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You guys, we have ALMOST survived a full work week! This is epic! This is monumental! We deserve to have some serious fun! That’s why I’m SO GLAD to tell you that the next ninety-six hours are jam-packed with things to do, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO a screening of Wet Hot American Summer. (THANK GOD.) But before we dive into all of that, here’s some important stuff you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, get caught up on your weekly news VIA HAIKUS.
  • Next, get your astrological questions ANSWERED by Lana Del Rey GIFs.
  • We’ve also got a “Bumer Sumer” mix JUST FOR YOU from Russ Marshalek, so read that and get #METALASFUCK.
  • But maybe you’re still hung up on the 4th of July, in which case you should read our ultra-patriotic interview w/ Vacationer.
  • Or, you know, just get ready to melt into your couch the next four days with ALL OF THE NETFLIX SUGGESTIONS.



  • While tonight’s gig doesn’t include Sky Ferreira in the lineup this time, it still means that we’ll have another opportunity to see DIIV live this week at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and at just $13-$15 a ticket, I’d say that’s well worth it.
  • Personally, however, I’m going to go ahead and put my vote in for Cameo Gallery just up the street tonight, ’cause the lineup features Twin Wave, Blue & Gold and others, all under the same roof for (are you ready for this?) EIGHT BUCKS!
  • If you happen to have a little extra dough this evening, though, then I will also vote we head on over to the Gramercy Theatre with twenty-five bucks in hand to catch the heavenly angel voice of Daley(among others) tonight.
  • AND for between fifteen and twenty-five bucks you can ALSO catch a DJ set from Hot Chip tonight at Verboten, just make sure you’re ready to rage late, ’cause things don’t even kick off until 10pm. Summer Fridays, hopefully?
  • Of course, if you’re still feeling a little broke following all the 4th of July debauchery this past weekend, you can keep it super budget over at Brooklyn Bowl for the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of BowlTrain ft. DJ Questlove for just $5.

  • Or if you’re willing to pay the price of admission to MoMA and get a little bonus show, then you should definitely consider killing two birds with one stone to look at art and catch a “free” (again, with admission) gig from Computer Magic.
  • Wanna REALLY d-d-d-d-dance tonight, though? Get your fix fo’ FREE over at Output, where they’ll be hosting Jacuzzi, Nadus AND Obey City (one of our personal favorites) this evening. Just be sure to RSVP to ensure a spot on the entry list, yeah?
  • You can also grab a free VIP pass to the 7th annual ArtHamptons (aka THE art fair of the Hamptons) tonight, where there will be lots of art to look at and plenty of free wine to guzzle. Granted, you WILL have to get there (which could cost you), but who cares?
  • Or just go swimming from 5-10pm at the McCarren Hotel pool, where there’ll be DJs, food, AND (if you’re somehow one of the first thirty people to RSVP) FREE DRINKS! You really can’t lose on this one, so get on that list NOW.
  • But personally I think we should skip the pool hangs and instead head to Duke’s, where we can take advantage of an entire FREE HOUR of draft beer from 6-7pm AND test our beer pong skillz. (Kind of the best deal of all time.)


  • Remember when I told you to hit up The Westbury earlier this week? Well, I’m going to do it again, if only for the sake of the most nostalgia OF ALL TIME. The Spin Doctors are about to take the stage, and it’ll cost you between $25 and $30 to get in on the action.
  • Semi-similarly, you can see Jay-Z and Beyonce tonight over in New Jersey at the MetLife Stadium! OBVIOUSLY this is one of the most amazing tours ever to happen, so bear that in mind as you spend between $45 and $800 on tickets, yeah?
  • But let’s be real, that shit is far and you’re broke, so let’s just keep it local instead, yeah? For example,Half Waif will be playing Cameo Gallery tonight, and at just eight to ten bucks a ticket, I THINK WE SHOULD ALL DEFINITELY GO.
  • Unless of course you’re still willing to pay double that amount, in which case Glasslands is going to be a solid bet this evening; they’ll be hosting !!! with Eaters, and tickets will set you back twenty bucks per person.
  • You might also consider sticking around to d-d-d-d-dance at the late show, which features production genius Isaac Tichauer! Just be sure to snort a Red Bull or whatever, ’cause things don’t kick off until 11:30pm for $10-$15.
  • More into Manhattan? Consider swinging by The Studio at Webster Hall for Beast Patrol, Goodbyemotel, Gillian and Hudson K, who will all be hitting the stage this evening for a super affordable twelve bucks per ticket.
  • And speaking of Webster Hall, you can also head on over there to catch Corin Roddick (of Purity Ring) alongside Goldlink, Empress Of and others  as part of the Girls & Boys series for fifteen bucks / SUPER REASONABLE.

