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Guys, it’s FINALLY HERE, aka Game of Thrones S4 PREMIERE WEEKEND ON HBO! This is basically the most exciting thing of all time, so let’s prepare for that, and in the MEANTIME let’s get pumped for all of the below events. BUT FIRST, let’s just catch you up on things you may have missed on BYT this week:

  • For starters, we’ve got your weekly dose of astrological wisdom as told by Lady Gaga GIFs!
  • You also have A LITTLE MORE TIME to WIN free tickets to tomorrow night’s edition of One Step Beyond at the AMNH, featuring MACHINEDRUM, NGUZUNGUZU AND JUBILEE!!!
  • But maybe you didn’t internet-hear anything I just said because you’re STARVING, in which case you’ll want to check out our SS14 guide to food in NYC, ft. the best hot dogs, ice cream parlors ‘n outdoor booze in the city.
  • Speaking of guides, there’s also one for SS14 STYLE, which you can check out right here.
  • Oh, and PS, Hole is reuniting, NO BIG DEAL.

Okay, now for everything else:


  • First I have to SUPER RECOMMEND that we all head to Brooklyn Brewery for a MEATBALL SMACKDOWN featuring meatballs from Mile End, Brooklyn Star, Saltie, Briskettown and MORE. Just be prepared to cough up $60 for the deliciousness.
  • Too poor? DEFINITELY hit up the grand opening party for By Robert James in Williamsburg; located at 193 Grand Street, you can catch some free tunes AND some complimentary beverages by the one and only Sailor Jerry. AMAZING. Just RSVP to: [email protected]
  • Or PERHAPS you’d rather flex your brain muscles instead, in which case you should head to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe for a free discussion on animal behavior and robots, aka two subjects we definitely need to bone up on.
  • More into tunes? Be sure to grab tickets to catch Cosmonauts tonight with Black Sea at Mercury Lounge, because if you get them in advance they’ll be just ten bones as opposed to the hiked up twelve it’ll cost you on the actual day of the show.
  • Of course, you could ALSO just pop around the corner to Bowery Ballroom instead, where Kevin Drew will be playing a show with Andy Kim this evening. (Just be sure you’re prepared to part with twenty-five bucks for a ticket, yeah?)

  • AND if you’re feeling Brooklyn vibes more than Manhattan, you should jet-set over to Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight for CHERUB, who’ll be with Carousel and ProbCause for fifteen bucks in advance, seventeen day of show.
  • My vote is going to have to go solidly to Glasslands tonight, though, ’cause it’s likely to be the longest day of work OF ALL TIME, and we should obviously blow off steam by DANCING SO HARD to Rone for thirteen bucks in advance, fifteen day of show.
  • And speaking of thirteen bucks, if you don’t mind heading back into Manhattan to Webster Hall (the studio, anyway) you can catch what’s sure to be an AMAZING show by Tomas Barfod, one of our absolute favorites.
  • Think you can get yourself out to IZOD Center in New Jersey tonight, though? WELL, it might be totally worth it considering mother effing MILEY CYRUS will be there for the Bangerz Tour tonight, just be ready to spend a fuck ton of dough to get a ticket.

  • But MAYBE art’s more your jam, in which case let’s start off at ClampArt, where Linda Simpson’s photos will be on display. Focusing on the drag scene from the 1980′s to mid 90′s in NYC AND coinciding with Simpson’s book release (of the same name), the opening is from 6-8PM. Art will be on view until May 17th.
  • ALSO IN CHELSEA is veteran Etel Adnan’s solo show at Callicoon Fine Arts. Opening is from 6-8PM, but the Lebanese artist’s beautiful painted works will be on display until May 23rd.
  • Annnnnd let’s finish the night out in Chelsea with Michael Kagan’s literal out-of-this-world canvas paintings at Joshua Liner Gallery. Opening is (again) 6-8, and will be on view until May 3rd.


  • Tonight we’ve got the April edition of Party Like It’s 1999 at the Bell House, and THIS TIME it’s flipping Never Been Kissed themed! So go be all Josie Grossie in Gowanus for the low price of zero dollars. #NOSTALGIA
  • Not your jam? Probably head to Videology instead for a slightly more intense cinematic experience, aka a free screening of The Exorcist III, because nightmares are always better when they’re complimentary, AMIRITE?!
  • Meanwhile art-wise, we’ve got new stuff at the Brooklyn Museum via a Judy Chicago exhibit that focuses less on the feminist art of the 70′s and 80′s that made her famous, and more on her very early work—featuring lesser known techniques and materials. Open 10-5. On display until September 28th.
  • And back up in Chelsea you can go check out Nichole van Beek’s exhibit at Jeff Bailey Gallery called “Oh’s and Exes”. Very cool use of texture, color, and shape with an opening reception 6-8. On view until May 10th.

