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HEY Y’ALL! (That was me being Paula Deen.) What’s goin’ on? Are you SO READY for this mother effing week to be over? (#SAME) I’m happy to report that we’ve got a TON of options this weekend INCLUDING a goddamn DEGRASSI PARTY at Videology, and (as you may have already guessed) the GIF theme will reflect that accordingly. Before we get into all that, though, let’s talk about some stuff you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, it’s pretty critical to have all our #DEEP astrological questions answered by Jay-Z GIFs
  • It’s also pretty important that you all come hang out with us tomorrow night (Friday May 16th) at the AMNH for this month’s One Step Beyond, because 1. we love you and want to spend more time with you, and 2. IT’S GONNA BE REAL GOOD.
  • We’ve also got an extensive list of all the best movie screenings in town for the week, so read up on all that RIGHT NOW.
  • Of course, if you’re planning on staying in FOREVER, then here’s some Netflix inspiration to fuel your couch times.
  • And/or if you just want some new tunes to soundtrack your weekend, then WE’VE GOT ‘EM RIGHT HERE.


  • Eleven Pond will be celebrating an album release with a show at Glasslands tonight, so scrape together ten bucks from the couch cushions and get ready for all of the synthesizers!
  • ALSO available for ten dollars are tickets to tonight’s Ponyhof / Oceanographer show that’s happening across the Williamsburg way at The Knitting Factory. CHOOSE WISELY.
  • Of course, if you happen to possess just a LITTLE bit more dough, then you might want to hit up Littlefield instead for a Daedelus & Shigeto show for between fifteen and twenty bones a ticket.
  • But PERSONALLY I think we should all just head on over to Brooklyn Bridge Park, ’cause they’ll be hosting a VERY FREE show tonight ft. Cibo Matto, Javelin AND JD Samson. (AMAZING.)
  • Unless of course you’ve got that #BROOKLYNFEAR, in which case you should head to The Westway for the Late Bloomers party tonight ft. DJ sets from Kitty Pryde, Blondes and MORE for $15-$20.

  • Of course, we could ALSO grab a side o’ free booze with our free tunes over at MOSCOT, ’cause they’ll be hosting a Twin Forks show AND giving out ALL OF THE FREE BEER ‘N WINE TONIGHT.
  • AND you can  class it up with some live jazz and free drinks at the J. Press York Street flagship store tonight, just be sure you shoot an email over to  [email protected] to RSVP.
  • Plus we can snag a fuck ton of free Coors at Jeremy’s Ale House this evening, all thanks to Thrillist’s celebration of the joint’s forty year anniversary. RSVP here to get on the list.
  • Or just be a lazy Anglophile over at Videology tonight, ’cause they’ll be hosting another round of Telly Thursdays, aka all the best British shows for free from 5-7pm, all for you.


  • First, I’m going to have to super recommend that we hit up the American Museum of Natural History for tonight’s One Step Beyond ft. Metro Area, Blondes AND Kevin Graves for $25 in advance, $30 day of show.
  • Too far uptown for you? Head back down to the Lower East Side, where the likes of The Suzan and Les Jupes will be playing Pianos this evening for a mere ten dollars per ticket.
  • And if Manhattan ain’t your jam, just get to Glasslands tonight for a Breton show with Kid Karate and Hoodlem; if you grab tickets in advance they’re only $12, but they’ll increase to $14 day of show. #THEMOREYOUKNOW
  • But if you’re not into THAT, then just plan to head up the road and around the corner to Cameo Gallery, where Desert Stars will be playing a gig for eight bucks in advance, ten day of show.
  • Too poor? Hit up the Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre-Party, featuring Body Language, Frances Cone AND a DJ set from Sinkane, all for the very reasonable price of absolutely free.


  • Make sure you get plenty of rest / work off that hangover today, ’cause we’re gonna need to hit up Glasslands for the late show tonight, which features beats by Sophie for just $10.
  • Of course, we’ve ALSO got Visuals playing a show with High Water and Dave Harrington just around the way at Cameo Gallery, so get tickets in advance ($8) or splurge for them day of show ($10).
  • And while the live Chromeo shows this week are hella sold out, we CAN still catch a DJ set tonight over at Verboten tonight so long as we’re willing to part with twenty-five bones…
  • Just wanna dance tonight? Hit up the Bell House, where Discosynthesis will be going down late night (from 11pm and beyond) and will feature ALL OF THE TUNES fo’ FREE.

  • ALSO at the Bell House this evening is another edition of Point Break Live!, so scrape together an even $26 to be sure you’ll get to spend your night VAYA-ING CON DIOS or whatever.
  • OR you can get some nineties dance grooves going tonight at the latest Crazy $ince Da 90$, which is happening at Union Hall and will ALSO cost all of zero dollars to attend.
  • Plus if you arrive to Union Hall a little ahead of schedule (read: 7:00ish), you can catch another round of Muppet Vault ft. all sorts of WEIRD STUFF (and muppets, obvi) for just $8.
  • And speaking of weird stuff, if you don’t mind having to arrive at the meetup location by 8am, we could all pile onto a bus down to Philly for an entire day of penitentiaries and surgical theaters thanks to Obscura Society’s little $70 (transport included) tour!
  • Personally I think we should all just hit up Rooftop Films, ’cause we can catch a screening of Obvious Child (aka the super adorable-looking Jenny Slate flick) for just thirteen bucks.


  • First, snag some #CULTURE at LES gallery LMAK Projects for Jonathan Calm’s “Chambers.”  The video-art/photography/installation exhibition features altered footage from American zoos—from the 40′s through the 60′s. #RAD
  • Of course, if you’d prefer to get that #CULTURE whilst sitting down in a dark room, hit up Museum of the Moving Image today for a screening of Antonioni’s Blow-Up!
  • Not into that? Want subtitles? Okay, pop on over to MoMA instead, where they’ll be screening the ultra-fantastic Paris Belongs To Us, and you will feel super cool because #FRANCE.
  • Then again, it’s also Ladies Pint Night at Covenhoven, so if you wanna get your lady-brewed beer on, this is probably your best bet. Plus drinking is fun on Sundays, AMIRITE?!

  • PERSONALLY I think we should just hit up a weird backyard-esque party today, where we can grab hot dogs, brews ‘n tunes, all for the low price of a two dollar cover fee.
  • UNLESS we’re too busy marathon-ing all of the mother effing jazz bands all day, ’cause it’s the Hot Jazz Festival today, which basically equals twelve hours of sixteen jazz bands for seventy bucks.
  • But maybe you’d prefer to hang out with Mara Wilson tonight, in which case you should most definitely head to Union Hall with $10 in hand (or buy a $7 ticket in advance) for the latest What Are You Afraid Of?

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention anything mega-critical here, please feel free to get SUPER MAD AT ME RICK-STYLE in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!