  • But while we’re spending dollars on show tickets, we might as well snag a free drink, yeah? When you spend twenty bucks (already worthwhile) to see Juana Molina live tonight at the Greene Space, you’ll ALSO get a free beer. BOOM.
  • And back on the ultra-pricey side of things, if you’re big into Guided By Voices and/or Crystal Stilts, then you should PROBABLY head on over to Irving Plaza with a fistful of cash (read: forty-seven bones) in hand to catch them live.
  • But I won’t make you pay nearly fifty dollars for a night out, okay? INSTEAD, I will send you BACK to Brooklyn to catch a show from Titus Andronicus at Brooklyn Bazaar, ’cause guess how much admission is? ZERO DOLLARS / REJOICE!
  • Of course, we could also just go have the best time at Videology, where $8 gets us entry to watch Wet Hot American Summer AND enjoy an extra-special talent show portion. (Greatest movie of all time = greatest evening of all time.)
  • In a way darker mood than that, though?. Instead, you should swing by Nitehawk for the first of two days of screenings of Inland Empire, because IT IS THE SUMMER OF SURREALISM.
  • And speaking of movies, we can also hit up the Film Society of Lincoln Center for a little chit-chat with Brit Marling on her latest project I Origins, which is going to be a free talk with passes administered on a first come first served basis.


  • First and foremost, let’s get a little o’ that hair o’ the dog that bit us, yeah? This can be done easily (provided we possess forty bucks) over at MCU Park in Coney Island, where over a hundred different beers will be on tap JUST FOR US.
  • Musically, though, I’m going to have to recommend ONE HUNDRED PERCENT that we hit up Music Hall of Williamsburg today for a show by Lusine, Lemonade, Chad Valley and others, all for the low price of seventeen bones.
  • A close runner up would have to be very close by at Glasslands, though, where Tiny Victories will be taking the stage with Monogold and Nicholas Nicholas beginning at 8pm. Tickets will set you back ten bucks, aka #VALUE.
  • For the same price, we’ve also got Jamaican Queens headlining a show at Baby’s All Right this evening! Other acts on the bill include Zula, Ronald Paris and Courtship Ritual, which basically equates to $2.50 per band. (#MATH)
  • Speaking of Ronald Paris, we can also scope a show at Secret Robot Project featuring the likes of Ricky Eat Acid, Ronald Paris, Cousin Brian, Baked, Flashlight O, Roomrunner, Guerrilla Toss and others for ANOTHER ten bucks.
  • AND/OR if we head in the opposite direction of Baby’s All Right and go back up the way to Brooklyn Bowl we can catch an AMAZING lineup for ANOTHER ten bucks tonight featuring Big Data and Joywave.

  • Of course, we can ALSO head just up the street to catch Rose Windows with High Waisted, Worthless, and Drippy Eye Projections  this evening at Rough Trade for ten bucks in advance or twelve day of show. DONE DEAL.
  • Still not feelin’ it, though? Well, Cameo Gallery might have your number just around the corner, then, with a show from Work Drugs, Crush Distance and Jerry Coke Band starting at 8pm sharp for just ten bucks per ticket.
  • What’s that? You have zero dollars and just really want to hear the best Argentine music of all time outdoors? WELL, you should DEFINITELY head to Central Park for Babasonicos and Juana Molinatonight, ’cause it’s FREE.
  • ALSO free today is the 4th annual 4Knots Music Festival down at the South Street Seaport! This is important because the lineup is INSANELY GOOD and features everyone from Mac Demarco to Dinosaur Jr. to Those Darlins. LET’S DO THIS.
  • Unless of course you have reverse Brooklyn fear, in which case you should hunker down in Williamsburg FOREVER at Union Pool for a free show by The Men at 2pm. SORTED.
  • But chances are very high that you’re far too hungover to stand up at a show today, so let’s just calm it back down over at MoMA for a screening of Taika Waititi’s Boy (one of the best movies of all time) followed by a discussion with the director himself.


  • First, I’m going to suggest we head on out to the Rockaways for the last day of Le Fooding + San Pellegrino’s Fruitstock, where we can eat things like cereal milk pudding pops from Momofuku Milk Bar and eat cornmeal crostini sopes by the dudes from Rockaway Taco for $40.
  • But considering we likely spent all our money on drunk pizza this weekend, we should PROBABLY just scrape together ten bucks from the couch cushions and head on over to Baby’s All Right, whereAlpenglow will play tonight’s gig with Caroline Rose and Lapland.
  • OR let’s just catch a completely FREE show tonight courtesy of the flawless programming of this year’s Central Park SummerStage! Tonight’s show will feature both Bonobo and Cibo Matto, and IT WILL BE THE BEST.
  • BUT we can ALSO get hella nostalgic at a mother effing NEW AGE DANCE PARTY (!!!) at Quarter Bar, where they’ll be playing Enya and Enigma and celebrating all manner of power crystals, rain forests, peace frogs and ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD, BASICALLY. The best part? NO COVER!  #VALUE

  • AND we’ve got a free screening of The Outsiders at Habana Outpost, so get ready to eat some grilled corn, drink some margs, and say WHAT UP PONYBOY?!
  • If you’re willing to spend a little dough on your movie screenings today, though, then you might want to hit up Nitehawk for day two of 10 Things I Hate About You, because nothing can beat that part where Julia Stiles is crying.
  • Or if that’s too much of a chick flick for you, then 1. we probably can’t ever be friends, and 2. you might be interested to know that today is ALSO day two of Transformers: the Movie at Nitehawk, slash maybe you should go to that instead.
  • But if you’re all about that steampunk life, hit up the Steampunk Secret Speakeasy tonight for ten bucks! There will be drinks, steampunk gear, visuals, tunes and PROBABLY A LOT OF STEAMPUNK AFICIONADOS!

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention anything near and dear to you, please feel free to digitally berate me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!