cameo Gallery, where Midnight Magic will be playing a slew of ultra-catchy tunes for twelve dollars in advance, fifteen day of show.
  • And for just ten bucks you could ALSO pop up the road to Union Pool, where our buddies Bird Courage will be playing a show tonight with Morgan O’Kane and Caitlin Watkins from 9pm until midnight.
  • Meanwhile, if you’re too poor and/or if you can stomach the idea of hanging out at PACHA this evening, then you might be interested to hear that (with RSVP) they’ll be hosting free tunes AND some pretty rad 3D visuals for your viewing pleasure.

  • OR just go get plastered and make fun of Saved By the Bell with some comedians over at Videology! That’s what they’ll be focused on for tonight’s free edition of Late Night TV, so get ready for some mega-LOLs, yeah?
  • But because we know you’re trying to get ultra-Depp (SPELLING ERROR INTENDED) tonight, you should definitely hit up Nitehawk to catch Dead Man as part of our co-presented Summer of Surrealism series this evening and/or tomorrow night.
  • But if you’re more a Mel Gibson man, then you should maybe spend your movie ticket allowance on a pass to see Mad Max II: The Road Warrior, which is ALSO screening at Nitehawk both tonight and tomorrow night.
  • And speaking of two-parters, IFC Center will be screening Back To The Future Part II tonight AND tomorrow night, and as we all know, SHIT IS GONNA GET REAL CRAY UP IN THE WORLD OF MARTY MCFLY ‘N DOC BROWN.
  • But let’s be real; the total gem this evening has got to be Pulp Fiction over at Sunshine Cinema…I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Uma Thurman shove mountains of coke up her nose all day? Screenings are tonight and tomorrow.


  • First, we should PROBABLY definitely head out to Citi Field today for a BACON AND BEER CLASSIC. That is literally what it’s called, and yes, it involves copious (read: three hours’ worth) of bacon and beer for between $39 and $129 per person.
  • Of course, if you’re less about bacon and beer and MORE about tequila and tacos, chances are you’ll want to hit up the Hudson Hotel from 3-8pm today for a gigantic tequila and taco tasting experience for $50-$60 per person.
  • Later, because I think that everything Amtrac touches turns to sonic gold, I’m going to suggest we all RSVP to hit up Slake for Technoir, in which Amtrac will headline for all of zero dollars. Kind of the best deal of all time, AND we can dance off all the empty calories.
  • Meanwhile, if you don’t mind making the trip out to Montauk today, then you MIGHT want to pop on over to the Surf Lodge, ’cause there will be a free Ryan Hemsworth show and HOPEFULLY I don’t have to tell you twice how great that will be.
  • If you’re more into old school tunes, though, probably skip out on those last two things and INSTEAD head to the Damrosch Park Bandshell for a free Roberta Flack gig. I mean, it really doesn’t get much better than that.
  • While it’s not technically free, I feel like we should all DEFINITELY hit up Cameo Gallery tonight for Pancakes and Whiskey’s first birthday party, where there will be free Bulleit whiskey for the first hour PLUS free Bulleit-infused ice cream sandwiches for the first fifty guests. Kind of super amazing. Tickets are $10.

  • And in EVEN LESS FREE (but equally worthwhile) territory, we’ve got The Antlers playing a gig at Webster Hall with Mr Twin Sister this evening for a (mostly) reasonable twenty bones per ticket.
  • Not your jam? Run River North will be playing a show at the Bowery Ballroom, so if you don’t mind chillin’ on the Lower East Side and/or paying fifteen bucks for each ticket, then I’d say that this is your very best bet.
  • Of course, there IS the off chance that you happen to have a LOT of money to toss around, in which case you might want to pull out around seventy bucks to grab a ticket to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Prospect Park Bandshell tonight.
  • But since you probably DON’T have that much cash to spare, let’s dial it back down and hit up Baby’s All Right for A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Ice Choir for ten bucks in advance and twelve day of show.
  • You can also snag some free grub at Dope BBQ today, so be sure to RSVP yourself (and tell friends to do the same) to ensure you get a spot on the list to enjoy all those empty calories on an ultra-budget.
  • OR if you’re just feeling like the laziest human on the planet today, then maybe consider hitting up the Intrepid tonight for a free screening of the 1979 version of Star Trek!
  • And if you’re a mega-fan of shoes, sneakers in particular, then you will be overjoyed to hear that Sneaker Con 2014 is happening at Pier 94 today; there will be 250+ sneaker vendors from around the country all under one roof JUST FOR YOU.
  • More into ‘zines than you are into footwear, though? Probably skip that last thing and INSTEAD head on over to Pete’s Candy Store, where the Mini Zine Fest (ft. a TON of zinesters) will be going on today for free beginning at 2pm.
  • And while we’re in Brooklyn land, let’s also consider heading to Bushwick Beverages, a day party that will feature music, plates of food (which can be separately  purchased), and twelve drink tickets to be used on beer ‘n wine for just $20-$30.


  • If you’re into the idea of mixing cinema with music, then you’re in HELLA LUCK today, because Nitehawk will be hosting a free outdoor screening of From Russia With Love ft. live tunes brought to you by Morricone Youth.
  • OR just seize your second opportunity to catch Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds this weekend over at Hammerstein Ballroom! Again, though, you’ll have to shell out in the neighborhood of seventy bucks, so save those pennies.
  • But because we are consistently hungover on Sundays, why don’t we just go ahead and watch all of the movies today, kind of just like we always do? I vote we catch Space Jam at BAM today, because it’s motivational or whatever.
  • If you are now questioning my credibility as a human because I suggested we watch a movie filled with cartoons and Michael Jordan, first I am going 1. BILL MURRAY, and 2. FINE, TAKE YOUR GIANT CULTURAL BRAIN TO MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE TO WATCH MASCULIN FEMENIN, JERK.

  • What’s that? You’re NOT hugely hungover today and happen to have copious amounts of energy to seize the day? Well first of all, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS, and second of all, maybe head to Hitting Walls: a day-long celebration of handball, ’cause that sounds both interesting and interactive.
  • And/or if you don’t mind heading out to West Orange, New Jersey (wherever that is) to Thomas Edison National Historical Park, then you MIGHT be interested to know that you can go there today to create KINETOSCOPES! (#FANCY #EDUCATIONAL)
  • But let’s be totally real here…we PROBABLY just want to listen to all of the metal today (y’know, to get us #PUMPED for the work week ahead), so let’s hit up day two of NY Death Fest over at Saint Vitus, yeah? It’s $40 for a one day pass, or if you REALLY like metal, snag a $75 ticket and go Saturday as well.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention anything near and dear to you ears, please feel free to internet-yell at me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!