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THANK GOD IT’S THE WEEKEND, YOU GUYS. Seriously, I’m really excited; I spent last weekend in the Grand Canyon amongst the non-wifi-signal and the animals, and while that was fine for forty-eight hours, I’m fully ready to take advantage of society this go-round. (I’m also BEYOND EXCITED that Skins is involved in this lineup, hence we’ve got ourselves a motherland-approved GIF theme in the greatest British show EVER.) Before we get into all that, though, I’ll fill you in on a few things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • First, we’ve got photos from last week’s One Step Beyond ft. Machinedrum, Nguzunguzu and Jubilee, so if you were there, check to see if we paparazzi’d your face. (And if you WEREN’T there, probably buy tickets to the May edition.)
  • Heading to any shows this weekend? We’ve got a guide to concert etiquette that you should DEFINITELY read, just to double-check you’re not an inherent douchebag.
  • We also had a full day of Twin Peaks material on Tuesday, so if you’re a fan you should check it out. (Start here, with what your favorite character says about you.)
  • Have you just been zoning out for the last three line items because you’re too highbrow for all this shit? WELL, you might consider checking out our guide to art events in NYC this week…
  • And FINALLY, catch our interviews with Avery Tare, The Sounds and Run River North!

Okay, here we go:



  • FUCK YES, it’s BBC Appreciation Day over at Videology for this round of TV Happy Hour, so prepare to watch a FUCK TON of Skins episodes, which is basically going to be the most magical two hours (5-7pm) of all time.
  • Of course, if you’d just prefer to dance the night away on the cheap, then you should PROBABLY head on over to The Bowery Electric for a very full musical lineup with NO COVER that includes DJ sets from Beach Fossils, which is INCREDIBLE.
  • Musically, my main vote for the evening goes to Bowery Ballroom, where Milagres will be playing an album release show with two of our OTHER favorites, aka Conveyor and the lovely Leisure Cruise. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 day of show.
  • HOWEVER, I’m also pretty amped on the fact that The Sounds are playing a non-sold-out show at Webster Hall tonight, so make sure you’re able to scrape up $20 in advance and/or $25 day of show to snag yourself some tickets.

  • Of course, if you happen to have about $70 to blow this evening, you MIGHT want to head to Barclays Center for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, where Peter Gabriel, KISS, Nirvana, Cat Stevens, Hall and Oates, The E Street Band and Linda Ronstadt will be inducted!
  • No? Just lookin’ to DANCE DANCE DANCE or whatever? Probably hit up Cameo Gallery this evening for a Goth-Trad show, ’cause dark beats is where it’s at. Tickets will set you back fifteen bones in advance, twenty day of show.
  • Catch even MORE danceable beats over at Glasslands tonight, ’cause Elliphant will be there (with TK Wonder as an opening act) this evening. (Save up twelve bucks to grab your tickets and you’ll be all set for easy entry at the door.)


  • Tonight we’ve got a mother effing screening of SELENA, CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! The action’s all happening at Videology fo’ FREE, so get ready to get misty courtesy of Jennifer Lopez’s superb acting abilities.
  • But if free calories are more your jam, head to East Houston Street Wine & Liquor to help them celebrate their first anniversary this evening; they’ll be serving up free wine and liquor samples, PLUS you can snag a free piece of birthday cake.
  • And if you’re a lady who’s unafraid of the mild possibility of being date-raped, then probably saunter on over to Santos Party House tonight, ’cause you can drink for free until midnight (provided you adhere to “proper dress code”)! That doesn’t sound disastrous at all!
  • If you’re more in the mood for something slightly LESS creepy, though, probably head to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe for the Downtown Literary Festival Happy Hour, where the first 100 drinks are FREE, and beer and wine are just $1 after.

  • Meanwhile, if you couldn’t get enough NGUZUNGUZU at One Step Beyond at the American Museum of Natural History last week, you’ll be glad to hear they’re playing Baby’s All Right tonight for $12 in advance, $15 day of show. SUPER REASONABLE.
  • Looking for something a little more low-key ‘n dreamy, though? Probably set your internal GPS to Glasslands just up the road, then, ’cause Matt Kivel will be playing a show there tonight for just ten bucks per ticket. Again, SUPER REASONABLE.
  • And if you find yourself drifting into a warmly hazy sleep after Matt’s done, stick around for round TWO at Glasslands, ’cause Yuksek‘s beats will most definitely wake you up. (Just be sure to set aside twelve bucks for a ticket, yeah?)
  • Not into that? Just mosey on over to Nitehawk tonight, where they’ll be screening Trainspotting this evening! ‘Cause who doesn’t want to spend a Friday evening with Ewan McGregor, AMIRITE?!


