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Well hey there, and welcome to the weekend! (I know, I know, short week = WHAT THE EFF, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ALREADY?!) So like, let’s get ready to do some stuff, including watching a screening of Josie and the Pussycats because Parker Posey or whatever! BUT FIRST, a few things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, we had a chit-chat with Michael Ian Black, who’s at SubCulture THIS WEEKEND. So you should read that, ’cause it was great.
  • Next, I vote we reminisce about why Phrosties were the phucking worst since they’re being taken away from us by force anyway.
  • We’ve also got your weekly overview of new Netflix ‘n DVD releases, so cruise on by that if you’re feelin’ L-A-Z-Y.
  • Oh and hey, we’ve got your ASTROLOGICAL ANSWERS as told by Kimye GIFs because obviously!

Okay, let’s keep it movin’, shall we?


  • Ummmmmmmm definitely get your face over to Videology tonight, ’cause they’ll be doing a screening of mother effing Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead for ALL OF ZERO DOLLARS.
  • There’s ALSO another round of Telly Thursdays happening there, too, so if you’re off work between 5 and 7pm, you JUST MIGHT want to stop on by for some British TV times.
  • Are you just super hungry, though? Hit up Brooklyn Uncorked over in Fort Greene, where you can shove lots of food (and wine) into your face for forty-five dollars ALL NIGHT LONG!
  • Too pricey for you? Definitely get yourself over to Housing Works, where they’ll host the Tumblr Writers BEA Party fo’ FREE, featuring readings AND complimentary cocktails.
  • Or if you’re just feeling the laziest of all time, then MAYBE you should just pop on over to BAM for a screening of Josie and the Pussycats, because (as I previously mentioned) PARKER POSEY.

  • Music-wise, be sure to have twenty bucks at the ready tonight to ensure you can snag a ticket to Lee Fields and the Expressions with Ikebe Shakedown at Bowery Ballroom, ’cause it sounds MEGA-SOLID.
  • PERSONALLY, though, I’m gonna have to recommend we all hit up Music Hall of Williamsburg for what’s sure to be an excellent show by LE1F; tickets are fifteen bucks in advance, seventeen day of show.
  • Unless we’re too busy watching WOLVVES with Crush Distance over at the Paper Box instead, ’cause tickets are just six dollars if you get ‘em before day of show, when they rise to an equally reasonable $8.
  • Got ten bucks, though? You MIGHT want to hit up Verboten this evening, because Fred Falke will be there (among many others) to help you dance the night away FOREVER.
  • Still too broke? Catch GERMANS (seriously one of our favorites of all time) over on the Lower East Side as part of SubsceneStyle’s Transmission Thursdays with AudioFemme fo’ FREE!


  • First, I think it is THE MOST IMPORTANT to tell you how it’s the beginning day for the Bushwick Open Studios, so prepare to take advantage of ALL OF THE ART THIS WEEKEND.
  • Today ALSO marks the start of the NYC Funny Songs Fest, so if you’re super into comedy AND music, then you just might consider adding this to your social agenda for the weekend.
  • But if art ain’t your jam you should just unwind over at Videology from 5-7pm, ’cause they’ll be hosting another round of Thank God It’s Friday ft. all the family sitcoms you can handle for all of zero dollars.
  • OR if you’d prefer to hit it up late-night, then you’ll be glad to hear that they’ll be screening episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 (the original, OBVIOUSLY) at 10:30pm with comedic commentary galore!

  • But ummmmmm I think it’s PRETTY OBVIOUS that we should scrape together five bucks tonight and make a beeline for Glasslands, where they’ll be hosting an all things Tori Amos party and IT’S GONNA BE REAL GOOD.
  • BUT if that ain’t your jam then just head up the street to Rough Trade, where Rush Midnight will be putting on a super great show for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • Personally I think we should all get over to Cameo Gallery, though, ’cause Midnight Magic will be putting on an AMAZING show with Hess is More for the super low price of $10.
  • OR if you happen to have a spare twenty-five bones laying around, then you MIGHT want to get yourself over to the Highline Ballroom for night one of Yann Tiersen, because YES.


  • Got ten bucks to spare tonight? Then I’m going to go ahead and vote we all head on over to Glasslands, where Canon Logic will be playing a gig with Folding Legs and Vita and the Woolf.
  • And THEN if you wanna stick around and d-d-d-d-DANCE, then be prepared to pay another five bucks to catch some ultra-fab DJ sets from the likes of Lauren Flax and others.
  • Speaking of which, we can also just focus on dancing our goddamned faces off at Union Hall, where there’ll be another round of Discosynthesis happening for absolutely free, ft. all of the tunes JUST FOR YOU.
  • Not vibing with that? Just pop over to Baby’s All Right instead, then, ’cause Leisure Cruise will be playing a show AND WE LOVE THEM, and it’s only $12 in advance ($15 day of show) so NO EXCUSES.
  • Meanwhile over in Manhattan we can catch a show from Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds at Bowery Ballroom, so grab your $17 tickets in advance before they’re upped to $20 day of show.

  • OR if you happened to miss Yann Tiersen yesterday at the Highline Ballroom, then you can VERY FORTUNATELY catch him again tonight for twenty-five dollars. GET TICKETS BEFORE THEY’RE GONE!
  • HOWEVER, if you’re more into the idea of hanging out with Michael Ian Black (face it, you probably are) then cough up twenty-five bones and get your face over to SubCulture tonight.
  • Plus we’ve got a Slideluck event happening in Bushwick as part of the Open Studios, so if you’re down to bring a dish and catch some visual art while you eat it, this is for you.
  • Got fifty bucks, though? Maybe hit up the Trashion Fashion Show instead, ’cause you can scope a recycled runway show whilst drinking free kombucha and eating plenty o’ treats from the V-Spot.
  • Or just snag free ice cream over at Sundaes for a Saturday // Sugar High, where there will be plenty of edible materials AND ponchos, meaning things will likely get messy…


  • Provided you’re not ultra-hungover today, I’m gonna vote we all hit up the Tour de Brooklyn, which is a twenty dollar bike ride that costs twenty dollars to do, but which benefits a good cause.
  • The Bushwick Collective is also throwing a block party today, so stop by and listen to some tunes / scope some art / eat from food trucks ‘n a beer tent / pray that the weather is cooperative, ’cause FUCK RAIN.
  • Speaking of Bushwick artsy things, you can hit up the Bushwick Print Lab for an entire day of screen-printing MADNESS which will last from two in the afternoon ’til eight at night.
  • OR just hit up another round of DAYLIFE over at The Woods, where it’s free to enter (with RSVP) before ten, and then $5 after that. You can snag a free drink ticket, too / HERE IS HOW.

  • But maybe you’d prefer to hang out with Julie Klausner, Nellie McKay and Ted Leo instead (CLEARLY), so get on over to the Bell House this evening with twenty dollars in your pocket, yeah?
  • Still the laziest motherfucker of all time? Okay, well you could also always just pop on over to MoMA for a screening of Desperately Seeking Susan, ’cause sitting and staring is good for laziness!
  • And if you prefer the black ‘n white jams, then you could also catch a screening of Persona instead of that last thing, because BERGMAN IS THE BOMB DOT COM CD ROM.
  • OR if you’d rather play a video game if you’re going to sit on your ass today, then head on over to Union Hall for another round of Our Princess Is In Another Castle fo’ FREE.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention anything super importante, please feel free to internet-strangle me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!