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HELLO. This edition of NYC Best Weekend Bets has been carefully calibrated for maximum fun and minimum stress on your part over the course of the next few days. It features a little something for everyone (music, movies, roller disco, theatre, plenty of free things and more) and will be punctuated with inspirational images of Ryan Gosling (just looking at you!), because even though you never need to justify anything Gosling-related, we will briefly give you the lowdown on the Drive Tour, which makes a pitstop in NYC this Friday. But let’s start with Thursday, yeah?


  • Beginning at 11am, Playdate x NMRKT will present HAUTE GEAR, a pop-up shop experience located at 379 Broome Street. The pop-up shop will be open all weekend long, punctuated by some bonus events. Take, for instance, tonight, where you can cruise on by between 7 and 9 for the opening night party. Aside from bikes, clothes and accessories, you can look forward to music, free beer and TACOS. For more details, headhere.
  • In the mood to continue with free things? Head over to 120 Orchard St. forGalleryBarsSummerSeries. Tonight starting at 10pm you can catch Kid Fresh (Mad Decent) and Michna for zero dollars, plus there’s a 2-for-1 drink special running all night long.
  • If you prefer to pay for your musical experiences, though, then we suggest you head to Mercury Lounge to seeKids & ExplosionsperformwithWolfInaSpacesuit. An inexpensive show your wallet and ears will feel good about!
  • To squeeze some art into your evening, swing by American Two Shot (135 Grand St.) between 7 and 10 for the opening reception ofNEVERMIND, an exhibition of new work byAshkahnShahparnia &BaronVonFancy. Music, art, drinks, CULTURE.
  • Is Slumdog Millionaire one of your favorite movies? Or are you like me and have been feigning an understanding of the plot when in actuality you never saw it? Thenthisfreescreening of it in Brooklyn Bridge Park is right up your alley!
  • Need more variety? Then go tothisvarietyshow at Santos Party house. For the low price of $12, you can let Eric Andre (of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim) and Co-Host Kevin Barnett guide you through an evening of music, celeb appearances (both real AND fake), and so much more! Variety!
  • Cap off your low-key evening at Westway, where VICE is hosting a screening of their new series PeopleWhoJustHadSex” about people who just had sex. If you get there between 10 and 11, you can enjoy an open bar for FREE. And then on Friday morning, maybe you, too, will be a person who just had sex.

Speaking of Friday…

  • If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the lack of roller disco venues this city has to offer,worrynomore! For just $5, you can roll up at DeKalb Market and skate your little heart out all night long. Rok One & Pete Butta will be churning out some tunes just for you, plus alcohol will be available to heighten your skating abilities. See also: drink and skate responsibly.
  • Would you rather stuff your face for free than pay $5 to skate-dance? Good news! From 6 to 8 you can sample America’s favorite snack foods: beef jerky, artisanal cheeses and BEER. FREE. Get in on all the complimentary caloric action atNolitaMarket & EspressoBar.
  • If it’s music you want, Hot Chip and Chromatics are taking the stage at Terminal 5 tonight. Tickets are miraculously still availablehere.
  • Do you like beards? Do you like to laugh? ThenBeardsofComedy is the perfect event for you! Head over to Creek & Cave in Queens at 10pm for giggles and goatees.
  • Do you like Ryan Gosling? Did you like the movie Drive? Do you sometimes listen to that one song ‘A Real Hero’ on repeat for like, forever? Then you’ll want to hit upMusicHallofWilliamsburg for a night of music by College, Anoraak and Electric Youth. And maybe if you start a fight, Ryan Gosling will show up as a bonus to break it up! Anything can happen!

Saturday. SO MUCH.