  • First, let’s DEFINITELY dance off our Friday hangovers at BRIC tonight, ’cause Andrew Andrew will be there AND Neon Indian will be doing the opening DJ set. Slash this is the greatest thing ever, slash let’s please get together ten bucks for tickets in advance, thirteen day of show.
  • You could ALSO put that ten bucks to use over at Slake, where we can dance dance dance the night away to the lovely Amtrac (king of all remixes) with Alex English. All of the beat-laden tunes, all for you, all for next to nothing. BOOM.
  • Tonight we can ALSO hit up the launch of Pink Olive in Williamsburg, where we’ll be able to take advantage of ALL KINDS of good stuff, from free dranks to free sweets to raffle giveaways. (Just be sure to RSVP to let them know you plan to attend.)
  • We can also catch the rooftop launch of MEAT MRKT, a pop-up that’ll feature an art gallery curated by Wu-Tang Clan, streetwear and accessories for sale, AND LIVE MUSIC! If beer’s your jam, you can also splurge on a tasting for $7.

  • But let’s PLEASE not ignore the fact that it is National Grilled Cheese Day! I think we should all make a beeline for Brooklyn Slate Company, where they’ll be handing out free grilled cheeses AND tomato soup shots from noon until 4pm.
  • And if you’ve got that #BROOKLYNFEAR, then rejoice in the fact that you can hit up THE BIG CHEESY in Manhattan! For thirty bucks, you can grab a fuck ton of grilled cheese samples AND two free Goose Island beers.
  • But if YOU’D prefer to do the cooking, then cough up $75 and head to Brooklyn Kitchen, where you and a partner will be presented with an assortment of mystery ingredients to try your hand at making a decent meal! Beers will be provided by Brooklyn Brewery.
  • Just wanna drink beer, though? Well, swing by Littlefield for the Pride of Brooklyn Homebrew Festival, where twenty-five bones’ll get you samples from twenty-five of the finest homebrews around.


  • Bowery Ballroom’s got the hookup this evening when it comes to tunes; Small Black will headline, while Snowmine and Maria Minerva will open things up. Just be sure to save $13 for advance tickets, and/or $15 for day of show tickets.
  • ALTHOUGH, if you’re feelin’ the Brooklyn vibes today, be sure to get over to Music Hall of Williamsburg for what’s sure to be a MOST EXCELLENT performance by Cloud Nothings and Ryley Walker. Tickets are$17 in advance, $20 day of show, but I’d recommend snagging ‘em ASAP as I’d be willing to bet they’ll sell out.
  • Tryna enjoy the spring weather, though? Definitely head in the direction of Coney Island, where (if you’re one of the first one hundred in line) you can ride the rides on Luna Park’s opening day fo’ FREE!
  • There’s a very real chance that you’re too hungover for rides, though, in which case you should probably just focus on sitting in a dark movie theater all day. For starters, Nitehawk will be screening Field of Dreams. #IFYOUBUILDITHEWILLCOME

  • And if that ain’t your jam, hang tight ’cause they’ll ALSO be screening Reality Bites at Nitehawk today, and who doesn’t want to struggle through a hangover in the company of Janeane Garofalo and Winona Ryder?
  • Still no? (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) WELL, you could also head on over to IFC Center instead for a screening of Paper Moon today, which just might be right up your alley you highbrow bastard, you.
  • We can also (of course) hit up Le Poisson Rouge tonight for Sunday Night Sex Talks, in which we will discuss (you guessed it) SEX SEX SEX! Tickets are five bucks in advance, seven dollars day of show.
  • If you’re a super-prude and/or possess eight bucks, though, then you should most definitely consider heading on over to Union Hall this evening for another round of THE MUPPET VAULT, which will cost you eight bucks.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something muy importante, please feel free to digitally berate me in the comments below and/or on Twitter. BYE!