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New York Fashion Week is upon us, meaning you’re about to see a lot of flamboyantly dressed people trying to get snapped for the style pages. It also means MODELS MODELS EVERYWHERE, so I thought we’d use the greatest model of all time as our Best Weekend Bets theme, aka TYRA BANKS. (Remember when she was a model? SHE SURE DOES.) Get ready to #SMIZE, BUT FIRST:

  • We’ve got your weekend horoscope, as told by Ja’mie. (See also: THINGS IS LOOKIN’ REAL QUICHE.)
  • We’ve also got your weekly dose of Style Licks, featuring all the inspiration you need to look mega-fierce this NYFW.
  • Not concerned with maintaining an NYFW-approved thigh gap? Definitely get on all these recommendations for grub in NYC from top foodies.
  • Let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is coming up, either! If you’re planning to desperation-Tinder this weekend, here are your ten commandments to abide.
  • And of COURSE we want to reiterate that we’d love to see you on Valentine’s Day at the Broken Hearted Ball at Glasslands, AND on the 28th at the American Museum of Natural History for One Step Beyond.


Here we go w/ your weekend:


  • WHOA WHOA WHOA we’ve got the ULTRA-dreamy Lanterns On the Lake playing Mercury Lounge this evening, so if you happen to have a spare ten dollars hanging around, this is your best bet.
  • BUT we can also enjoy the magical guitar stylings of Peter Walker over at Baby’s All Right for the jaw-droppingly low price of $10 per ticket. (Seriously, he’s a musical genius.)
  • Personally I vote we all head to The Westway this evening, ’cause WET will play a show with the inimitable GEMS, and it will pretty much be the greatest ten dollars we ever spend.
  • Broke, though? RSVP to BUST Magazine’s Valentine’s party with Babeland, which will feature amazing things like a DIY pasties craft station AND complimentary cocktails by Tito’s vodka. HOLY EFF.
  • They’re also hosting free champagne and strawberries at Babeland tonight, which sounds PRETTY RAD if you ask us, plus the first ten guests get a free gift bag. GET ON THE LIST.

  • Or if sauce is not in the cards for you tonight, just go LOL at some mega-awkward dating stories FROM THE INTERNET at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on Crosby Street, hosted w/ OKCupid.
  • If you HAVE got a little pocket money, though, then you might be interested in a little evening of learning about whiskey (read: drinking a flight of whiskeys) at Beekman Bar and Books for $50.
  • Or maybe you’re just feeling super crafty, in which case you’ll want to pop over to Brooklyn Brainery for one of two courses, the first being about beading, and the second being about FELTED SOAPS SO NECESSARY.
  • It’s also still mega-fucking-horrible outside, so let’s learn how to cope in a course that teaches us all about the different curries of Asia at Brooklyn Kitchen! Entry is $75.


  • First things first: HIGHLY recommend +/- (Plus/minus) at Mercury Lounge tonight, not just ’cause their tunes are mad good, but because the tickets will only set you back $12.
  • We’re also super into The Dolls, who you can catch at Glasslands tonight for ten bucks in advance, or for twelve day of show. They’ll play the show with HITS and Alison Valentine, so you’ve got NO EXCUSE not to attend.
  • AND if you don’t mind sticking around for the late show and/or coughing up an extra $12, Glasslands will ALSO be playing host to a live, beat-heavy A/V set from Egyptrixx!
  • If you happen to be in the market for a slightly more pricey gig, though, then you might consider popping over to the Bell House tonight for a Mission of Burma performance, which’ll cost you $20.

  • Personally I vote we bring it back down to the single-digits range, ’cause Stone Cold Fox will play Cameo Gallery tonight with Showgirls and Monograms for a mere $8! #VALUE
  • There’s ALSO a Ben Browning DJ set happening at Cameo tonight, so if you’ve got that Cut Copy love, then I highly suggest you cough up ten bucks and get d-d-d-dancin’.
  • And if you couldn’t get enough Lanterns on the Lake last night at Mercury Lounge, you’ll be glad to know you can see them again at Baby’s All Right for $10 in advance, $12 day of show.
  • AND if you feel so inclined to stick around Baby’s All Right for late night DJ times, you’ll be glad to hear that you’ll be in the company of CREEP + LOLAWOLF w/ Reputante for another $10.

