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Wow, what a wide assortment of festivities we’ve got in front of us this weekend! (Including a LIVE theatrical performance of Point Break!) Prepare to celebrate good times ‘n VAYA CON DIOS at the following:


  • Tonight it’s all about Mercury Lounge. First, we’ve got The Belle Brigade slated to play an early show for a very reasonable $12 per ticket.
  • AND after they finish up, we’ve also got a $10 set from Saints of Valory, who sound INCREDIBLE live, and who I hope to god play their cover of Lorde’s “Royals” again…
  • OR if we head just over the Williamsburg Bridge, we’ll be able to catch yet another show by Active Child and JMSN at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight.
  • Personally I vote we make a beeline for the Brooklyn Masonic Temple this evening, because Cat Power will play a solo show (that is somehow not sold out yet) for $40.
  • That’s likely too pricey for your wallet, though, and Fort Greene seems so far away all the time! So instead, let’s just catch Hayden at Glasslands tonight.

  • SPEAKING of budget times, the Monocle Order will also be hosting another Eyewear Care and Repair party;they’ll repair your eyeglasses fo’ FREE, and will hook you up with some free booze.
  • We can ALSO snag some free booze over at Calico Jack’s Cantina for the launch party of TUN Rewards! In addition to an hour of free drinks, there’ll also be giveaways. #WORTHIT
  • BUT there’s also a whole day’s worth of Quentin Tarantino films to watch today at Videology, starting at noon and going until close.
  • OR we could always hit up this month’s edition of Ask Roulette over at Housing Works, which is basically exactly what it sounds like, aka roulette-style question askin’.


  • For semi-budget times, let’s pop on over to Bowery Ballroom for a pretty reasonable $15 show with He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister this evening.
  • Or for an even BETTER deal, just cough up $10 for relaxing times with Gringo Star and Ski Lodge at Cameo Gallery instead tonight! #VALUE
  • BUT if you’re extra broke, make sure you email [email protected] to get on the list for a Gibson Legends photo show; there will be tunes by Jonathan Toubin, PLUS free beer.
  • OR if you’re willing to brave the non-ambiance that is Pacha NYC, you may be interested to know they’re offering up free entry AND two hours of open bar tonight.
  • But Videology wins my vote yet again starting from the moment they open their doors, ’cause there’s another all-day marathon, THIS time ft. all things Godard.

  • And if you’d prefer a little more color, you’ll be glad to hear that they’re hosting a free Adventure Time party with TV Hangover, too!
  • Too childish pour vous? NO WORRIES! We can go kick off our weekend in mega-uplifting style with a screening of Requiem for A Dream at Nitehawk! #HAPPY
  • We could also go dance our faces off at the Bell House, where the latest edition of Head On will feature Cut Copy vs. LCD Soundsystem tuneage tonight.
  • And SPEAKING of the Bell House, we can also catch a LIVE theatrical performance of Point Break, which is just about the best-sounding thing I have ever heard of.
  • PERSONALLY I think we should all pile into the metaphorical minivan and head on over to LPR, ’cause they’re hosting an 8-piece Daft Punk tribute tonight for $15.


  • First up, I think we should all hit up the Ready Made Flea today, which’ll feature music, art, food, and ALL KINDS OF performances that should be worth a look.
  • And in case you couldn’t get enough of their musical stylings last night, you might want to swing by Pianos for another $10 show by Gringo Star, Ski Lodge and MORE.
  • OR if you’re into the whole tribute bands thing, the Knitting Factory should probably be added to your to-do list tonight; there’s a $10 show ft. a tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey.
  • PERSONALLY I’m going to vote we pop on over to Santos Party House, ’cause mother effing Jon Hopkins is going to be performing tonight for $17-$20 depending on when you grab tickets.

  • Then again, if you don’t mind a TBD location, probably email [email protected] to get on the list for some sort of DJ situation featuring free Bottega for the first hour.
  • OR just focus on getting over to the Bell House tonight, ’cause this edition of Party Like It’s 1999 is going to be SPACE JAM THEMED!!!
  • HOWEVER, it’s pretty important to note that the Museum of the Moving Image is hosting a series called Early Computer Movies, and TONIGHT they’ll be screening TRON!
  • Is post-apocalyptic sexy electro fantasy cosplay more your jam, though? If you said yes, then you’ll PROBABLY want to hit up the Vanilla Party tonight.


  • Musically, we can catch another free round of Chris Douridas’ School Night at the Bowery Hotel, featuring the Ludlow Thieves and Gospel this evening.
  • OR if we don’t mind coughing up about thirteen lucky bucks, we could most definitely swing by Brooklyn Bowl for an Au Revoir Simone / Ski Lodge show!
  • BUT let’s PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just make a beeline for Videology today so that we can watch The Muppets Take Manhattan forever and ever amen.
  • SPEAKING of movies, we can celebrate the mother effing 85th anniversary of Mickey Mouse at the Film Forum, where they’ll be screening tons upon tons of his early stuff.

  • And if that ain’t your cinematic jam, probably head on over to the Museum of the Moving Image for a screening of The Last Starfighter, which is part of their Early Computer Movies series.
  • Getting sick of your clothes, though? Pack ’em up and head over to Launchpad in Brooklyn for a clothing swap AND a bonus movie and popcorn!
  • No? Well how’s about an audience-cast BEYONCE MUSICAL CALLED PUSSY TO THE SKY?! I mean, that sounds pretty ideal, right?! So definitely get to Glasslands tonight w/ $10.
  • But eff all that other stuff, let’s go rob a bank for approximately $125 and hit up Eater Eve 2013, ’cause nothin’ says excellent hungover Sunday quite like unlimited snacks ‘n booze.

WOW SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something, please use your words to digitally berate me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!