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This week has been garbage. If you’re going, “Megan, what specific garbage components are you referencing?” I am going, “Literally whatever you think I might be referencing I am referencing.” (Read: if you are not a garbage human, hopefully you don’t have to think too hard about it for the gist.) I strongly vote in favor of all of the mental health and all of the positivity this long weekend. If that means burying your face in the covers and watching an ungodly amount of Netflix, do that. If it means getting out on the town, I am here with the recs. If that means looking at GIFs of ET because that little alien is a light in the dark if I ever saw one, goddammit, I am here to help with that, too. Also, in place of links to BYT articles you may have missed this week, I’m just gonna leave this here:

  • My top pick for tonight is the latest Battle of the Divas at Union Hall // tonight it’s all about Cher vs. Madonna, and tickets are $10 each.
  • Although Videology is serving up qual-queer vibes with a $10 screening of The Birdcage AND Live Dubbed Sitcoms (ft. Frasier + Golden Girls) for $5.
  • But I also think we could all use a little more science in our lives, so get to the Bell House for a new round of Secret Science Club, free as usual!
  • (You should also stick around for a free 80s dance party, because we could all use a little more o’ that in our lives, too.)
  • Speaking of tunes, it’s another double-header over at Mercury Lounge tonight ft. a $15 Urban Cone show first and a $10 My Gold Mask gig after that.
  • You can also catch FOXTRAX at the Studio at Webster Hall for $12-$40.