  • If you’re super poor, though, just go get MEGA-SPOOKED at Videology tonight for First Frightdays, where they’ll be screeningBronx Warriors AND Creepazoids this evening for all of zero dollars! #SCARY
  • Or let’s just go talk sex tips at Babeland (where they’re totally crushing free programming this week) for Sex On the Brain whilst enjoying free cocktails AND snacks this evening, yeah?
  • Plus we can snag some free vodka via open bar at The DL tonight as part of the fashion week madness, which is pretty excellent. (Just don’t forget to tweet #NYFW SO MANY TIMES.)
  • And then we can dance off those empty calories at the Grand Victory for Release the Beast, which will feature ALL KINDS O’ soul, funk, disco ‘n more, PLUS blaxsploitation films as projections. (AMAZING.)


  • Glasslands is where it’s at tonight; the lovely Marissa Nadler will be playing a show with Amen Dunes and Zachary Cale, and tickets (weighing in at just $12) are SUPER WORTH IT.
  • BUT if you’ve got $12 in advance (or $15 day of show for the non-planners among you) then you could ALSO head just around the corner to Cameo Gallery for a Baio gig, too!
  • Meanwhile, Mutual Benefit was supposed to play Rough Trade tonight, but seeing as the venue’s had a lot of issues re: live shows, it’s now moved to the Knitting Factory. Tickets still just $12! Let’s get that banjo + fiddle magic!
  • DO NOTE, however, that that same ten dollars can get you into a super worthwhile ASTR  show at Brooklyn Bowl tonight, so it really comes down to East vs West in your decision-making process.
  • But if you’re a proper pauper, be glad to hear that the Brooklyn Night Bazaar will host a a free show by none other than Crystal Stilts tonight, and it’s GONNA BE GOOD.

  • But ALSO know that Babeland ain’t quittin’ with the pre-Valentine’s Day programming anytime soon; we can go and sample Roni-Sue’s chocolates AND sip some coffee while talking all things sex, all for free!
  • Feelin’ too lazy for ALL OF THAT? Well, you’ve got some solid options at Nitehawk today, from Shogun Assassin to Say Anything. (JOHN CUSACK FOR THE PERMA-WIN.)
  • I also feel the need to make you hyper-aware of the fact that Pulp Fiction is screening today at Museum of the Moving Image, as is Saturday Night Fever. KIND OF THE GREATEST.
  • But if none of that speaks to you, and also you have SO MANY FEELINGS, then you should most definitely head to Videology for a screening of The Notebook plus ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE.
  • AND AND AND (saved the best for last) there’s ALSO a screening of Hook happening at Sunshine Cinema, aka BANGARANG RUFIO RUFIO and all that jazz. (Amaazing.)


  • ONE HUNDRED PERCENT vote Cameo Gallery tonight for Teengirl Fantasy AND L-VIS 1990 AND MORE, all for a MEGA-reasonable $12 in advance, $15 day of show. (GET ON IT.)
  • AFTER, of course, we have been to the Brooklyn Meatball Takedown, which is happening at the Bell House from 2-4pm, costs $15, and which involves eating SO MANY MEATBALLS, slash sounds like absolute paradise.
  • We can also be lazy and catch some mega-classic films; for example, we’ve got a screening of Lawrence of Arabia happening at Museum of the Moving Image as a celebration of Peter O’Toole.
  • PLUS we’ve got Funny Face screening at the Film Forum this morning, and if that isn’t the best bit of programming you’ve ever heard of, then I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS BECAUSE AUDREY HEPBURN.

  • Meanwhile, if you’re a mega-Beatles fan, then you’ll most definitely want to head to the Paley Center for Media for a marathon screening of the Beatles’ best as part of the fiftieth anniversary celebration.
  • If that last thing caught your eye, then you’ll probably be interested to know that the Brooklyn Flea will host a mini record fair today featuring everyone from Mexican Summer to DFA.
  • OR are you just super starving and/or gluten-free? You’ll obviously want to swing by Freddy’s Bar for the Gluten-Free Eatup Market, featuring (you guessed it) ALL THINGS GLUTEN-FREE.
  • And if you’d really just like to support the AKC because you love dogs SO HARD, then you’ll most definitely want to hit up Bonhams, where a $50 donation goes to the AKC Humane Fund AND gets you some tasty bites / mingle time with fellow dog lovers.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something here, please feel free to tell me ALL ABOUT IT in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!