  • If you ever watched Blue Crush and thought, “If Kate Bosworth can surf, so can I,” then it’s your lucky day! Urban Girl Squad (which sounds like a ragtag team of crime-fighting lady warriors) is leading asurfingexcursion (surfscursion) for girlz only at Long Beach. You have to wake up pretty early for this one, so remember, if you want to hang ten, probably don’t get a hangover.
  • Do you get confused at farmer’s markets? Would you be surprised to learn that “ramp” can refer to an inclined plane OR an edible plant? Then maybe you’d like to sign up forthiscourse. You’ll be guided through the Union Square Greenmarket to learn how to shop for AND cook all kinds of crazy produce.
  • Maybe you just want to eat a lot of food today, in which case you should go to 3rd Ward for their5thAnnualPigRoast. They’ll have really good, cheap food available, plus there will be some cool demonstrations happening, too.
  • Have all these Gosling pictures inspired you to become a do-gooder? Do your part and swing by St. Mark’s Bookshop at 3pm for aCASHMOB to help raise money and keep them in business.
  • Check outthezinescene at Pete’s Candy Shop (708 Lorimer St.) between 2 and 7. This free event showcases zinesters and graphic artists, plus there’ll be beer and sandwiches for sale in case you feel like getting crazy.
  • Stick around Brooklyn to seeDumDumGirlsandWidowspeak perform at 25 Franklin St., an event presented by House of Vans. See also: FREE MUSIC, FREE BEER.
  • Want even more free music in Brooklyn? Check outOKGO, PrettyGoodFriendswithEugeneMirmanandSpecialGuests in Williamsburg Park.
  • Looking for love?Heresanabsurdlookingevent where you can mingle with single NYC firefighters. SPARKS WILL FLY. And then the single firefighters will promptly put them out, because safety first is a total turn-on.
  • Okay, soTerminatorToo, JudgmentPlay looks incredible. As if a spoof on Terminator 2 weren’t enticing enough, you will receive a free beer with your ticket purchase. Head to Santos Party House at 8pm and prepare to get super-soaked.
  • Remember when we talked about HAUTE GEAR earlier? Make another visit for their freeBikeInMovieNight, where we assume there’ll be free movies and even more free beer.
  • SoulClapsbackatGlasslands, so put on your dancing shoes and boogie on over to Williamsburg!
  • Want a night filled with video game tunes of the non-Lana Del Rey variety? ThenChiptunesDanceParty (Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Ave) is the place for you. For just $5 you can enjoy music inspired by video games of the ’80s and ’90s, plus you can relive the 8-bit magic via projections and playable consoles of yore.


  • Maybe you’ll wake up Sunday thinking, “Despite this hangover, I’d like to be an active individual today.” If that unlikely scenario occurs, take part in theGreenmarketRide in Jackson Heights. You can zip around on your bicycle and enjoy a free breakfast, plus you’ll learn so many things that will make you feel extra productive for a Sunday morning!
  • Instead of a bike ride, you might prefer a leisurely stroll through theTribecaFair. You’ll find all kinds of vendors, ranging from art and handmade goods to a variety of food and drink options.
  • Want to do NOTHING active but still feel like a functioning member of society? Go to Cornelia Street Cafe (29 Cornelia St.) forthisillustratedlecture, titled “Angels, Animals and Cyborgs: Visions of Human Enhancement” where you can learn about all kinds of crazy interesting futuristic stuff. Plus, your $10 admission comes with a free drink; while you sip, you can pretend you’re holding the glass with a really cool bionic arm.
  • You can also always snag some new duds at the last day of the TheyskensTheoryandHelmutLangsamplesale, PLUS, if you check in on Foursquare you’ll receive a bonus 10% off. Totally justified purchases regardless, though.
  • And finally, if you enjoy Breaking Bad, you’re probably pretty geared up for the premiere of fifth and final season, yes? Well, we vote you join other equally excited people at BrooklynWinery, where they’ll be screening the episode in their Atrium. That way you can watch together, drink wine together, be in a room together…FRIENDSHIP.

LEAVE US COMMENTS WITH THINGS YOU THINK WE MAY HAVE (not on purpose) MISSED. And remember: if you have tips, an event you want to let us know about or would like to get involved with BYT NYC, shoot us an email at: [email protected] with #BYTNYC in the title. See you around and all the time. And, one for the road: here’s to happy endings.

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