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First off, IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND! And second, IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! There’s plenty to do the next couple of days, INCLUDING this year’s Harry Potter Yule Ball. So let’s get our mother effing wizard hats on and GO:


  • Holy eff, guys, THE BREEDERS will be playing a show at Webster Hall tonight, so let’s be sure to scrape together $30 as best we can and GO, yeah?
  • But I admit that we’re probably all mega-poor pre-Christmas, so let’s hit up Coco 66 tonight for a FREE Chrome Sparks show AND free drinks.
  • And while we’re on the subject of free drinks, Videology will also host doNYC and Brooklyn Vegan’s holiday party tonight, featuring FREE Goose Island beer.
  • Feelin’ slightly nerdy, though? Probably hit up the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater for an evening of stargazing, all in celebration of the Winter Solstice or whatever!

  • We’ve also got another round of The Moth StorySLAM at Housing Works tonight, so cough up $8 and prepare to (maybe) tell a story should your name get picked.
  • Meanwhile, Lucky Peach will host its first holiday gallery exhibit over at the Bleecker Street Arts Club today and tomorrow ft. a pop-up shop w/ works by the contributing artists plus Momofuku and Milk Bar.
  • Are you too busy stressin’ out about your holiday meal cooking abilities, though? Just swing by Brooklyn Kitchen tonight, where they’ll be offering a holiday edition of their meats cooking course for $75.
  • If you’re too tired for all of that, you might consider popping over to IFC Center, where they’ll screen The Crash Reel for the final day of its run. (It’s pretty good, and we think you should see it.)


  • First, we would pretty much trust the people at BUST with our lives, so we’re sure their curated event at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is going to be TOPS tonight.
  • Plus it’s day TWO of The Breeders at Webster Hall this evening, meaning we’ll need to shell out another $30 to catch the show / it will totally be worth it.
  • We’ve also got a miraculously NON-sold out Thievery Corporation show tonight at the Capitol Theatre; tickets are a bit steep at between $35 and $55, but SO WHAT WHO CARES?!
  • My vote goes to Glasslands tonight, though, ’cause Light Asylum will be there with Visuals and Agressiva for just $10 per ticket. #VALUE
  • There’s also a pretty noteworthy lineup happening at Glasslands tonight ft. First Blush AND Clementine and the Galaxy (among others), also $10.

  • BUT if you just wanna d-d-d-dance this evening, I’d highly recommend Webster Hall for a $20 evening of DJ sets by RAC and Penguin Prison.
  • And if you (like the Scissor Sisters) don’t feel like dancin’, then head to Videology, where TV Hangover will be throwing a little marathon of our favorite NBC shows’ Christmas specials for $5 a head.
  • Do you happen to have $85 to spare, though? You might be interested to know that you can pay JUST THAT to learn all (aka some of) Julia Child’s secrets at Brooklyn Kitchen tonight. #INTERESTING
  • And DEAR GOD, there is something called a Festival of Fondue happening at the Bedford Cheese Shop, which can only be all things that are so so so good.
  • If you’re not into ANY of the above, then maybe I can tempt you with the very first day of My Neighbor Totoro screenings over at IFC Center; it’s part of a mega special animated film series, and WE SHOULD GO!


  • Let’s be real; we’re going to be WAY too hungover to function for the majority of the day, so let’s hit up Glasslands good and late for some DJ sets by Spank Rock, Pictureplane and MORE for $10.
  • However, if we can manage to drag ourselves over to BAM this morning, they’ll be screening A Christmas Story just in time to get us in the hungover holiday spirit!
  • And/or if you’re mustering the energy to go out and dance your ass off again, hit up Classixx and Oliver at Slake, a heckuva double bill.
  • PERSONALLY I think we should all mosey on over to the Bell House, where they’ll be hosting the 2013 Harry Potter Yule Ball ft. Harry and the Potters + The Potter Puppet Pals tonight for $18.

  • Too poor for that? Stick around for a FREE Titanic-themed edition of Party Like It’s 1999, because WHY WOULD YOU NOT?! #neverletgo
  • And although Pacha is a pretty horrible place, it could be worth the trip tonight; there’ll be free booze for two hours at the Elektro Holiday Party on the third floor, and all you have to do is email [email protected] to get on the list.
  • More into record shopping today, though? Head to Breuckelen Colony in Park Slope for a Holiday Record Bazaar featuring free admission, tons of records AND $3 beer specials.
  • You can also swing on by Tutu’s in Bushwick for brunch AND an opportunity to get some last minute shopping done at their holiday market from noon to six!


  • Most of you will have to work tomorrow, so let’s make the most of it and pop over to Glasslands for the Kanine Records holiday party ft. Eternal Summers, Bleeding Rainbow and others at $10 a ticket.
  • OR just hit up the Ace Hotel again this week for the next round of free performances by Domino Kirke as she continues her residency!
  • Personally I vote we hit up the Film Forum bright and early (read: 11am) for a screening of Meet Me In St. Louis, because JUDY GARLAND FOREVER.
  • And if that ain’t your cinematic jam, MoMA will also be screening Hairspray (yes, the original / GOOD John Waters version) today at 2:30pm.

  • AND AND AND we’ve got a one-time-only screening of A Letter To Momo happening at IFC Center as part of the animation series, which is pretty super great.
  • More into live theater? Today’s your last chance to catch Keith Michael’s The Nutcracker this holiday season at the NYTB, so you just might want to grab tickets while you can.
  • I’d also suggest popping over to the Brooklyn Brainery today, ’cause they’ll be hosting a DIY printmaking course just in time to whip up some homemade Christmas gifts and whatnot.
  • But perhaps you’re one of the thousands of New Yorkers who has not been visited by the patron saint of spatial awareness, in which case DO US ALL A FAVOR and attend a spatial awareness workshop at LaunchPad.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something, please feel free to digitally berate me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!