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Hello! I have a stupid summer cold and it is ruining my life! I hope you do not have a stupid summer cold which is ruining your life! Regardless, there is a lot to do this weekend when I am (and/or you are and/or we are) hopefully feeling better! For example, Syndicated is screening Mrs. Doubtfire for Father’s Day, and HELLO GIF THEME! Before we talk about ALL of the things, here’s what you might’ve missed on BYT this week:

  • I ate limited-edition blueberry ice cream at Morgenstern’s for Josh Pond Ice Cream Week, which goes now thru Sunday!
  • We premiered Violet Sands’ dope new track “Unusual”! Listen and pre-order their debut LP, which is out 6.30!
  • Ella Vos gave us a playlist of her favorite songs for summer! Check that out and catch her at Mercury Lounge tonight!
  • We interviewed W. Kamau Bell! And ZZ Ward! And Allison Williams!
  • And we went to the Pulse Memorial Rally at Stonewall.

  • More into Great Good Fine Ok? Catch ’em at Rough Trade for $15-$18.
  • Or hit up Forest Hills Stadium for a $50-$200 Hall & Oates and Tears for Fears show!
  • For comedy, head to Union Hall for the latest edition of Literati at Union Hall! Tickets are $8-$10.
  • (You can also stick around for a Jounce show, aka Danny Tamberelli’s band aka Little Pete’s band aka tickets are also $8-$10.)
  • For Twin Peaks vibes, head to Catland for a $10 presentation on the magical language of David Lynch!
  • If you think hanging out with Elizabeth Warren sounds more fun, head to Town Hall to do just that for $45-$50!

  • You can d-d-d-d-dance it up at Good Room with Classixx for $15-$20, too…
  • …or hit up The Well for a $20-$25 Toro Y Moi DJ set!
  • …or if you’re too broke, head to Prospect Park for a free Lisa Loeb gig…
  • …and/or Riis Park Beach for a free High Waisted show!
  • Meanwhile, it’s Emo Night at the Bell House for $10-$14!
  • For comedy, head to Union Hall for Never Seen It w/ Kyle Ayers, Jean Grae and MORE! Tickets are $8-$10.
  • Or see Sister Act performed entirely from memory at Videology for $10!
  • But if you’re like me, you’ll probably just want to get to Moving Image for an ET screening.
  • And GIPHY is celebrating thirty years of the GIF with some rad free programming – check that out HERE!

  • Although I am equally hype on day two of ET screenings at Moving Image, esp. ’cause today there is a goddamn VR BIKE RIDE WORKSHOP HAPPENING!!! Apparently you’re supposed to be a parent with a kid to do that part, but I would consider borrowing somebody else’s kid and going, TBH…
  • (They’re also screening XXY, which is a good movie IMO.)
  • You can also go get spooky at Videology for a screening of The Shining ft. bonus Jack Daniel’s and Advocaat! Tickets are $25.

  • More into tunes? Hit up Punk Island! Free all day!
  • And for comedy, get to UCB East for another $7 If You Build It!
  • Or if you’re looking to do some vegan shopping, head to a vegan market at Market Hotel!
  • Meanwhile, GIPHY’s free programming to celebrate thirty years of ye olde GIF continues today!