  • First things first: we are SUPER PUMPED about tonight’s One Step Beyond lineup at the American Museum of Natural History, because it includes Machinedrum, NGUZUNGUZU and Jubilee, which is INCREDIBLE. Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 day of show.
  • We’re also SUPER INTO TWINTAPES, YOU GUYS. Get to Mercury Lounge tonight for the late show (10:30pm and beyond) for ALL OF THE BEATS; tickets are ten dollars in advance, twelve day of show, so get ‘em quick.
  • More into the Webster Hall scene, though? They’ve got Holy Ghost! playing this evening, so if you don’t mind coughing up twenty-five bucks for a ticket, this JUST MIGHT BE your ideal spot to catch some tunes.
  • OR if you’re not feelin’ that, head BACK downtown to Bowery Ballroom, where you can catch Yellow Ostrich tonight with Pattern is Movement. Tickets are a happy medium between the last two at fifteen dollars.


  • First, I think we should MOST DEFINITELY hit up the launch party for LIKE Clothing at 1040 Metropolitan Avenue; entry is free, there’ll be tunes from Jubilee, Haruka Salt and others, PLUS there’s free tequila for the first hour. BONUS.
  • You can also snag some free whiskey over at Babeland tonight, where they’ll be hosting a tasting along with a slew of sex tips JUST FOR YOU! (We would be willing to be the first tip is to not overindulge in the whiskey.)
  • Too hungover to even THINK about booze? Well, just grab yourself a large soda and a popcorn at IFC Center, where they’ll be screening Wild Things, The Shining AND Silence of the Lambs today for the ultimate creep factor.
  • Or perhaps you’d prefer to just watch some weird burlesque instead? In that case, head on over to Le Poisson Rouge for NOT JUST ANY BURLESQUE, but NERDLESQUE, aka NERDS + BURLESQUE. Weird and stuff!

  • Got fifteen bucks? Then you’ve got yourself a ticket to Glasslands tonight for the late show (drink some coffee, yeah?), where Yolanda Be Cool will be headlining and Alex (Lemonade) and That Work (DJ set) will open things up.
  • Of course, if that’s way past your bedtime, then MAYBE you should just hit Glasslands for the EARLY show, which just so happens to be Fenech-Soler tonight with Junior Prom and Skyes for ten bucks a ticket.
  • But if you’re looking for art tonight, definitely be sure to check out Dan Witz’s exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in Chelsea called “NY Hardcore”. Opening is 6-8 with work on view until May 3rd. PLUS they’ve got Dylan Egon’s “American Holy Relics”. Pop culture commentary delivered in street art-esque print doses from 6-8pm, and everything’s on view until May 3rd as well.
  • Let’s be real, though…the only thing we should even THINK about hauling our asses out of bed for today is the mother effing PILLOW FIGHT DAY that’s taking place in Washington Square Park at 3pm, and is exactly what it sounds like, aka AMAZING. (Just pray that none of those pillows have bedbugs, yeah?)


  • Tonight we’ve got Challenger playing Mercury Lounge alongside The Kickdrums, Silverbird and Dai Milone, so get your hangover under control and head over at 7:30pm. Tickets are ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • And if you’d prefer to keep it in Brooklyn this evening, pop over to Baby’s All Right for a show by Pure X, Woodsman, Sore Eros and MORE, for ten dollars in advance and twelve dollars on the day of the show.
  • But let’s be real right now; we’re probably SUPER HUNGOVER, in which case let’s most definitely hole up in a dark movie theater all day long. FOR STARTERS, we’ve got three solid options at Nitehawk Cinema, which include A League of Their Own, Masters of the Universe AND Scarface.
  • OR if you’d prefer a little black and white action instead, probably make your way over to BAM for a screening of The Kid, because it’s one of the greatest Charlie Chaplin movies OF ALL TIME, and YOU WILL LIKE IT.

  • Of course, you could ALSO always head on into Manhattan to IFC Center instead, where they’ll be hosting a screening of A Fish Called Wanda for the last time before its three day run is up this weekend! So exciting or whatever!
  • But because I know that you all LOVE taxidermy SO MUCH, I’m going to suggest we hightail it over to the Bell House tonight for a mother effing taxidermy COMPETITION. Yes, you read that correctly. Got taxidermified animals? Bring ’em and enter to win. (#GROSS) Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.
  • Too creepy? Head to Long Island City for a day at MoMA PS1 for Palais de Tokyo’s invasion, where there will be all sorts of art, performances, screenings and talks, PLUS there will be an open vodka bar from Absolut from 3-5pm.
  • But HOLY FUCK, before you all watch GoT for FREE tonight at Videology, let’s please all pause and hugely appreciate that there will be a mother effing RENT SINGALONG HAPPENING! YES, FOR $10 IT CAN BE YOU SINGING SEASONS OF LOVE!

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something near and dear to your ears, please feel free to digitally berate me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!