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HELLO, DIGITAL DARLINGS!  Let’s discuss the following BEST WEEKEND BETS for your viewing pleasure, shall we? But FIRST, let us discuss some very important things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, it’s very important that we talk about your television options for the next few days, ’cause let’s be real, none of us have lives.
  • Let’s also be creeps and go inside strangers’ fridges, yeah?!
  • And if you’re super into art, rejoice that we’ve broken down the best events for you in New York City this week.

And NOW, let’s please talk about the most important things in the world this weekend, which include a screening of Dazed and Confused ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT?! Here we go:


  • I think our number one choice for the evening should be pretty clear, ’cause Wake Owl will be playing Rough Trade with Lyla Foy and Stone Cold Fox for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • If you’re not into THAT, though, then head just down the road to Glasslands for a night with the dreamy tunes of Lapalux instead! Tickets will set you back twelve bucks a pop.
  • Still too broke to grab a ticket to the last thing? Knock the peg down two bucks over at Baby’s All Right for an evening with Kendra Morris, where (if you did the math correctly) tickets will cost you just ten bucks.
  • Got that Brooklyn fear, though? Hole up in the safety of Manhattan at the Bowery Electric tonight, where Har Mar Superstar will be playing a show this evening for fifteen bucks.
  • AND if that ain’t your jam, then head a little farther uptown to catch Modeselektor, Aquarian, Falty DL and others tonight for twenty bucks a pop at Sankeys NYC for Bleep10.

  • Too poor? Tonight the Apple Store SoHo Tribeca Film Festival talks continue with a session ft. Rory Culkin, Lou Howe, Ben Howe and Luca Borghese, so be sure to make a reservation if you want to attend.
  • BUT you can also snag an HOUR of free Peroni (!!!) plus FREE APPETIZERS at Pizzeria Numero 28 tonight starting at 7pm, so if that sounds good to you, shoot an RSVP email to [email protected]
  • And MOSCOT Music will be presenting another round of complimentary tunes tonight featuring Liam Finn! (These parties usually involve free booze, too, so I’d definitely RSVP if I were you.)
  • Think you can stay up a little later, though? Hit up the documentary premiere after party for Icy Lake, which is free before midnight AND will feature an hour of free drinks starting at 11pm.


  • Pretty much nothing beats Timber Timbre, so if you’re down to chill in Brooklyn and/or possess twenty spare dollars, then you should probably make a point to get over to Music Hall of Williamsburg.
  • Just wanna d-d-d-d-dance, though? You should pop down the road to Cameo Gallery, where Midnight Magic will be playing a late set JUST FOR YOU for twelve bucks.
  • Too poor for that? NO WORRIES! Scrape together five bucks from the couch cushions and head on over to Glasslands for DAD JAMS, which is exactly what it sounds like, aka tunes your dad would approve.
  • If you’re just lookin’ for some tunes that are one hundred percent free, though, then get on over to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar this evening for some tunes by Caveman, Total Slacker and others.

  • But obviously we should take FULL ADVANTAGE of the fact that the Apple Store in SoHo will be hosting a free Palo Alto talk with director Gia Coppola AND actress Emma Roberts this evening. (HI EMMA ROBERTS REMEMBER AQUAMARINE LOL?!
  • But maybe you just really hate the Brooklyn vibes, in which case you should stick things out at Webster Hall in Manhattan for evening with the mega-danceable tunes of Com Truise for fifteen bucks.
  • OR maybe you just really hate all things that involve standing, in which case you should sit down for a really long time at the Museum of the Moving Image for a screening of THX 1138.
  • Wait, WHAT?! you’re STILL not into that? Well, there’s ALSO a screening of Fantastic Planet happening at Nitehawk tonight, so if you’re into cartoons and whatnot, this might be your jam.


  • While it’s not the cheapest game in town tonight, thirty bucks is a fairly reasonable price to catch Galantis at Bowery Ballroom. Get tickets while you still can; I’d be willing to be they’ll sell out.
  • For half that price, though, we can ALSO head on over to Williamsburg where Jessica Lea Mayfield will be playing a show this evening at Rough Trade with Gambles and Chalk & Numbers.
  • Or if you’re much more into food and books than music, you’ll be extra-glad to hear that there is a FOOD BOOK FAIR going on at the Wythe Hotel today for just five bucks entry.
  • And of COURSE if you like a dose of cat hair with your food, you’ll probably want to hit up the Purina One-sponsored Cat Cafe, which is only open for a pop-up amount of time this weekend.

  • Of course, Brooklyn Night Bazaar comes through again for us this evening, ’cause the very free musical lineup features Oberhofer, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Canon Logic AND Mt. Royal.
  • Personally I’m pretty super into all of our movie options today, ’cause FUCK SPRING. For starters, we’ve got a screening of Dazed and Confused happening, which (as our GIF theme) is really critical. Thanks, Sunshine Cinema!
  • AND we’ve got a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is (again) basically the best thing I have ever, ever heard, because HARRISON FORD AND WHATEVER, YEAH?! IFC Center for the win.
  • Still not into that? WELL, fortunately for you there’s a screening of The Man Who Fell To Earth at the Museum of the Moving Image to satisfy your Bowie quota for the weekend.


  • My number one pick for the evening DEFINITELY goes to Bowery Ballroom, ’cause we’ll be able to catch Lo-Fang AND Kate Berlant tonight for just fifteen bucks a ticket.
  • I’m also pretty super into Mimicking Birds, though, and they’ll be playing a show tonight at Rough Trade with Such Hounds AND Bird Courage (our favorites) for a VERY reasonable ten bucks.
  • Since no one is not trying to eat brunch and listen to a lot of tunes, though, we should probably all head over to 303 Broome Street for all of the BOOGALOO ACTION, OKAY?!
  • And/or if you’ve got five bucks to spare, you might be interested in hitting up LaunchPad for a clothing swap AND movie today, which sounds like all of the good things.

  • But really, though, tonight let’s just worry about getting to Union Hall for Our Princess Is In Another Castle (the video game extravaganza that’s super free) featuring Dr. Mario’s Tetris Fever this evening.
  • Or maybe you would like to stare at a giant screen all day, in which case you should first hit up Nitehawk for a very worthwhile screening of the mother effing Big Lebowski.
  • Speaking of Nitehawk, they’ll also be continuing their baseball series today with a special screening of Major League, so like, let’s get some Charlie Sheen in our lives and stuff. #WINNING
  • WAIT, WHAT?! Stop not being into that!!! But okay, let’s instead send you to Lincoln Center, where The Princess Bride, Stand By Me AND Misery all all playing today.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something near and dear to you, then please feel free to digitally berate me in the comments below and/or on Twitter. BYE!